September 30, 2011 – Day 60 of Morgan’s stalking – how is he doing this? All of this?

Before any of us leave the house this morning a friend in the neighborhood is walking her dog at 5:15 am and sees Keenan drive into the cul-de-sac, and pull into Brooke’s dad’s driveway, where he is living with Brooke & her father James Harris. Based on a feeling, our friend stops and watches him sitting in his car. Keenan is aware he is being watched by our neighbor and a standoff of sorts ensues with neither of them willing to make a move for a long while. Finally Keenan gets out of his car, and goes directly to the rear door of his car and opens it. He pulls out what is described to me as a “range bag” and goes directly into the house with it. Our friend explains to us that the bag is used to transport pistols, ammunition and related gear to a shooting range, hence the name range bag. There is concern, and this information is passed on to me, and I agree that it should go right to the detectives.

I felt that if there were ever a confrontation, knowledge of the existence of this bag could be important. The next day I told Detective Rob and he agrees completely and is very thankful this information has been passed on. He says that in any situation the knowledge of the existence of firearms is very important in order to respond correctly and safely. He encourages me to pass along any additional information, and wonders if I have an accurate description for the bag. I do not and I give him the neighbors phone number who has a willingness and desire to speak with him about this, and other incidents that have been whiteness Detective Rob thanks me for the number and says he will call soon as he can. But as one thing led to another, he never did call to speak with this individual.

Just before 5:55 am, it is still dark out, and Morgan is awakened by a loud scraping noise on her windows. Morgan alerts us with the panic button and Steve is immediately running down the hall to her room, and once he found out what had happened, he goes outside with a mag light in hand and goes directly around to her windows. Steve does not see anything there and continues through the back and over the berm, checking in both directions for any movement. But he does not see anything.

I go out the front door also, locking the door behind me, and out into the street. I check the neighborhood in all directions and the only light on in any of the houses is the front room at Brookes’s dad’s house. We were still not sure what that room might be, but that the light was on and that Keenan’s car was in the driveway was recorded in our book. It would be much later in the day before we learned of the incident in Brooke’s dad’s driveway at 5:15 am.

Steve has circled all around the neighborhood and returned to the house and we were standing in the kitchen, certain we had just missed him by inches. I tell Steve that while he was gone Morgan came out to tell me that her lights outside her window went on and off when he passed by on his way out to the berm, and then a while after that it happened again and at first she thought it was her father coming back by her room, but then heard me talking to him on the phone so she knew it was not him.

This sent Steve back out the front door and out into the street to see exactly what I had – Keenan’s car in the driveway, the light on in the front room, and the rest of the neighborhood still sleeping. He came back in and joined me in the kitchen again. It was not a minute before Morgan came out of her room to tell us that it had just happened again with the lights outside.

Steve and I poured mugs of coffee and sat in front of the monitor replaying the cameras for Morgan’s window over and over. No animals, just the light going on, then off, then Steve running by, and the light detecting his motion, going off, then coming on again for apparently nothing. No animals, was written in our notes for the morning by Steve three times, darker each time, and underlined the third time.

We all had busy days ahead and that was the end of a busy morning. Morgan was babysitting in Aspen until late and my meeting that evening was over before expected and at 7:20 pm I texted her “Got out early. I’m comin’ home now”. A half minute later Morgan answered, “OK”.

Steve was already home looking at the video when I arrived, searching for an answer he had yet to find. He told me that he had decided he would move the cameras, not to a different place, just rotated a little. Every day he would go outside and go to each camera and maybe move that one or maybe not. That way no matter if someone was watching or not a spot that was safe for the stalker the day before would not be safe anymore.

Morgan was finished babysitting before expected and was home just before 8:30 pm. She was in her room and winding down when there was a loud noise at 10:41 pm. She didn’t know what it was. It was not her windows, it could have been in the garage and Steve went to check. Nothing. Trying to explain the noise the best Morgan could do was call it the house, but it was too loud to be the house.

