January 2, 2012 – Day 32 of Morgan’s investigation – a cat with so much sadness in his heart

Monday, January 2nd

Morgan’s older sister comes in my office this morning to tell me that Morgan’s cat Mogwai looks like he is trying to tell her something, and is very distressed.  Steve tells Toni to call our friend the pet communicator.  Toni makes the call, and hears back 20 minutes later.  She works with Mogwai, and tells me he is upset because he was watching Morgan suffer and die, she said he saw her struggle, and couldn’t do anything to help her, he was upset that the puppy was asleep (was the puppy drugged?).  He is just a cat you know, and wouldn’t have been able to help her.  Poor Mogwai – Morgan was his Mommy, ever since he was 5 weeks old.  He is one of those cats that likes to ‘talk’.  When Morgan would leave him in her room, and walk somewhere else in the house, I could hear him yelling, “Ma, Ma”.  He has never said Ma since Morgan died.

So our friend talked to him and told him it wasn’t his fault – he couldn’t have saved her.  Mogwai looked and felt better after that, and slowly, over many months, he adjusted to life without Morgan being right there with him.

Morgan’s older sister always brought her cat Ophelia with them when they stayed at our house – animals are so amazing…Ophelia never wanted anything to do with Mogwai before this happened, in fact she would just slap him with her front paw whenever he got close to her.  But now Ophelia was constantly trying to get in Morgan’s room to be with Mogwai and they would go under a blanket and just cuddle.  I believe she could feel his pain, and loss, and was trying to comfort him.  As humans I think a lot of the time when tragedy hits we think only about our pain, but the animals suffer too.  Their hearts break just like ours, especially when they are so close to their humans like Mogwai was with Morgan.

He used to sleep on her head sometimes, and he tried that with me a few times but we came to an understanding that I am not Morgan, and I don’t like a cat sleeping on my head.  So he adjusted to that one.  The other thing Morgan used to do was turn the faucet on low so he could drink out of it every morning, we still do that for him.  Mogwai and Morgan’s puppy Wylah think, and act like they are brother and sister.  They are so much fun to watch together.  I think they both helped each other get through the last year without Morgan.

mogwai under cover 001

Poor Mogwai – he was so sad back then.  I believe he can still feel Morgan and knows she still loves him.  He will see her again one day when his life on this earth is finally over…they will be together again.

Morgan’s friend showed me this yesterday; Morgan wrote this on her last Easter on this earth…

by Morgan Ingram on Sunday, April 24, 2011 at 9:01pm

It’s about truth.

It’s about being honest with the individuals that were blessed to be in your life because they deserve it. Hurt them, let them down, enlighten them, as long as you were honest you couldn’t have been more perfect because when you’re not, when you try to protect someone from the truth or try to gain something from their ignorance, you’re robbing them from their own truth, from their own chance at finding the things in this world that make them even happier than your illusion, you’re building a life of lies not just for yourself but for everyone around you.

If things don’t work out between two people, if they don’t go as you want or had planned, that is infinitely better than leading a life of senseless mental slavery.

This world is beautiful and unfolding and the only thing you control in it is how honest with yourself that you are.

Happy Easter, beautiful children.