Why help others?

I know this is a strange concept for some, so I would like to explain.

Since the stalking and murder of our daughter Morgan, I have dedicated my life to helping other victims of stalking, as well as the families and co-victims of cold case homicides. I have become a victim advocate.

So many of my friends and relatives have asked me why I do this…they don’t believe I should be involved in the pain of others, who are going through the same thing that I have had to endure – they think it will just make the healing process worse for me.

But these well-meaning friends and relatives are wrong…helping other victims, survivors and families like ours, has actually helped to ease my heartache, and gives my life purpose. I know the pain I feel everyday will never go away, whether or not I help others, I know Morgan is gone and nothing will bring her back, but every time I am able to help someone my heart feels joy again.  Morgan spent her short 20 years helping many people, and now I am doing the same thing in honor of Morgan. That is the reason I do what I do, and will continue to do so as long as I am still on this planet, and I am grateful for every day I am given in order to be of service to others.

– Justice For Morgan –

2 thoughts on “Why help others?

  1. Stalking is so difficult to prove, especially when you are a minority. It doesn’t matter how many reports you have with law enforcement. As a minority, you are labeled as crazy. First thing that law enforcers ask – are you on any mental medication. Something must be done for victims of stalking no matter the race or gender.

    • I agree Lisa something must be done for victims of stalking no matter the race or gender, but I will also say that race or gender doesn’t seem to be the case as far as in many cases where law enforcement doesn’t take stalking seriously – sadly it happens to victims of every race and gender. It is sad, dangerous and wrong as there are many good stalking laws in many states now, but law enforcement needs to be trained with a better protocol to deal with these cases. That is why raising awareness of the seriousness of stalking is critical. Thank you so very much for writing in – what I want everyone to know is when it comes down to it it’s really up to you to fight for yourself…keep a detailed timeline of every incident (Stalking Incident & Behavior Log http://victimsofcrime.org/docs/src/stalking-incident-log_pdf.pdf?sfvrsn=4) as well as call law enforcement every single time and insisting they write up the report and you receive a copy of that report for your file. Look up the laws on stalking in your state and get familiar with them. Go to the District Attorney’s office if the police still don’t take you seriously and show them your logs and reports and all evidence, tell them about your real fear. Ask for a victim advocate, keep pushing for justice and stay safe!

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