Steve and I sat out on the couch and watched our favorite series at the time with the volume tuned all the way off. Two episodes before we were feeling like whatever it was it was over. I checked in on Morgan and she was sleeping. Her puppy Wylah, lifted an ear without moving, and looked at me.

Today it is September 28, 2012 Today the lawyers are in as much indecision and disbelief at what has happened as we were a year ago – especially on that day. Our notes speak loudly, not by the words, but by the darkness and underlining therein. Back then we could not for the life of us figure out what was going on. Today we now know someone was on the roof, and it makes perfect sense. We had no idea during the stalking how the stalker could be tripping the motion lights, but not getting caught on camera – after Morgan’s murder we knew…he was on our roof!  How else could someone have done what they did that day – lying, sitting, hiding, and watching from up on the roof, simple. The noise at 10:41 pm, could that have been someone jumping from high up on the ridge of the roof to a lower spot with the resounding boom that would cause perhaps? And ask me again if “law enforcement,” was ever up there after, to like search for clues, you know they were not before you ask. Just as surely as you know that Morgan was murdered, by a date rape cocktail, her body moved into a different position and “staged,” and that her jewelry stolen – – and now all Steve and I have to do is prove it, piece of cake. . .right?

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    • Yes, under the eaves and yes he could have certainly waved something from over the roof to set them off – must have been very funny for him to watch us run outside and never see him.

  1. Leaving a quote from a story today about a homeless 24 year old woman , who was caught in a house……check out what the owner say’s….Kizer doesn’t believe Burgess’ claims that this is her first time in the house. He told CBS Sacramento that the family dogs usually bark at strangers and they were oddly quiet around the modern-day Goldilocks…………….” Not the first time in the house” It made me think of our story,,,,chilling huh?

    • Very chilling – that’s probably why our dogs never barked or made a fuss…although Wylah didn’t bark at anything at that age.

  2. I have finally caught up to reading the blog as it happens. I originally came across it on a friend’s facebook. When I clicked on it, I noticed two things that kept me reading. One: My name is also Morgan. Two: We are the same age, both born the same year.

    So, realizing that it can happen to anyone, I read on. I had an experience with a police case- exactly around the same time as your daughter. It wasn’t stalking, but I understand your frustration. The police have so many limitations and red tape. They simply cannot work as easily as we see detectives work on television. The case I went through is still not resolved.

    Looking in on this as a third person, there is one thing I can’t seem to figure out… How did this stalker force Morgan to take this cocktail of date-rape drugs without her pressing her panic button…..without anyone hearing a thing? I know that my question will probably be answered in December. For me, that is the only piece of the puzzle that doesn’t quite fit.

    I’m sorry for your loss. The texts between you and your daughter remind me a lot of the conversations I have with my mom. I know Morgan is proud to be your daughter and to have a mom who never stops fighting for her.

  3. Morgan thank you so much for your comment. You are probably the most precious thing to your mom.

    There are multiple theories of how he could have gotten her to drink the date rape cocktail – I will give you two scenarios:
    1. She was in a sound sleep (not hard to understand as she was exhausted), and he came in and put a piece of clothe over her nose and mouth with something like chloroform or ketamine on it – she would then be completely subdued…maybe even over the puppies little face because she slept with Morgan. And then either inject her or sit her up and pour it down her throat – at first I thought if someone had been knocked unconscious with something like chloroform they couldn’t swallow but I followed up on that and yes you could hold their head back and pour it down their throat.
    2. Or there is always the threat of killing your pets, and parents but I don’t want to think that happened to her.

    Thanks for having faith in us – we will get down to the bottom of this and the world will know what really happened.

    • What about her water bottle that you said she always carried? I know you mentioned earlier that previously, Morgan had become very ill after coming home from that house she was at the same night she died. I don’t know how quickly these drugs work, but is it possible something was given to her in her water at that house and she was able to get home??

