Do People Really Believe Teens Are Not Capable of Murder?

I would like to say to the small handful of sick people out on the Internet – the ones that keep posting false information, with their uneducated opinions about Morgan’s case…do you really believe what you keep saying about teens being unable to kill someone out of jealousy or obsession?

Skylar Neese was viciously killed, because her so-called friends decided they didn’t like her…false rumors were spread about the victim after her disappearance.  Again, as in Morgan’s case, trying to deflect guilt.  This was a planned murder, as was Morgan’s.

Young girls/women have been killed out of obsession, jealousy, anger, insult, or even just for being perceived to have taken something from another young person – I know, because I have been told by police and federal agents.  I also know, because I READ – don’t these trolls in Morgan’s case read?  If they did they would know all the things they are posting are lies, but maybe they already know they are lying and trying to deflect guilt.

No one has the right to end another persons life – and yes, teens sometimes have murdered.  They are just like any other messed up, sick murderer…it has nothing to do with their age.  In fact, if you do your research, you will soon discover, stalking and sometimes murder is often perpetrated by females and/or males in their late teens through their 20’s.

These “teenagers” even had the “knowledge” of how to try to make the body “disappear.”  Others have the “knowledge” of how to stage a crime scene, as in Morgan’s case.  In some cases (like this one) law enforcement and the coroner’s office can figure it out…other times they do not even try.  So a murder can go un-investigated, as in Morgan’s case, or if the victim’s body is disposed of it can remain a missing person case.

And yet, uniformed, uneducated people go on the Internet, as in our daughter Morgan’s case, and act like it is some kind of far-fetched idea that a young person could stalk and murder another young person…am I missing something here?  Do people really believe what these trolls are trying to convince them of?  Look at the smile on this murderers face (pictured above) – it reminds me of someone in Morgan’s case.

Skylar’s murderer was convicted, but I am so sorry for Skylar and her family,  they will never be the same.

Again, like I wrote in my last post, this murderer tried to act concerned and upset that the victim was missing, all the time knowing she murdered and hid the body…murderers rarely admit their guilt…usually they try to “deflect” it away from themselves – and that has always been the truth, more often than not.


Obsessed Stalker Murders College Student…

In 2011 – the same year Morgan was stalked and murdered, another obsessed stalker murdered, dismembered, and disposed of his neighbor, a fellow college student.

This young woman did not know she had a stalker.  She mentioned to her sister that she had noticed things had been moved around in her apartment, and thought some things were possibly missing, but she was so involved with her final exams she didn’t really think too much about it.  It is a fact that many times stalkers can gain access to their victim’s homes, without the victim realizing it.  They take things, they move things, the look through things, they record things…they are predators.

She was studying for the bar exams, and planning on moving soon afterwards – but she vanished.  Many times the thought of “losing” their victim, as in a planned move, will set off an obsessed stalker, and make him/her react.  We believe in Morgan’s case this was “one” of the motives for her murder.

This woman’s family, friends, as well as the police were searching for answers.  There was no sign of forced entry – her neighbor, later found to be her stalker, had used a master key to gain access to 27-year-old Lauren Giddings’ apartment.  And just like in the Lea Porter case, out of Colorado, this stalker/murder had been right there, to offer help in the search, acting (no, actually over-acting), like he was so concerned for her safety, all the while knowing he had killed her.  And just like in Lea’s case, this killer tried to dispose of her body (Lea’s body has never been found)…how can these young men (or should I say monsters) do this kind of thing?  Why do we have to continue to lose our precious young daughters to predators like this?

In Lauren’s case luck played a part in the police finding out that she had been murdered…part of her body was found in a trash bag in the dumpster after the scheduled trash truck was “running late.”  In many cases families never know what really happened to their daughter – many times their body is never found, so the murderer does not confess.  My heart goes out to Lauren Giddings’ family, as their lives will never be the same…how can they be?



Denver Post says, “Colorado sex assault and stalking victims can break their residential leases under law signed by Hickenlooper”

Finally!  More states need to do the same.  Victims need to be able to move away immediately, and go into the Address Confidentialty Program in their state, so their attacker/stalker can not find them.  Safety is of the upmost importance – so they do not end up dead, like our 20-year-old daughter Morgan Ingram, born and raised in Colorado, and murdered there in 2011.

