Easter Lily photo from Morgan – Happy Easter to everyone!


Coloring Easter Eggs – Morgan took this picture while coloring eggs with her niece and nephew


March 1st – 15th of 2012, Day 76 – 90 of Morgan’s Investigation – I should be saying our investigation at this point!

Seagull feathers

Seagull feathers


Thursday, March 1st

11:30 am we met with Dr. Lonnie Zeltzer in California, she has now reviewed all of Morgan’s past and present medical history as well as the PER and Tox results, and the infamous page that explains a 7,909 ng/ml blood level of amitriptyline as “insignificant”, courtesy of Dr. Kurtzman, and she believes Morgan died when her heart stopped for only a few seconds, then her lungs would have automatically filled up with fluid and this would have been enough to kill her. She believes at this point the stress and fear of the stalker was the cause of her death and offers to talk with our Pathologist to improve the state of Pathology in Colorado. She feels that, without a doubt, Morgan’s death is a homicide. Steve and I were mere neophytes at this process of justice back then, we walked out of that meeting not even beginning to grasp the battle that has, and will ensue for our daughter, and all of the other victims laid to rest under a veil of lies.

UCLA Medical Center is nothing less than amazing.  It is what is known as a teaching hospital.  Some of the finest doctors in this nation have graduated from there, and the teaching never stops, improving your knowledge throughout your career as a medical professional. The absolute latest, life saving greatest, and there is a reason people travel without question to go there. From personal family experience USC is equally amazing as is the Mayo Clinic, well you have to see it to believe it, it is a small city unto itself.

I know there are a few with a very deep vested interest that this is not true, but Steve and I now know, without a doubt, in March of 2013 that she was murdered, first with a massive over-kill dose of amitriptyline, and at this time her death was still being called natural causes.  And thanks to Dr. Zeltzer, and the others she called upon to confer their opinion, even if she had not had the massive amount in her system of amitriptyline she still would have been a homicide victim, because of her stalker.

That afternoon we were, to say at the least, very shook up to hear all of this about our daughter.

At 3:00 pm we went to Steve’s appointment with his doctor in California.  Just in case you wonder why, after doctor’s across Colorado shook their heads solemnly at his chances years ago, specialists at USC had a different outlook, and we are endlessly grateful to have listened to those with the knowledge and the latest, life saving greatest, expertise. If only the one man involved in Morgan’s death had been as willing…if he had listened to these experts because they do know – they are at the epicenters of research, they are not pompous, condescending, they want the best for all, believe me, we are indebted to the passion with which they conduct their chosen profession, often without even ever knowing it.

Friday, March 2nd

10:30 am we went to meet and speak with Jennifer Shaffer – http://www.jennifershaffer.com – Clairvoyant Medium & Psychic Investigator/Profiler – for the first time. Jennifer works with individuals, families, and police departments and has also worked with the FBI.  As a Psychic Medium Investigator she profiles suspects and locates missing loved ones through remote viewing. She spoke with us for over 4 hours – we were shocked at how time flew…we were told about her by a mutual friend, and she did not charge anything for her time – she says she does this type of work as a way of giving back. She was so sweet and kind, and not anything like I expected. Of course Steve and Morgan’s older sister were sitting at the table being very quiet, stiff and skeptical – which is a good thing, I believe when presented with someone you do not know, you should not automatically trust them. They now have come to know, and love Jennifer for the wonderful, and very gifted person she is.

I can not, and should not tell you everything she told us during that 4 hour period, but I can mention a few things. She said Morgan is in a beautiful place – it has a bright light, it is a very clean place (I laughed when she said that, because the morning we found her body her room was extra extremely disheveled, she is with all her animals around her (those that have passed before her and were waiting for her), Jennifer describes the stalker as skinny, dark thick hair, very scary and confirms the name Keenan is the stalker, he was in her room, his back to her closet door, she is seeing a window, he is watching her sleep. It continues on from there, but what I would like to tell you all is that so far all the information Jennifer has given us, as far as clues, or evidence goes has been confirmed 100% so even though a psychic’s testimony might not hold up in court they are just like any other witness – they can provide, as Jennifer herself calls them, just leads, and when law enforcement acts on those leads, and makes discoveries, that does become admissible. A good little system of checks and balances wouldn’t you say?

Saturday, March 3rd

We went up to the wine country, made famous by the movie Sideways with our daughter, her husband, and Steve’s best friend. It was really hard to pretend to be happy and to be in the moment but honestly being with people you love does help, and being by the ocean for part of the day helped a lot too, as it has such a grounding effect.