      I don’t know…

      My deepest sympathies to you and your family Toni. I have been reading this blog every singe day since clicking the link on a friends Facebook post. There WILL be justice for Morgan. Thank you for sharing her story with us.

      Love from Michigan

      • Excellent question – she only stopped at that house for about 10 – 15 minutes and after she got home around 9:00 pm she got ready for bed and then was texting her friend that she had dropped off earlier around 8:30 or so about meeting in the morning, and then Steve came in her room and had a nice father daughter talk for about 15 minutes and then Morgan said she was going to sleep – here’s the thing Steve said Morgan sounded happy, alert, articulate and in no way out of it when he spoke with her and the amount of drugs she had in her should have taken affect very quickly – she would have been slurring or something by then. We also have someone running from the back of our house to the front of our house later on that night and ducking behind our neighbors truck. We also have all her jewelry (only things worth money) disappearing out of her room that night so I do think (although I wish I didn’t) that someone was in her room and killed her that night.

    • On her side with her down comforter only partially up her arm, upper arm exposed. Not on the same side of the bed she usually was, not sleeping in her normal sleeping position, looking staged. She had her clothes on and not her PJ’s – nothing looked normal

      • From how you describe finding her, it would seem she could have been injected as well, which would be faster and easier than making someone swallow something.
        The more I read about your story, the more angry I become at the killer, and at the law enforcement for being so negligent.

        • I asked before they even took her body away if they would check for injection marks and I now do not believe they did – her french manicure was still in take when we had a viewing for her body a couple of days later. I asked this question the morning we found her because my daughter-in-law had just told me about a girl that drove up her driveway and died in her own house. In that case there was no sign of forced entry, and her parents did not know she had a stalker until much later when her friend came forward. Her parents had no idea why she died – that Coroner’s office also put down natural causes. Much later on after her body was exhumed they did find an injection mark, and her stalker was just some guy she knew, but had never dated. He worked at a hospital where he got the drug to kill her with. Before she died her friends told her this guy was acting strange and possessive, but she felt sorry for him and was going to tell him she had just gotten engaged and that he needed to lay off. That is when she ended up dead. Anyway, we now read that Coroner’s are supposed to take nail polish on to see if there are injection marks somewhere not obvious Morgan’s pathologist did not do that.

      • She was found in her clothes in bed? So she got dressed at some point? Or had she potentially never gotten undressed? Was she in PJs when Steve was talking to her?

        • came home got in PJ’s after that we don’t know if something scared her again and she got dressed (into something different) or if the stalker subdued her and dressed her himself to get her out of the house, but was interrupted & scared off by the Patrol officers that were coming by. We never located the PJ’s she was wearing.

          • You NEVER LOCATED the PJ’s? Wow! Did you go through all the laundry, drawers, closets, etc? That is huge to me. Indicates that either someone took the PJ’s, or that Morgan left the house in the night and came back later. Would it have been possible for her to leave without your knowledge?

            • No Morgan would not have left without our knowledge. Number one she was being stalked and was afraid so every time she wanted to leave after dark she would ask me to walk her out to the car. Number 2 she was 20 years old and I don’t know about your children but my kids once they were 18 never asked permission or snuck out of the house they would just grab their car keys and go and leave me a note or text me, they were adults. Number 3 if she left she would have taken the car and the cameras would have shown the car leave the driveway so not possible.

  4. First, so sorry for your loss. I cannot even imagine going through such a painful experience and hope you are able to prevail in the end.

    My question: I had read that you were going to do another interview on WS radio and was planning to tune in. Over the years I’ve been amazed at how gifted the people over there are when it comes to unraveling the details that are often overlooked in various cases. If I were looking for help, I would go there immediately and do exactly as they advised. They just blow me away. Today I read that you had cancelled this interview and was just wondering why you didn’t want to make use of such an excellent resource? From what I’ve seen there, many people have invested much time and effort into trying to get to the bottom of this. Am I missing something?