Colorado sex assault and stalking victims can break their residential leases under law signed by Hickenlooper – 

This House Bill 1035 was sponsored by Rep. Dominique Jackson, an Aurora Democrat, and Sen. John Cooke, a Greeley Republican

Here is a link to the Denver Post article:

Colorado sex assault and stalking victims can break their residential leases under law signed by Hickenlooper

Started with the following article:

Victims of sexual assault and stalking push for the right to break their Colorado leases

Bill moves closer to allowing victims to find a safer place without financial penalty

Here is a link to the Denver Post article: 

Victims of sexual assault and stalking push for the right to break their Colorado leases

The article state, “One victim, identified only as “S.H.” to legislators, testified at the House judiciary committee hearing of how she stopped reporting stalking incidents to police, but not out of concern they weren’t responding.”

“The stalking incidents became increasingly alarming and I was terrified every single day,” the woman testified. “I learned of the nuisance clause in my lease and the threat of being evicted for making too many calls to the police. Having an eviction or breaking your lease is almost always an automatic denial for future housing.”

The statement above is consistent for most victims of stalking – many times they end up no longer reporting the incidents of stalking, as the incidents continue with no resolution, only making the victim’s life even harder to continue with their everyday things…as in the police being called too many times is cause for an eviction!  It’s crazy, but there is so much more challenges that victims of stalking face on a day-to-day basis…it’s horrific, life-altering, and needs to stop.  Changing laws like this do actually HELP the victims and is a good start.  Let’s put an end to stalking!

Stalked: 85% of homicides occurred in the victim’s home

The following link is to a report, which is the culmination of significant research by the Homicide Research Group at the University of Gloucestershire.  t

Exploring the Relationship between Stalking and Homicide – By Dr. Jane Monckton Smith, Karolina Szymanska, and Sue Haile, with the Homicide Research Group, University of Gloucestershire Centre for Learning and Innovation in Public Protection, in association with Suzy Lamplugh Trust.

“Stalking behaviours were present in 94% of the cases”

This research is crucial in showing the link between stalking and homicide.

“85% of homicides occurred in the victim’s home.” As did Morgan’s murder…we thought she was safe in her own home, but we were wrong!

Education and awareness about the REAL dangers of stalkers is critical to raising awareness and making positive changes.  Please read and share with your family and friends.

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust believes that everyone has the right to live life free from the harassment of stalkers. They want to make sure everyone knows that #StalkingMatters and that no one should live in fear of another person.  Read more



Share #PeaceandLove

Martin Luther King stated that “Hatred can not drive out hatred, only love can do that.”

Today on 7/7/17 please visualize peace and love.  As my heart aches for all the horrible injustices that were done to Morgan, as well as so many other victims, I try to remind myself that only light can dispel the darkness, and love is that light.

From the very moment that I realized Morgan was no longer in her body, while Steve was still performing CPR, a huge thundering “thought” showed up in my mind…that thought was LOVE.  I looked at her and said, “I love you Morgan, and I know you are still on your journey.”  For a moment, while tears of loss spilled down my face, I “felt” a bright light, filled with peace and love.  This was Morgan – she was sending me these feelings.

I’m sure that moments later I went into shock.  I remember crying and begging the Universe to show me a “replay” button, so I could push it and go back to the day before, and take Morgan far, far away from Colorado – somewhere where her stalker(s) wouldn’t find her.  The replay button never showed up – none of us ever get a chance for a replay.  At that very moment I could have sunk into a life of hate – but Morgan made sure to remind me that love was much more important than hate.

In numerology it is said that the number 7 knows that nothing is exactly as it seems and that reality is often hidden behind illusions.  With this I know to remind myself over and over again to never give up the fight for justice.  The illusions created by others can be dispelled and truth will always be revealed – just don’t give up.

What I would like to say tol all of you (because we all have our struggles), please visualize peace and love, and never give up – all great changes have come out of great chaos.  So when everything around you feels dark and impossible, when your world feels like it is closing in, please remember you are stronger than you believe, and we can all get through this with love, not hate.  Let the light drive out hatred and be our guide to the truth.

Blessings for peace, love and justice for all…