And then I received an email from my friend. She said simply – “We have to make sure Morgan is heard.” She believes when the word is out front and center, we will have the footing to push for a better protocol, even law (then what they have now), and a better registry system – same as with sex offenders.

I then received an email from Jennifer:

I know that Morgan wants everything that you said – to happen – her story needs to be out there and I know it will be a game changer for the future lives of other young girls who are helpless….. I know it might be a long, tough road ahead of us, but I also know that if any group can make this happen we can.

Your strength, Toni, is what has fueled this unfoldment into something that will help so many others. Your whole family is going to see this through.

What an amazing family – thanks again for bringing me into this ___, it is an honor to be part of a future where there will be more accountability, protection and eventually peaceful resolution with some closure.

Please keep me in this loop and call on me for anything. I love Morgan and I will make sure she can always be heard….

Sunday, March 4th

I spoke with our good friend (former Federal Special Agent) while driving to Steve’s brother and sister-in-laws house for a family dinner. We slept over at their house tonight. Steve’s brother will work on the website, and our sister-in-law has offered to help edit all written content. Steve and I do not really know what “it” is, but it is happening fast.

Monday, March 5th

Steve and I drive back to our daughter’s house tonight

Tuesday, March 6th

We returned the rental car, and we flew back to Aspen today. We picked up our pets, checked the mail boxes, went to the grocery store, and hardware store on our way home.

Wednesday, March 7th

I spoke with Thomas Walton at Farnum Holt Funeral Home about three errors in the Postmortem Examination Report – got his email to send him the edits.

I left a voice message for Dr. Kurtzman in order to get his email address for Dr. Zeltzer, I also emailed Dr. Zeltzer with Dr. Kurtzman’s fax # to send the info to him, that way just in case he doesn’t “do” email (as his secretary/assistant has told me over the phone) he will still get the information.  Dr. Kurtzman calls back in late afternoon – gives me his email for Dr. Zeltzer, scoffs at the notion that he does not “do” email, and asks me where I got that idea, I don’t tell, and accept the mistake as my own. I also left a voice message for the last doctor that Morgan saw, an educated guess, 34 hours before her death, to call me – and asked if they have they spoken with Dr. Kurtzman yet?  Detective Glassmire calls later on and we update each other. He tells us about the interview he is trying to have with Keenan about the picture up our driveway on October 18th to tell him that he knows its him in the picture.  We go to see our son, and his family and to tell them about all of the details from our California trip.

At 5:02 pm, Detective Alstatt sent a text, “Just got your message. Sorry had no service, was teaching at CMC. Detective Glassmire said he reached you. Hope all is well.”

Thursday, March 8th

Spoke with Morgan’s doctor – she says Dr. Kurtzman has not called her yet (I can’t believe he hasn’t called her yet, because we asked him to call her right after Morgan died for his notes, so he would know what Morgan’s doctor could report about that exam, and how she thought Morgan was doing). Dr. Zeltzer calls and tells us she should have all the material to email Dr. Kurtzman on Monday. Farnum Holt calls to say they can’t make any edits to the Coroner’s Report until they speak with Detective Glassmire & Dr. Kurtzman. This is of course just one of the many, “run arounds”, the two he must call are the very two who have told us to just tell him! They have told us independently that, “of course you are the ones who found her, and know these things, it is without question”. Well even her body position when we found her is still wrong, the FBI tells us there is no law against incompetence and I say, at what point does incompetence become something else altogether?

I never hear back from Farnum Holt again after that – they never sent us anything to confirm that they made any changes. We are now in the big endless loop of no communication whatsoever on their part, is this their way of dealing with things? The Coroner has never answered a call, but now it is across the board.  Do they think maybe we will just go away and just drop it, is that why I get so many emails from other people in this valley saying they wish they had stayed with it like Steve and I have? And the very notion of going away, after the week we just had in California, our daughter dead and the potential killer still free to prey upon the valley?…is beyond doubtful.

At 6:37 pm, I sent a text message to Detective Alstatt, “No problem – I spoke with Detective Glassmire. I am doing fine. Steve is having a harder time, but I feel like I can keep moving forward with things. Take care!” Detective Alstatt responded back, “you too :)”

Friday, March 9th

11:00 am, I meet with Dr. Knaus, Morgan’s PCP (to let him know Dr. Kurtzman might call him). Tracy (our new neighbor) comes over and we tell her about the California trip.

Went to our son’s house for dinner tonight.

Saturday, March 10th

Our son’s family comes over to the house for breakfast this morning.

Steve and I leave for St. Mary’s Glacier, just this side of Idaho Springs and arrive at 5:30 pm by the Mine in Idaho Springs to meet with our friend (retired Federal Special Agent) to discuss the latest on Morgan’s case.

