A year ago this week was a busy time.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012 – I went down to the Glenwood Springs Police Station to ask for a copy of Keenan’s arrest warrant for 12/23/2012.  I ended up standing at the counter for the longest time and finally they could not find the report in the system, which they said was odd, and had no explanation for, so they gave me paperwork to fill out and sent me to the District Attorney’s office.

Oddly again the DA’s office could not find the paperwork, so I gave them the abbreviated version of Morgan’s story and asked them to have the arresting officer call me.  I also asked them to call me when they find the report so I can pick up a copy of the report.  I asked them if this meant that if an officer called in to find out if Keenan had been arrested on that day there would be nothing, he would show up as “clean”.  The person from the DA’s office just stared at me and said they did not know, it was just a simple clerical error.  I thought it was important, and it seemed to me as if criminals here in Colorado were being treated very loosely.

I want to point out that very recently here in Colorado an inmate was released about four years early on a clerical error.  He was then implicated in the murder of a pizza delivery person and soon after that, ironically dressed in the pizza persons delivery clothes, implicated in the murder of the Colorado Prison Chief.  So sad, such a horrible double murder, but there is an answer to this and I do not believe it involves shrugging your shoulders,

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 – A former FBI agent who was very involved in the successful prosecution of the Oklahoma Bombing tragedy called and said he will call the two possible referrals he had and have them call me.  He said either one would be the kind of investigator who digs deep for the answer.  His opinion was that so far we had only had surface scratchers, and that was not going to get the job done.

Today was the day Steve stopped by the old neighborhood to do a favor for our next door neighbor there, and noticed that all the grass on the berm behind all of the houses had been mowed down to the dirt, for the first time in over 6 years that we knew of – they never even mowed it the years following the big fire.  Steve said, “Gee, I wonder who’s idea it was to go through all that trouble, mowing down the wildflowers, all the wild grasses and everything?”  Who?  He also for some reason reviewed the pictures from the original wildlife camera and saw that the perp had tried to knock down the camera – now at least we knew it was broken.  A criminal lawyer who saw the sequence of pictures many months later looked at that one photo and said, “that one image right there takes the, oh I was just there on accident, completely out of the excuse”.

Thursday, April 12, 2012 – I called the Glenwood Springs DA’s office – now the story on Keenan’s arrest reports is that if there is any public record on Keenan’s arrest, I will need to get a copy at the courthouse room 104, then I spoke with the DA’s investigator Ed Picalo, and told him my story, and he said he would forward the information to Detective Rob Glassmire, I told him Rob already knew about the missing jewelry.  Oh well.

Friday, April 13, 2012 – Steve spoke with friends of his that have a cash for gold shop, and they told him the state requires them to take a picture of the person selling the gold to them, along with a picture of the gold jewelry, they put pictures on jump drives.  So they thought we should be able to check every place he could have gone with Morgan’s jewelry to see if we can identify any of the missing pieces.  There are pictures on their computers.  It sounded very encouraging at the time, but as you know it turned into another instance of people not following the laws.

I spoke with a Neurologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston who had written articles on excitement-induced deaths.  He was quoted in an ABC News article on the subject a few years ago.

A few acquaintances of Brooke had heard about the incident that occurred with the LR3 Morgan had parked in Carbondale, when she went in to one of her college classes and the word “Bitch” was keyed in large letters on the driver’s door, and then scraped down to the metal all along one side.  The Carbondale police officer that took pictures of the car and wrote up the report said when a car is keyed down to the metal like that it takes a lot of anger or someone on drugs.  They had heard Brooke say about Morgan “that bitch is going to get it” behind her back just before that, and believed Brooke definitely could be the one that keyed the car.  Detective Rob Glassmire said that Keenan had told him the same thing about Brooke.

Saturday, April 14, 2013 – I spoke with records at Children’s Hospital in Denver to get some important old records of Morgan’s.  An earlier fax had been aborted and they said would try again.

Sunday, April 15, 2012 – Detective Rob Glassmire said he will call today to discuss in-depth what is going on.  He called and spoke with Steve and told him that he had spoken in person with the registered owner of a truck we had noticed in the neighborhood many times before Morgan’s murder.  The answers did not jive with what had happened and Steve wondered where we go from here.  Rob was going to think it over first before doing anything else.

Out of more frustration Rob told Steve the address of the Cash for Gold place in Glenwood and wondered if we could try to find out anything.  Rob asked Steve if he could find out from them the requirements that they have, Rob wasn’t sure if he was allowed to talk to them.  Steve got the revised statutes from his friend and sent them on to Rob.  I had verbally told Rob a couple of times about the most specific pieces that had disappeared out of Morgan’s room.  Steve asked Rob if it was OK if we just went by there as parents to see what we could find out.

Monday, April 16, 2012 – We went to the Glenwood Springs Cash for Gold with a recent picture of Keenan.  I know all too well how Keenan’s family and friends try to spin this one meeting into anything but the truth, so this only tells me there is something here they would really rather had not happened.  The woman there immediately recognized Keenan as a regular customer – A REGULAR CUSTOMER – at the – CASH FOR GOLD SHOP – all Morgan’s valuable jewelry is missing on the night she was killed – can Keenan, or I, make it any more obvious?  Pictures of any specific pieces were not available at the time.  What if he jewelry was brought in at another time other than the time referred to in Keenan’s arrest report?

At this particular cash for gold shop Keenan’s partner in crime admits to stealing the goods, then giving them to Keenan to sell.  This one time!!!  And they do not have an inventory or pictures so we don’t really know what he sold – do we?  And then what about all of the other times – he is a REGULAR CUSTOMER.  I have received very accusatory emails from individuals claiming to know Keenan, claiming to be family members, etc., etc. and claiming to know that Morgan’s jewelry was not in the “batch” (their word not mine) he sold that time.  I would like to know how it is that they know this, with such certainty, under oath preferably.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012 – tonight right as I turned off the bedroom lights to go to sleep what sounds like a rock hits the master bedroom window.  I tell Detectives Glassmire and Alstatt about it, along with a lot of information from a day of meetings with people and walking around.  The term “flatfoot” to describe investigators really makes sense now because my feet feel like they have been mildly steamrolled from all the days events.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012 – at 2:18 pm Detective Megan Alstatt responded back about my text from yesterday and said, “I did get this, and I spoke to Rob just FYI. Take care”  I texted back, “great appreciate it”.

Just after lunch Steve and I met with two investigators that would love to work Morgan’s case.  They know a lot of the “players” already.

In the early evening a very good friend who works in counter terrorism called and had a game plan for me.  In a suggestion that sounded almost innocent at the time he said I should really think about doing a website and a blog about Morgan.  Even though he warned me about many frustrating times to come I decided to take his advice on every point and he was ever so right about the advice he gave me that evening.  A few parts of it are yet to play out, and I’m anxious to see if he is going to be as right about those suggestions too.

Oh, and one more thing – he did not tell me anything about all the wonderful, supportive people I would meet along the way.  Just as life for Steve and I has been changed forever I also feel strongly that Morgan’s story, her memory, has forever changed other’s lives as well.