December 25, 2011 – Day 24 of Morgan’s investigation – Christmas Day and messages with so much love


Well we woke up Christmas morning and Morgan’s older sister, and her husband had bags of presents full of doggie and kitty toys for Morgan’s two little ones, Wylah May and Mogwai.  They seemed to be so happy playing with all their new little toys while running around the Christmas tree.  I was worried they were going to knock it down – but it remained standing.  We all made breakfast, and then Morgan’s older brother and his family came over – throughout the day and into the night we had so many relatives and friends stopping by to talk, hug, cry and laugh.  We watched the dogs, cat, and our grandchildren all run and play so it was hard not to smile.  We all missed Morgan so very much, but at the same time we could all feel her presence among us, and I felt happiness again.

Just before Christmas dinner, and with everyone there around us I was finally strong enough to read the little notes some of her cousins, Aunts and Uncles had written to Morgan on little pieces of paper, and tucked them into the miniature paper baskets, that were made out of construction paper, that hung on the tree.  This is what they said:

You inspired me to live my life fully and completely – I’ll miss you & think of you, and carry you with me for the rest of my life – Cousin C.

I remember Morgan at her older sister’s wedding.  The bridesmaids were running around doing all the last minute things you do to yourself to look perfect, but not Morgan, she walked out with her wings and looked so beautiful and so serene.  I was amazed at her composure.  Aunt C.

Morgan, what a beautiful, talented, loving, intelligent young woman you are.  I know you’re an angel now looking after your mom and dad.  You are not gone, your spirit is still here to guide us, and encourage us to love one another.  Love – your Aunt E.

Here is my heart message for Morgan and her family.  I, and hundreds of others who had the fortune to be a part of her life will take each breath deeper, laugh harder, and love with all our hearts.  Cousin E.

I wish I had known you better…it’s so obvious that you are a wonderful lady.  We will miss you and you will always live in our hearts.  Cousin J.

I thank Morgan for the gift of her photos.  She has captured the world through her eyes for us to always enjoy.  How did she know to do this?  I wish I could ask her, but somehow I know she will tell me anyway.  Uncle C.

Life – it doesn’t end with passing time, we will be together again in the end.  Aunt Toni & Uncle Steve I wish you didn’t have to go through this loss.  I love you.  Your angel is watching you from above and with you in your hearts.  I love you so much.  Cousin N.

Though Morgan is no longer with us she will always be a part of us as we keep her in our thoughts and memories.  Love – Cousin R.

Morgan – you will always be my call to awareness, a woman who lived her life immersed in awareness – may we bring and share your life of grace to those we meet as you have!  You shall be sorely missed.  Love – Uncle R.

Even though the pain of losing you is unbearable for those who loved you, I know every single one of us is glad to have been awakened in one way or another by your inspiring personality.  Cousin H.

This is a wonderful season of love and hope as we celebrate the light of the world, and the light and life of Morgan.  Her love shines like a star – glowing forever.  Aunt A.

We share an emptiness in the heart while Morgan is not with us, until we meet with her again.  Love – Uncle R (she had two uncle R’s)

I remember first meeting Morgan, it was on a trip to Steve and Toni’s Snowmass house.  Ray, Ryan, Sean, and Scott were having a Super Soaker battle around the house.  Kristin and very young Morgan were in a small pool on the deck.  They were mostly innocent bystanders in that watery warfare.  I remember there were lots of laughs and giggles about the whole thing – I was most impressed that the two girls were so peaceful, and busy ignoring the water fight while playing themselves.  A happy, fun memory.  Uncle S.

I always admired Morgan’s open loving nature.  We wouldn’t see her for years, yet when we did get together she would always embrace us as if we just saw her yesterday.  When you were with her you felt special.  Aunt C.

Morgan, I’m sorry we’ve been so separated.  Every time we were together you were always a ray of sunshine, so kind, so accepting.  Thank you for your example of life and love.  I love you Morgan.  Cousin J.

Although I only knew Morgan a short time, I learned that and saw and felt that she was a loving, caring, accepting, welcoming and selfless person.  She was a beautiful girl with a loving smile.  Thank you for taking time to come out and see us so I could have the blessing to get to know her better.  I love you!  I love Morgan.  I feel like she is happy & I look forward to seeing her again someday.  Love Cousin L.

I loved that Morgan embraced and love EVERYONE!  What a gift she had – that girl made every person she touched feel special.  I will never forget the first time she me my kids – she embraced them and said, “Welcome cousins” – wow!  I love her energy, she was magical.  Morgan is an inspiration to us all.  I love you sweet girl, Aunt T.




Another story that needed to be heard

“Knowledge is the antidote to fear.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Toni – This is an email from someone that watched us on the Dr. Phil show, and then read the website and blog about Morgan – she sent this to me right after watching the Dr. Phil Show.

D – I commented earlier, right after seeing the show. I was about to leave for work and didn’t have a lot of time. You are so gracious to thank Dr. Phil after being on the show. It was good that you got to share your story, or I would have never known. But, honestly, that is all the thanks Dr. Phil deserves. He tried to make you look like a bad person. He implied your daughter used alcohol and drugs. If she did, would that justify what happened to her? Of all the people supporting your blog, he found and AIRED one critic. He barely asked the other people any questions that would explain their relationship to your family. 
I am a 41 years old teacher. I was stalked and my entire family was terrorized when I was 23 years old. It went on for a year, until one female judge finally got the case in her court and put my stalker away for a year. For one year of punishment, I have a lifetime of emotional damage. You and your family need justice AND psychological healing. Dr. Phil did not appear to offer you either one. Your airing is and was the last time I watched his show.

Toni – I then sent her an email to make sure it was OK to post her words and yes graciously said yes (see below) and she is very right to bring up the point about counseling – Steve and I have been going on a weekly basis since Morgan was murdered and to be honest with you I don’t think we would be here today, still trying to get Morgan’s case opened, and trying to help other victims, if it was for our counselors help – she is truly another of Morgan’s army of earth angels!

D – You are welcome to use the comment. When I went through my ordeal, there was little known or done about stalking.  Most of the judges I encountered chalked it all up to a man pursuing a woman. That is why I am so angry about what happened to Morgan. This NEVER should have happened in the 21st century. What ever happens with this case, I hope you and your family receive counseling. My family recovered from my stalking, even if I suffer the residual effects. They recovered because I survived it. Your loss guarantees that you will have the residual effects. For that, my heart goes out to you all.

Toni – All the people that are giving me permission to post their experiences with stalkers (which I call sexual predators) are very brave and strong people.  I want to thank them all, whether I post their stories here for others to learn from, and to raise awareness of the problem, or if I am the only person that reads those stories – you are all heros!  Thank you!