Sunday, March 11th

We return from Idaho Springs this afternoon.

I was sent the following links today from a family member:



She feels we should look more into Involuntary Manslaughter.

Monday, March 12th

Steve finds a blade under the tree at 62 Corral Drive where we found saw something else previously – N saw details on the roof, Steve took and bagged the red chair with permission from Ken’s house as well.

Detective Alstatt is on her way over to collect evidence, some kind of double sided blade has been found under the tree at 62 Corral Drive right under the previous evidence that was already put into evidence.  At 4:09 pm Detective Alstatt sent a text, “Hey going back an forth with Detective Glassmire via text. He’s out of state and I just got done with interviewing a kiddo. Left a message for Steve. Trying to get hold of him….” Detective Glassmire sent me an email. I answered and told him we will make a list, and try to find pictures of any of Morgan’s missing items, like her items of clothing and jewelry.

Detective Glassmire wants me to have Steve look over cell phone bills, and let him know if we notice anything on a particular subject on the billing for the cell phone records. I’m certainly interested in knowing.

Jennifer calls and says she keeps seeing a water bottle (she didn’t know but Morgan always had her glass or metal water bottles with her in the car, and D said she was drinking only water all afternoon on that last day (he thinks from her glass bottle – we had two old cool looking, vodka bottles with snap on lids that we saved and Morgan liked to drink water out of, because she thought the water tasted better out of a glass bottle than out of a metal bottle) Jennifer thinks the water bottle had something in it that was slowly poisoning Morgan. She believes someone was doing this to her along with stalking her.

Tuesday, March 13th

I speak with the CBI as to how they can be brought into an investigation, and Patty at CBI says they have to be requested by local law enforcement. Toni sent Detective Alstatt a text at 1:35 pm “Megan please call me when you can – I just received an upsetting phone call Thanks” Megan responded “give me 5 minutes” I said “No problem thanks” This was about something I just heard about a new stalking going on.

Wednesday, March 14th

Diana Ross’ daughter Amanda was stalked, and shot when she walked out her front door. Diana was on Good Morning America, 20/20 trying to get the law changed so when you do take out a restraining order then there is a GPS tracker bracelet put on the stalker, and you will know if he is around. The Cynthia L. Bischos bracelet the Cindy Bracelet – L— is finding out if they can help with anti-stalking laws.

Thursday, March 15th

Steve and I go over to our old neighbors house and take pictures of the roof over Morgan’s old bedroom window, we are now convinced this is how the stalker avoided detection and was able to easily look into Morgan’s upper windows, and tap on her windows to scare her and never be seen. We also took pictures of the tree the stalker climbed up to the roof (very easily) and at the same point of the yard that the motion detector lights would always come on at night. I would hear scraping on the ceiling sometimes at night too, but thought it was birds or a mouse or squirrel. Boy was I wrong, and now that I have heard from so many people about someone living in their attic, or crawl space of their house unbeknownst to them I now know if you hear something on your roof at night you should just check it out. Have your local Law Enforcement check it out too, and of course let all the neighbors know. The price for the smallest oversight can become very, very large. Wasn’t it our grandmothers who told us that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?  Mine did, more than once, and I love you Nana.


Another of Morgan’s favorite books

The Te of Piglet

The Te of Piglet

Jumping all over the place!


Today’s post is not about a day in the history of Morgan’s investigation, it is just about a  plain old day right from the start as I just left a store and witnessed something that is just not fair – to all the victims of peeping toms and stalkers, and whatever other individual names there are for, “offenses against the person”.

This incident I saw is off the record, so I won’t name names or even the store I was at, but it went like this…a single police officer arrives, the officer goes to a back office, there is a person waiting that is put in handcuffs.  This is the first thing the officer does!  And after a brief conversation, the officer takes the person to the squad car, actually it’s Colorado, so it’s an SUV, but this person is taken away to jail, bye-bye.

I honestly did not know what was going on, so I found out.  And while this may be obvious to some, it turns out that this person was observed shoplifting, and was detained while the police were called, and came to arrest the person.  It is not a common occurrence, but this is how it is handled when it does happen.

On my drive home, I became emotional about this simple observation of mine.  Because Morgan, one evening, went against everything she had been told to do, and stopped her car, while being followed by her stalker, to get out and be able to positively identify him, as this had been a sticking point up until then.  Morgan wanted it over, and she wanted to be sure that it was him.

