For Those Who Don’t Believe…Sadly, It Happens More Often Than We Want to Believe

Autopsy Doctor Resigns, Says Sheriff Overrode Death Findings to Protect Officers

Why Don’t Victims of Stalking Report The Crime?

FACT…when it comes to victims (targets) of stalking.  According to Katrina Baum, Ph.D., Shannan Catalano, Ph.D., and Michael Rand, Bureau of Justice Statistics, Kristina Rose, National Institute of Justice:

  • Male (37%) and female (41%) stalking victimizations were equally likely to be reported to the police.

Why don’t ALL victims (targets) report the crime?

Some victims (targets) don’t believe they will be taken seriously.  Sometimes they themselves wonder who is doing this to them and why. Then many others have reported it to law enforcement, and it has not been taken seriously so they “give up” on reporting incidents.  I’m sure there are many other reasons why they don’t report it, BUT no matter what the reason, ALL victims (targets) should ALWAYS report EVERY incident of stalking, get the officer’s business card and ask for a copy of their report.  They should also keep their own timeline of the incidents and keep all info in a secure place for a possible future case against their stalker(s).  You are your best advocate!

Click on the link below for the U.S. Department of Justice publication of “Fewer than Half of Victims Report Violent Crimes.”

Thursday, December 14, 2017
By Darlene Hutchinson, Director of the Office for Victims of Crime, the Office of Justice Programs

the Bureau of Justice Statistics released its latest estimates of crime from the National Crime Victimization Survey, one of two national measures of crime rates in the United States (along with the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports).

58% of victims of violent crime do not report the offenses to police



Murder In Slow Motion!!!


“Stalking and domestic violence is just Murder in Slow Motion!” said Laura Richards. I have never heard it put so well…

So, if you THINK stalking is no big deal, then think again…stalking is dangerous and always needs to be taken seriously!

Chief of San Diego Police, William Lansdowne, told Panorama that their stalking unit was set up originally because of the number of tragic murders that had occurred in the city and in the state of California.  Chief Landsdowne added: “We have found now that we’re not having the homicides that we had before we aggressively went after stalking.

Know the facts…believe the victims…help raise awareness.

OUR FAMILY – Before A Stalker Stole Our Youngest Child

Another memory found…our oldest daughter had these little cards made before her little sister was stalked & murdered.  They depict Steve & I, our whole family, Dad (Steve), Mom (me), our oldest daughter (Kristin), our son (Ryan), and our youngest daughter (Morgan), then Morgan & I with our dog (Tessi)…we now all have a hole in our hearts, as we no longer have Morgan in our lives.

When someone is violently taken from this world they are not the only victim…there are many victims that still live and suffer because their loved one was taken.  No one can prepare themselves for such a horrific thing. Homicide grief expert Lu Redmond has estimated that there are seven to ten close relatives, not counting significant others, friends, neighbors and co-workers for each victim. Those left behind to mourn are called “homicide survivors” and no amount of justice, restitution, prayer or compassion will bring their loved one back.

So when stalking is not taken seriously and ends in the death of the victim – the world for many, has now changed forever…stalking can become violent & lethal. Stalking is a crime and needs to be taken seriously and dealt with quickly, before it becomes lethal.

In the case of our daughter Morgan – this was a “gang” stalking.  There were more than 2 people in a “group or gang” that had targeted her.  We know this now, after all our investigations, and being informed by law enforcement at the highest level in this country.  The 2 “main” stalkers wanted her dead for 2 different reasons, because they were 2 different “types” of stalkers.

  • The Resentful Stalker: an individual motivated by an insult or wrongdoing (real or imagined) to scare or intimidate the target.
  • The Predatory Stalker: the rarest subgroup, these individuals stalk for the purposes of eventual rape or sexual assault.

The lethality of these 2 different “types” of stalker was significantly increased and should have been stopped before the escalation that caused Morgan’s murder.  This is why being informed and raising awareness is of the upmost importance.


Alice’s Tea Cup in New York…

Alice’s Tea Cup in New York was another of Morgan’s favorite places to be…and Lemongrass Jasmine Tea was her favorite tea she ordered while there.  Just another memory of Morgan.  She loved tea shops, book stores, and museums.  That was also who Morgan was.

I miss her so much – my heart hurts every single day without her.  Every time I find a memory like this, I smile thinking about how much she loved such simple things as good tea, then I cry because it will never be again.  Someone evil stole her away from her life on this planet – these are now just precious memories of her.  I believe Morgan’s soul is still on her journey, and I will see her again someday when my time on this planet is done…but till that day I will miss her with all my heart.