    • Mrs. Ingram,

      I applaud you for writing this blog. I think it’s amazing that you can find the strength, not even a year later, to relive this tragedy. You and your husband are exemplary parents in your dedication to your daughter.

      I would just like to say, as a member of the WS community, if you are basing your decision to not speak again to Tricia on the fact that the boards are full of questions that I am sure feel like accusations, please remember the audience that you are talking to.

      These people, they have seen the worst of the worst, probably as close as you can get to what LE sees everyday. They are going to question, they are going to probe. That is the whole point of the site. However, given the way the information has been presented, and I do not fault you and I read about Morgan’s torment everyday, it’s hard for them to process and sleuth in the normal way. I know you feel the unkindness, the unfeeling nature of some posters. Please remember that this is not everyone who posts there viewpoint.

      WS has a Term of Service that cannot be denied. It’s what keeps them online and not sued. Everyone has a right to give their opinion. Not everyone agrees with what is being said.

      I personally have avoided the thread because I’m not interested in getting into an argument or being attacked by facts, as they are at this time. I want to know Morgan’s Story and I refrain from passing judgment until I see the whole thing played out.

      It’s also very possible that there are people who don’t want your story told on WS. It’s an open forum. Don’t let them dissuade you from bringing out the truth. Please, please tell us Morgan’s story and don’t let the negative things bring you down…it’s the nature of what we do there to question everything.

      Blessings on you and the rest of your family dealing with this incomprehensible loss.

      • Thank you for your deep insight. I truly can not be on websleuths this Sunday, because I am unexpectedly traveling, and won’t be by a phone.

        As far as people on websleuths saying things, I honestly have not even been on the site yet…Steve said he got on, but I haven’t. I am not really concerned about what people are saying – everything I have posted, and said on this blog is the truth, whether people like it or not, and honestly I did not put this up in order for people on websleuths, that I don’t even know, don’t even know their agenda, don’t even know their background or expertise, to come on and try to solve this case. The whole point of putting up the website and blog was so people could know a little about Morgan, who she was, and what was taken from this world, as well as trying to get enough interest in her case to get either get the State or Federal Law Enforcement agencies to look into her case. I am not an investigator and neither is Steve, we are just parents trying to do the best we can.

        If Morgan’s real friends had been interviewed you would all have known that she was a free spirit, and went and did what she wanted. She helped more people in her 20 years then I have helped in my 57 years. Morgan was a Leo we couldn’t rein her in, but we were lucky enough that she cared so much for us and herself that during her stalking she would keep in touch, come home early so I could meet her in the driveway with pepper spray, etc. – but still she continued to live her life, take her classes, see her friends, play with her pets, take her photos, play her piano (that really was Morgan) – I don’t think I could have been as brave as her, but hey, she was strong…she was a Leo.

        It would be fabulous if websleuths could solve this, but how can they? Websleuths obtained and published Morgan’s PER – Tricia told me in an email. I have a copy of the same PER and tox results, which I sent on to Dr. Dobersen (whom you all know) for his review. His conclusion, verified by AIT Labs, was that were 6 date rape drugs detected in Morgan’s gastric fluid. The levels of 2 were reached, and the actual levels of 4 others were not obtained because the sample was exhausted. My question is not how someone kills themselves with a date rape cocktail…that will hopefully be determined by a jury someday, my question is why was this test conducted in secrecy without our knowledge? Why did they conduct a test that would exhaust the sample so no further testing can be run on that sample? When doctors and professors acting on behalf of the family had already contacted the pathologist and indicated to him that they would like to be included in any future testing – why was this simple request ignored? Was this a search for the truth?

        And that is just the pathologist – why did the Sheriff’s office refuse to investigate the theft of her jewelry or take casts of the footprints outside our house or ever even attempt to take fingerprints off our front door – even after numerous times I heard the code being punched into the key pad in the middle of the night? That’s the investigation I would have liked to see – that would be good stuff for websleuths to look at but that never happened.

