December 17 – 18, 2011 – Day 16 – 17 of Morgan’s investigation – last of the packing



Morgan and her Dad

Morgan and her Dad

I sent a text message to detective Rob that some of Morgan’s small things might be missing, I had already verbalized this to him but I wanted him to have it also on a text message.  There was a focus on things out of place, especially missing items.  One of the jewelry items initially thought to be missing had been accounted for, but a disturbingly large number were not, pretty much everything else of value.  We had finished with her room, the car we shared, and her car that had sat for months in the driveway.  The jewelry was not to be found anywhere.

It represented many of the milestones of her life and I was wondering if the stalker had come in the house at some point and taken it.  It was so disturbing to think about it and I chose to put it off for the time being.

When we were going through her car another of those momma warning signals went off.  Morgan was not a neat person.  She had little bits of clutter always in her life.  Her car was no different and as we totally emptied it, where I remembered a little clutter there was now nothing.

Now I was wondering if perhaps the times they could not find the stalker if he was hiding out in Morgan’s car?  I really wanted that to come to a conclusion and her stalking case had really seemed have lost all of its steam.  Detective Rob still had a short list of interviews to complete, but that was about it.  I wondered if they should fingerprint Morgan’s car?  Of course it would be a long shot but there was a feel to it that someone else had been in it, it just didn’t look like it did when Morgan was the only occupant. Unfortunately I was told by the detective because we had no other prints to compare them to it wouldn’t matter if we found prints anyway.  I just didn’t understand what I was being told, on TV they look for prints and keep them in case an arrest is made and then they compare them…is this not true?

The answer as to how Morgan had died we thought we would know any day now and I hung on that answer.  She had seen her doctor right before her death, and her doctor was now absolutely shocked to hear of Morgan’s passing.  I spoke with her about it and I promised to share the autopsy with her as soon as I had it.  All I could tell her was the same thing I had been telling everyone else for weeks, “it was a mystery” which was wearing very thin for me.  There had to be some indication, some clue!  But this is where I was, and I could not wait for some clarity.  Knowing it was very close was helpful.

Today is February 1, 2013 – And the focus is so much sharper than it was back then.  Things that were questionable, very questionable I did not see like that, nor did Steve.  We pretty much accepted whatever we were told and tried to fit it in our thought patterns.  Today obvious things are just that, obvious things, and evidence to be filed and added to the list.  I am not at all sure just when it changed, but it has.  Over this past year it has become apparent that I have accepted the unthinkable to a sufficient degree to be able to deal with this intelligently.  A year ago I had not, and as for suggestions on what to do I am at a loss.  All of our close friends who in their own right all have had some expertise in handling things such as this were as much at a loss as Steve and I were.

What we were finding then was not minor in any way.  Morgan’s missing jewelry is still an issue without an answer today, as are a growing list of other items.  The Sheriffs have no desire to visit the questions, and I am at a loss as to explain how that can be.

It has been without exception that every expert we have been able to have review a portion of her case that is within their expertise has ended of the opposite opinion as the original conclusion, and even more so of the revised “official opinion” that came out last summer.

I continue to fight for my little girl and ask for just the truth to be followed.  It has not happened as of yet, but I am hopeful that it will.  Justice for Morgan is the very least she deserves,  and helping others will really help to bring some resolution to what happened to her.  Morgan’s heart was bigger than any heart I have ever seen in my life – she has accomplished more in the way of helping others than I can ever imagine, and I am determined, in all the years that I will be granted to stay on this earth, to follow in Morgan’s footsteps.