Stalked & Murdered: How Do Medical Examiners Get It Wrong?

Many people that have never had to deal with an incompetent or down-right arrogant, and greedy pathologist. Unfortunately in our daughter’s murder case we have had to deal with just that.

Dr. Robert Kurtzman was, according to Colorado law at the time, responsible for Morgan’s death investigation and crime scene. He was given the corrected information about her body position, but instead of realizing at that time that this was most likely a staged crime scene, as he could see from her lividity that her body had been moved postmortem, he just told us it was a cut-and-paste error and then never corrected it. This was HUGE – we just didn’t know it at the time, as we are not pathologists or criminologists…just parents.

Because of Kurtzman’s ego driven refusal to correct his many mistakes in our daughter Morgan Ingram’s case, his negligent acts and omissions have made him responsible for medical malpractice and gross negligence. Families should not have to deal with pathologists like this when they are already traumatized by the horrific loss of their loved one.

There can never be justice when medical examiners/pathologists don’t do their job correctly – the result is murderers remaining out on the streets among us.

A question of homicide: Rulings by medical examiners raise doubts about protocols

“We know there are rare cases that look like suicide that are staged,” said Robert Bux, the coroner of El Paso County in Colorado Springs, Colo. “We all know that.”

Happy National Dog Day!

Morgan’s dog Wylah…all grown up and always giving unconditional love to everyone and anyone that needs it…just like her Mommy Morgan always did.


For all the dogs in our lives who help us in so many ways, giving us unconditional love and teaching us the true meaning of life…I give thanks!



An Idea About Family Tree Sites…

A supporter just sent me a message that I wanted to share with you all.

She said, “I recently came across a website that reveals people addresses and phone numbers. It’s called . If you google how to “opt out” there are instructions. I thought it might interest your followers because this site gives out all relatives names, current phone numbers and current addresses. Snopes even verified rumors of criminals using this site to find info about police. I opted out but it still has my birth record.”

With that being said, I know many people find these type of websites useful, so here is a link that has some suggestions if you decide to use these sites.

Now What?: Do Family Tree Sites Help Identity Thieves? 

It’s sad that we have to always be vigilant about cyberstalkers and strangers that go online and do us harm, but we should always know the risks and try to stay vigilant.  Knowledge is power – so always stay informed.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!  #Justice4Morgan!