        If you were to take Hannah Hurlocker’s FB stream of comments, and add to it the comment from ?’s FB that she doesn’t stalk – she investigates, and the comment from Keenan James VanGingel that his favorite thing in the work is to watch the life go out of the eyes of his kill, both of which have now been deleted, and add the fact that Morgan’s eyes were held open while she died what does that tell anyone?

        Thanks for your blessings and sorry if I got a little carried away but I just wanted you to know where I was coming from in this. Take care!

        • Hi – as a mother of three I am so sorry for your loss and can’t imagine the hurt you are feeling….my sympathies….in this comment you stated “if Morgan’s friends had been interviewed” does that mean none of them were? Did you look at her phone (texts/messages), computer (Facebook etc) from that day to see what friends she had been talking to? Did you see anything in her journals regarding friends as of late? anyone new in her life?

          You say the sheriff refused to investigate the missing so? Didn’t you post that they simply asked you for descriptions and or pictures and Steve did not want you to go through the pictures??? How did they refuse to investigate?

          • We have all her text messages, FB, etc. and we know who she was with, when she left and where she stopped by on her way home, how long she was there for and who she spoke with. I also spoke with the only 2 friends that were interviewed right after she died, and months later spoke with the person she was actually with most of that time…the detective didn’t interview him for quite a while. Anyway, non of her teachers, close friends, neighbors that offered to be interviewed because they saw something, person that was called and told something of interest that morning, person she worked for, or even family members were not questioned other than what did she look like when found, and and did we hear anything.

            As far as the jewelry goes I have already talked about that – it was missing, it was reported, nothing happened, Keenan got arrested December 23rd, I talked to the detective again, he said he needed pictures, not just descriptions, I wasn’t strong enough to look through pictures at that time. Nothing was done. Do you have pictures of your children’s jewelry? With them wearing it? I had recent pictures of her wearing jewelry, but it was costume jewelry – not her pink pearls, not my silver and turquoise bracelet that she borrowed and was on her dresser the night before, not all the gold necklaces, crosses, etc. she had gotten over the years for her first holy communion and confirmation. She only wore the expensive jewelry when she would go out somewhere special…not as an everyday thing. I’m sure some people take pictures, but I didn’t – I guess that’s another good lesson learned for people that are reading this blog.

    • I can’t be on the show this Sunday, because I will be on the road, and unable to do the call.

      As far as using WS as a resource I believe you are correct – there seems to be some great investigative minds on WS and I would love it if they could solve this, but I really want this to go to court someday, so what I really want is the State of Federal agencies to investigation and take over this case. There is a lot to this case, and it seems like WS has a lot of people arguing about things that I know are not true. They have not seen all the evidence, and the evidence that they do have they still argue about…unfortunately I am dedicated to this blog, and do not have enough time between work, helping other stalking victims that are writing and calling in, writing official complaints, looking up laws that were broken, etc., etc. to also through myself in to WS as well. I wish there were more of me to go around, but I have to be content with just the one of me, and the one of me only has so much time in each day.

      We love our other two children, their spouses, and our grandchildren, and I do not want to neglect them in this process as well – so I hope this answers your question. Our family is the most important thing in our lives, it always has been, and always will be. It comes before everything else in our lives.

    • I can’t go on tomorrow – I will now be traveling in a car and it will not work. I just saw an email from Tricia a few minutes ago and it sounds like there might be another time I can do it so I’ll let you know.

  5. God lord, it doesn’t take a geniues to see what happened… This could be solved without WS and what the rest of us think, all it would take is the men with the hats to do their dang job and investigate it… I do not understand why that is SO difficult! I believe there will be justice for Morgan, you & Steve and the rest of your family! I hope you guys are able to find some comfort in her memories! She seemed like one amazing young lady!

