2 thoughts on “#JusticeForMorgan 8.4.2018

  1. Justice for Morgan! I shared this on facebook. I have shared some of your posts in the past. One of your posts that I shared caught the attention of a cousin of mine in Oregon, a state trooper. There is little he can do, but I believe in getting your messages out and your attempts to find justice for Morgan. I don’t understand what is wrong with L.E. where you live, but something is wrong with them relative to Morgan’s case.

    • Rita thank you so much for sharing Morgan’s story and raising awareness of so many of the issues involved. It is outrageous and horrifying how Morgan’s case has been handled, or should I say not handled, but we are still fighting for justice and we believe it will happen. I appreciate your cousin, the state trooper, reading about – I know there is nothing he can do, and I have heard from many others in law enforcement how upsetting this is for them to hear, as they truly believe in justice and would never have handled this case like it’s been handled. Others in law enforcement know there is still a murderer out there who needs to be brought to justice.

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