Morgan Is So Very Missed!

This morning the following slide show/video showed up on Steve’s phone.  Just like me, Steve misses Morgan so much, and it hurts.  When I watched this side show/video it felt like Morgan was right there in our kitchen making herself lunch and then running off to visit her friends…I miss those days.

I always feel, when things like this randomly happen, it’s Morgan saying hello – she is still ever present and loving.

Video slide show of Morgan

Wylah is Spending Happy Time with Special Friends

Wylah is helping Morgan’s friends get ready for the Carbondale Mountain Fair


Morgan’s Friends Speak Out


Over the past holidays it was a very busy time for new college students coordinating their visits home with families and friends.  The writer Sarah Afshar was busy too, coordinating interviews with Morgan’s close friends about their feelings on a very tragic loss.  Some of Morgan’s friends found recounting that day was just not bearable, and Steve and I thank them sooo much for trying.  We also have an incredibly difficult time when discussing the day we lost Morgan, and reliving even small portions of what has happened.

What Sarah was able to put together has been published on Yahoo and I welcome all of you to see a peek of Morgan through the eyes of those who knew her so well.  We will always miss her, but sharing her life will also raise awareness of stalking, and we know that is what Morgan wants.

This article was originally on Yahoo Voices but since that no longer exists here is the new link to the article

Thank you so much Sarah – Toni & Steve Ingram


Morgan’s friend E.J. had a tattoo put on her back for Morgan:

The tattoo on the top of my back is for you pretty girl. it symbolizes the three deities: truth, beauty, and love. three words I would use to describe your soul, and three words I would use to describe the way you treated everyone who had the wonderful experience of meeting you. I miss you so much. I like to think I have a bad ass angel watching my back!  I love you.