December 21 & 22, 2011 – Day 20-21 of Morgan’s investigation…what is really going on here?


We called Morgan our little Buddha – she was always wise beyond her years even at this young age.


I had only one question about the Tox report which came back negative on everything except second hand smoke, and two prescription drugs that Morgan did not take.  Amitriptyline and Nortriptyline, one was much higher than other.  I presumed that someone in the Coroner’s office had gotten her medical records somehow and knew she didn’t take these.

So I spoke with Dr. Kurtzman (the forensic pathologist that did her autopsy) and I explained to him that I was perplexed by these two prescription drugs on her Tox report, she did not take those prescription drugs, she actually did not take any prescription drugs.  First he explained that one of the drugs is just a metabolite of the other so it occurs naturally when you take the other drug.

I explained that now I understood that it was not two drugs, but really just the one, but Morgan did not take it so why I wondered had it shown up in her tox report.  His answer was, “obviously she did take it.”  I was taken aback for a second, and again told him that no, she did not.  I asked if he had checked with any of her doctors as they would know.

He did not answer that question, but told me that it was an insignificant amount anyway so it was best to ignore it.  I shrugged, he was the doctor, if it was a tiny amount, there was some other way to explain it innocently and I left it at that.

Today is February 4, 2013 – And I wonder now if he was really being serious or just flippant when he said, “Obviously she did take it.”  I wonder if there is some fact somewhere that led him to that statement or is it just common knowledge that daughters take prescription drugs without your knowledge all the time, especially during stalkings that end in suspicious deaths.  At another point in the “investigation” they did tell me that, “parents are the last to know”.

With everything Morgan did to stop taking prescription medications, I could write a book about the courage, and devotion she put into it.  It was at one time a goal of hers, and once Morgan made something a goal she usually achieved it.  This particular goal was no different.  And there sat the pathologist telling me, “obviously she did take it”.

He said it was an insignificant amount back then too, “best to just ignore it”.  Not me, but the lab that tested thought differently.  They were so helpful on the phone through all of this.  I will always remember that call, astonishment would be my one word summation.  They could not talk about individual cases of course because of confidentiality and all that, but they thought they had seen a level close to 10,000 once.

Overkill…doesn’t that count toward a crime of passion?