December 20, 2011 – Day 19 of Morgan’s investigation – More Questions

Mogwai looking out Morgan's window

Mogwai looking out Morgan’s window

After reading the reports from the Coroner last night and then rereading them in the morning, it was not getting any better.  As I became more and more upset over all of the errors in the reports, which to me should have been very precise and accurate, Steve tried to calm me down by dismissing it all as those involved being inept or lazy.  Something we could correct, we shouldn’t have to be correcting them, but something we would get corrected.

I emailed copies to one of Morgan’s doctor’s to see if she could decipher it all and let me know what she thought.  I called the Detective back and started explaining how it was all wrong, and wondered how it could have gotten like this it wasn’t even close!  He also urged me not to worry, and added that we could always ask for a Coroners inquest if we wanted to.  Another term for another process I knew nothing about!  Then I spoke with Dr. Kurtzman (the Forensic Pathologist that did Morgan’s autopsy) and he said it’s no big deal just call Thomas Walton over at the Coroner’s office and give him the correct changes and he will make them since he is the one that types it up.  Well that was wrong because I called the Coroner’s office, Thomas wasn’t in so I explained what I was trying to get accomplished to the woman on the phone, she gave me Thomas’ email address and I emailed Thomas the corrections only to get the same woman the next day calling me in a very excited tone stating that Thomas gets all the information for the report from Dr. Kurtzman and the detective and if I want anything changed they have to authorize it.  Was this a run around or what?

And meanwhile, where exactly was Morgan’s investigation going?  We needed to all get together and discuss this, soon…very soon.

Half the house was packed up for a move, and we were sifting through options to move to.  Morgan’s dog Wylah and her cat Mogwai seemed to be coming to the realization she was not coming back, and they were both very sad, animals grieving in their own way.  This was longer than Morgan had ever been gone from the house before, and very little was left in her room that wasn’t already packed up.  And that was just too much for her babies.  They were not sure where to sleep anymore, and had begun venturing all the way to our room, just to check it out.

Wylah had developed a cough that was really bothering me so I brought her to see Dr. Ben today.  He told me about how pets grieve and didn’t find anything wrong with her so I felt like it was both good, and bad at the same time.  Poor baby she had spent such little time with Morgan.  Although so many of Morgan’s friends were coming by to spend time with Wylah, it obviously wasn’t enough.

Today is February 3, 2013 – Over the year many specialists have read over Morgan’s autopsy report, and in a strange coincidence every single one at some point reacted just like Steve, obvious mistake here, simple to correct.  If fact in the beginning they volunteered to talk Coroner to Coroner or Doctor to Doctor, and spare us the added grief.  After the first few came away shaking their heads at the brick wall they had just encountered in Garfield County we chose to not take that path again.  No matter how much they assured us they could probably solve this with a phone call we declined.

We had never been in a situation like this and there was one thing I was quite confident of.  If it was a matter of evidence that we needed to prove whatever had happened to Morgan we would find it, would would never stop digging, and then everything would be fine.  So for over a year now we have been dutifully submitting, sharing, not our opinions, but the opinions of respected experts from around the country, who point out and explain simple basic mistakes in Morgan’s case, at a level I can understand, and if I don’t understand, Steve certainly does, but to date none of this vast knowledge has swayed one official in Garfield County into admitting one mistake in Morgan’s case.  It was certainly sometimes so deflating to feel like we hit another block wall, come to a dead stop, but we will as always persevere – so never fear, it won’t end here.