Sunday, March 17, 2019 – A Little Reminder Left Behind

This morning I looked in Mogwai’s bed, (Mogwai is Morgan’s cat…her fur baby that she loved so very much), and I saw one of the little cat toys she had crocheted for him…he still has it. As you can see it is very worn after 7 + years, but he still cuddles it in his bed.

Morgan was constantly making things for everyone, with her own two hands. In the weeks before her murder she was knitting gloves for one close friend, painting glasses for other friends, and baking goodies for relatives. She had gone shopping with me and found matching P.J.’s for her and her sister for Christmas, as Christmas was only weeks away. She asked if we were going to pick up a tree cutting permit again this year, in order to hike up in the mountains to find the perfect tree to bring home. That was always a fun outing, including hot chocolate and lots of laughter.

Morgan was excited about the possibility that her stalker would soon be arrested…she was scheduled to give her on-camera interview only 4 1/2 days from when her life was taken from her. She was scared, she was nervous, but she was also excited that life could go back to how it once was, after an arrest was made. She had also been going through all her stuff and packing up boxes and putting them in our dining room, just as Steve and I had started to do, as we were planning on moving to a safer new home…but we were too late. Just 23 days before Christmas, she was gone and all her plans and dreams, along with all of ours were gone forever.

None of us ever stop thinking about Morgan. We all miss her, even her fur babies miss her. But all our memories stay with us. Everywhere I look I still see Morgan.