    • Thanks so much – she was more than amazing! We miss her so much – she did leave us with so many wonderful memories…it’s hard because there are so many that sometimes it doesn’t seem real that she is no longer with us on this plane, and that pain is so very deep. It would just take the right LE agency to do the right thing but I guess they have too much at stake now to open this back up. I am sad for them because they will have to live what they have done just like others that were involved in her death.

  6. I don’t blame you for wanting to make sure things are done the “right” way so they are permissable in court. I think it’s great that WS is around and maybe they can help, but in the end they aren’t law enforcement.

    I love what you said in the last paragraph of your response about the rest of your family.

  7. Amen Tina! Websleuths will not solve this case. What will solve this case if there is a proper investigation, people interrogated, someone comes forward and stop being afraid to be labled a Snitch and do the RIGHT THING! I am willing to bet my right arm that someone out there knows a lot, and is either too scared to tell the truth or they might have been involved to a certain degree. If they are reading, I will tell you this: Find a way, to get the information to Mr and Mrs Ingram. An annyonmus letter or something, but by not saying anything. This will EAT you alive and I know it has been hurting you up to this point. That saying “Truth Will Set you Free” is so true. Come forward now!

  8. We would never feel neglected by you, I promise….on top of working 40 hours a week or more, as you do….the time it takes to write the blog, respond, the sadness of re living this, the energy….the research…..I can’t imagine… I know we can call you any time….any day….even at 2 am , asking if man really landed on the moon haha…..You are still just as amazing as ever….even more so….don’t let anyone try to push you into something….this is your thing, and I applaud the way you are just re living it….I worry for you to do so….but remember you guy’s chose the word Brave for the year…. and you are being so brave..Sure, everyone want’s nice neat little answers…..we do too…I like that the blog let’s people just re live your lives….if they think their confused….imagine how we feel…….

    • I couldn’t agree with your more Leesa! I don’t think Toni should change her objective just to please would be wanna be detectives. They can click off the computer and not give it a second thought however the Family lives it 24/7.


      Yoda lover *laugh*

    • Thanks Leesa. It’s too bad real life isn’t simple, it isn’t always logical, sometimes you actually have to see through the veil people want you to see, and get the facts.

      The facts lead to the truth, and the truth can never be changed. There are many people that want to only look at the surface of things, and never turn it over to look at the underbelly – we would never in a million years have wanted to live through this, and not in a trillion years would we have ever wished to see our youngest daughter killed, but we did. It was horrible and now we need to do the next unthinkable thing that some others do not want us to do – continue on and fight for what is right. Fight for ethics, fight for humanity, but never give up. We will never give up, and we will find justice. We will still love our other children, their spouses and grandchildren every day with every breath, because we know how fleeting life is now, and we know that love is the most important thing in this entire world!

  9. I am so sorry for all the pain u are suffering with right now and I hope that u will find relief and comfort soon.

    Something I was wondering about…. U have said that Morgan was wearing clothes not pjs when u found her. Were these the same clothes that she had been wearing the night before she passed or different ones?

    Much thanks!

    • I wondered that too so I played over the camera view of her getting out of the car that night and walking up to the porch and those were not the same clothes she was wearing. Her is a perplexing problem – what if Morgan’s body wasn’t supposed to be found in her bed? What if she was dressed in clothes and meant to be brought out of the house and disappear – then it would not matter that she had all those drugs in her system as she wouldn’t have been found and the drugs would never have been discovered. Details of how this happens in alarming regularity in this area has been shared with me so many times in private conversations. As a mom it makes me sick to think of this possibility but I can not longer discount that this could have been the plan for that night and the increased Sheriff’s patrols possibly scared them off?

  10. Dear Toni, please know that many WS posters in Morgan’s thread choose to stay objective in their opinions. This is by no means reflective of the amount of compassion they may have for you and your family. Please remember, you are the one with the power to reveal to your readers what the truths are. Everyone wants justice for Morgan, and everyone wants the truth. So, may you stay strong through this journey to justice you have embarked upon, and God bless you.

