Found this image from Andrew Nolan and had to share…it is so very true!

To really find out the truth about something you need to ask questions…lots of questions, sometimes many times, you need to ask multiple people to get to the truth.  Because when it comes to a murder investigation, believe it or not, sometimes people that are involved in that murder don’t want to reveal the truth – why? Because they don’t want to be arrested, or sometimes they actually have information about the murder, but are frightened that someone that is capable of killing another, might come after them…fear is a big motivator!  It’s not right – it’s taking the side of evil, and it implicates those who know the truth about the murder (they now become accomplices), but out of fear many people stay quiet…and risk becoming involved when the lid is blown off at a later date…that is called, “free will.”

So if you really want to know the truth – ask questions, don’t just listen to a small group of people on the Internet that purport to be experts, because they are not – they are people that were never involved in Morgan’s case, have never seen any of the evidence, don’t know what they are talking about, and yet continually give false statements about a crime they have absolutely no knowledge of…I can guess what their real motivation is, and it is very possible that I have proof about their real connection to the criminals in Morgan’s case, but that is not something, at this time, that I am ready to share with anyone.

I do know that #Justice4Morgan is coming – and I have no time to hate…it would only distract me from my end goal, which is justice.  So I would like to thank everyone for their continual support and encouragement – it has been a long time fighting for justice, and I greatly appreciate your continued and sustained support!