But when we called the Garfield Sheriff’s Department, they did not arrest him, did not even go search him out and talk to him or question him, Morgan got the big “nothing.”  Of course he would have denied it.  I mean do they ever really admit it?  The person in the store was in cuffs as they were advised of their rights, before they spoke a word.

Morgan encountered her stalker at an intersection numerous times on her way home from a class, which always ended at differing times, but within 10 or 15 minutes either way of the intended end time.  These incidents were reported to Detective Glassmire sometimes one at a time, or sometimes more than one at a time.  The detective said there was a trailer park somewhere back in the direction the suspect was coming from, and “surmised” K.V.G. “might” live there.  So the detective said it was probably always just a chance meeting.  My grandmother would have said, “bologna!”

I have to ask, have you ever made left turns at an intersection at random times, and found yourself saying – hey, there’s so and so again, making a left turn at the same time as me, we are going to meet right in the middle, and darn if he isn’t staring me down again, what a coincidence!  Sorry, not possible…I have made that left turn easily over a hundred times, and never have seen him there once, let alone making a turn on the same light cycle as me, and even more remotely meeting in the middle of the intersection.  Morgan makes the left turn seven times, and it happens six and that’s mere coincidence, I don’t think so.  I have been assured that the statistical probability of this happening just by coincidence is off the charts.  To think that this would not have taken surveillance, and precise timing to achieve, is pure fantasy.

Those encounters, just at the intersection alone, were not by chance, and as a part of Morgan’s stalking case meet the elements of stalking, where the state of Colorado, by legislative decree;

Recognizes the seriousness posed by stalking, and adopts the provisions of this part 6 with the goal of encouraging, and authorizing effective intervention before stalking can escalate into behavior that has even more serious consequences.

In case you want to read all about it – here is the link at the end of the paragraph.  If you or someone you know, even thinks they are being stalked or has ever wanted to know what the State of Colorado believes should happen when stalking is suspected, it is very informative, and illuminating, and I can guarantee you the Sheriff’s Department never really discussed any of this with us, and oh how I wish they had – Colorado Stalking law .

So this person at the store is cuffed, and led away on a phone call, for a misdemeanor offense, but when the Sheriff’s are called about Morgan’s stalker, which is a felony case, and told that this happened, here he is,  and,  nothing… here he is again, and nothing… here he is again, and nothing again.  Now she’s dead, the eyewitness is gone.  It is not fair for the victims of stalking.  And yes, I made the calls, because Morgan was, a) shaking like a leaf, b) crying, or, c) both, and yes, she did tell the officers in her own words when they arrived at our house.  But the real question is the time when Morgan stopped the car, unlocked the door, and got out of the car, in order to positively identify K.V.G., when she knew she was being followed home one time, did she set off the events that led to her death?  Was she now the only eyewitness, the one thing he can not have?  I have never thought about this before, but now I have to really wonder.

So many of the stalking victims I talk to are so upset because, a) they feel as if they are not believed, b) the police won’t do anything to stop it or, c) both.  If the legislative branch goes to all the trouble to draft and pass a law against stalking, and even calls it an, “extraordinary risk crime”, where does law enforcement get off reducing it to a nothing where the suspect isn’t even interviewed when identified, and then when I ask the detective 5 months after Morgan’s murder if he had ever been to the suspects new house, it actually turns out they never even knew where he lived after he moved out of our neighborhood.

How on earth can the Sheriffs report that they enforced that part of the statue that reads, “a peace officer shall have a duty to respond as soon as reasonably possible to a report of stalking, and to cooperate with the alleged victim in investigating the report”?  This is a mystery to me.

But on the heels of that mental exercise, while I was driving home came really good news, and on a Sunday good news of this magnitude is unusual.  A very big piece of Morgan’s case came together today, in what began as an innocent long shot idea for Steve almost a year ago.

To explain I have to share that when Morgan’s case goes to court I have been forewarned that the admissible part will be a most excruciating exercise in hair-splitting.  I really don’t completely understand it all, but I do understand excruciating, in fact I talked about it yesterday.

The good news is there is a narrow stream that will undoubtedly survive all challenges and anything within that stream has become very exciting to me.  My excitement stems from something I can’t tell you all just yet, but trust me, just knowing it exists has Morgan smiling, I’m sure.  It is laboratory evidence, and it connects quite a few dots in a way that I really could not have foreseen.  So a big quiet thanks to those out there who spent their time and made this happen, and you know who you are!

And I apologize for getting so excited over something I can’t tell anyone, but I just  could not help myself.  And I keep smiling, even in what seems to be the darkest hour, because if Morgan could do it, than I certainly can too…and we know there is light at the end of this really long tunnel we have been in.