A Little Surprise in a Cookbook…

A dried rose left in-between the pages of Morgan’s cookbook…this was so Morgan 🙂

Today I decided to open up one of Morgan’s cookbooks. She loved to cook and had started buying herself some cookbooks of her own, in the last 2 years of her life. When I started to flip through the pages of her Martha Stewart cookbook, I came across a dried rose, marking the recipe – it made me smile remembering how she used to leave roses in-between the pages of her books to mark something she wanted to refer back to in the future…then I cried again remembering that Morgan no longer has a future – she now lives only in our memories.

This is so unfair! It was so hard getting through the holidays again this year, the 7th time without Morgan. She should still be here with us. Morgan needs to receive justice, and I will do everything in my power to make sure her case no longer stays cold…there is a murderer still free, walking among us, and that murderer needs to be brought to justice. No other parents should have to go through what Steve and I have been going through for the last 7 years because of this criminal. #JusticeforMorganin2019!

I welcome your feelings and ideas on Morgan's Stalking