  11. So sorry for all that you’ve been through and are still going through, Mrs. Ingram. I am thinking of you daily and wishing for some kind of closure for you and your family. Truly tragic. Morgan was a beautiful young woman and I’m sorry for your loss.

  12. Hi,
    could the loud noise that was described as the house, be the eave of the roof giving way and breaking? Maybe that’s when that happened? I’ve posted before – and again, I’m so sorry you all are going through this. I can’t wait for the day I check in here and you have good news, that the monster(s) have been convicted. Much love, all the way from Brooklyn.

  13. I think I have missed something.. What was the incident in J..’s driveway at 5:15 am? Also, just a thought, but maybe she was put into different clothes to make it look like she had gone somewhere during the night. That way, when she was found, it appeared she was physically unharmed and there was no sign of forced entry, so it had to be a) natural causes or b) suicide.

  14. Do you think maybe her pj’s were taken as a trophy so the stalker just dressed her in her regular clothes? Same with her fingernails, is it possible her nails were taken as a trophy or were her nails torn?

    • I really don’t know – it upsets me to think about it but it is possible. Is it so crazy that I would really like professionals that do this for a living to look into my daughter’s case and really investigate?

  15. One other question, i know you all were exhausted but did you stir at all the night she was killed? Did you hear the beeps going off on the front door. You had previously mentioned you are a light sleeper and i am one too so I know that I wake up to almost everything. I can’t see how he had gotten in the front if you could usually hear the beeps which means he found another way. I just can’t imagine how he snuck around without making any noise. It’s so scary.

    • Unfortunately for all of us Steve and I were so overtired, and overly hyper vigilant that we decided to take sleeping pills that night. Morgan had gone to bed early and so we decided we would too. We had prescriptions for sleeping pills, but tried not to take them because of the stalking – that night happened to be one of those nights we were so exhausted we just wanted to get a full 8 hours of sleep, but that was a horrible mistake, so no I did not hear any beeps from the front door, I would not have been able to.

  16. My guess is that something got on the p.j.s and that is why they are missing. If you find her pj’s in K’s house then you have some pretty damning evidence.
    You are a wonderful and amazing mom Toni! I admire you.

  17. I have been reading your blog non stop for days. Each day I get more and more angry for you. How in the world do the police with all their “training” not figure out the things that you have about this monster? To say that the police were ineffective is an understatement. Toni and Steve I want you to know that what happened to your child is and was wrong and that if not on this earth the person(s) who murdered her will be held accountable. Having a daughter of my own I am without words to explain how I would feel in your situation. I am in the midst of this blog but it seems this creep is still at large all these years later? How can the police department live with their selves when they so effectively failed your beautiful 20 year old daughter. It’s a shame. Really. My heart is hurting for you and I pray hard as I can that the closure you seek is in the future if it has not already been attained. You have made something amazing out of an awful tragedy and I commend you on this. Your work will for years to come offer comfort and insight to others in Morgan’s position. She was blessed to have amazing parents who continue to fight for her. Sending you lots of love and strength!!!

    • Yes, (they are) we believe there was one murderer, but he had help, and there were also co-conspiritors involved (this would be considered a gang stalking), and to top it off many, many people know. And these type of people are not only criminals, but they are also cowards. And most likely they will re-offend, so for people that live in that area to turn a blind eye to this tragedy is beyond ludicrous.

      Thank you so very much for your kind words, I greatly appreciate them.

  18. wow, i cannot believe what you are going through even now, the questions that are bombarding you on a daily basis must be exhausting. You had an amazing daughter and i hope someday you will get justice. I do believe you should look into suing him in civil court, you can make him testify under oath. not sure if you have ever looked into this, but i know i am really late in the game and my questions are probably answered already. prayers to your family and Morgan. Peace to all of you also.

    • Suing is always an option, but we are still working on getting her case investigated and arrests made. I feel very strongly that this will happen sometime very soon. Thank you so much for your kind words.

I welcome your feelings and ideas on Morgan's Stalking