December 2, 2011 – Day 123 – The end of Morgan’s Stalking

Morgan's Sunrise

Morgan’s Sunrise

Our neighbor Mark pulled in next door a few minutes after midnight. He looks at our house, and sees Morgan’s lights are off. One of my nieces can’t sleep without the TV on. For others it may be a bedside light, or even just the soft glow of a nightlight. But Morgan liked no lights on at all, so what Mark saw was the norm.

Another deputy patrol of the neighborhood happened at 1:21 AM. This was the drive right through patrol, it took 35 seconds to loop the end of the street, and drive back by – no stopping, no shining their spot light. The second patrol of the early morning came by at 2:44 am. This time there was a complete stop between our house and our next door neighbor Rhonda’s,  a searchlight flooding our roof, this patrol took closer to one minute to make the loop, and do a visual of the roof. Why did they think to check the roof with their light? We never knew about the roof until months after Morgan’s death.

For almost exactly an hour it all looked quiet, then the motion detector light on the corner of the garage goes on. For the one and only time during the lifetime of the video surveillance of our house a young deer, a fawn walks, and then trots by Morgan’s window.

Mark came out to warm up his car just before 4:30 AM and he notices something, Morgan’s bathroom light is on. This was out of character, Morgan was not an early riser. Mark drives off at 4:36 AM.

Steve remembers getting out of bed after 5:30 AM. He has been awake for a while and decides to make it official. He makes coffee and sits at the kitchen table reading over some floor plans. His current project is at the state where no mistakes comes with an explanation mark, and he reviews the details. I lie awake before 6:00 AM but the smell of Steve’s coffee is too much, I get up, pull on a fuzzy, warm robe and join him in the kitchen for just a second, I then had a thought pass through my mind, why hasn’t Morgan woken me up yet to take out her puppy?

Across the valley, Scott, a very good family friend woke up much earlier than usual. He looked outside, and found something extra special in this mornings sunrise. So he grabbed a camera that was on the table behind him, and went outside to capture it. He presented us with the photo of the sunrise coming up from Aspen as it came up over the mountains clearly showing here comes the snow – months later, safely mounted in a very special frame he made he gave it to us – it was the sunrise on the morning that we found Morgan dead.

Steve is engrossed in his plans, and as Morgan has not called me yet to take Wylah out, I just go to take her out. When I enter Morgan’s room I notice her bathroom light is on and the puppy and cat are both in the bathroom looking bewildered, a something is not right sensation comes over me, and I see what I think has caused it. Wylah has had an accident on the floor. I immediately called her, and took her out to the backyard, as I had every single morning since Morgan was shocked into retreat by her stalker after he showed up in our yard only 10 feet from Morgan. I thought of how fearful she felt that morning, as I scanned the yard for anything that looked out of place, while Wylah did her morning potty thing out in the back yard. So many times I had wanted him to be here, I wanted him to challenge me, and I wanted to take him down.

Wylah seemed apprehensive this morning, and took extra time to find the perfect spot to complete her business, and then she was quick to get back inside. She would usually sleep after she went potty until Morgan woke up, and now I brought her back to Morgan’s room. Wylah hopped on her mom’s bed, and looked at me. The oddness was growing, Morgan would have thanked me for taking her out, but she had not. And now I was expecting to hear words from our daughter before I went to join Steve for some coffee and some breakfast. There were no words.

So I asked her, “Aren’t you going to say thanks for cleaning Wylah’s accident, and taking her out Morgan?”

There was still no response. I looked again and it was all very odd. Morgan was over here, when she always slept over there. Her position didn’t even look right, The blankets, her nightstand, the floor, as it all began to grasp me, but I shook it off. Touching her on the shoulder she felt warm, even though her shoulder had not been covered up. Morgan was usually a burrow under the covers sleeper, and there was not a hint of burrow here. I shook her shoulder gently so as not to startle her, and said her name in a question.

Again she made no noise and right then I needed Steve. Like those times when daddy makes the crying stop, right now daddy was going to wake her up – he had to. I left her bedroom door open and quickly went toward the kitchen and yelled for Steve. He sensed it immediately and was up and walking quickly towards me as I turned the corner.

“Something’s wrong, Morgan won’t wake up. I told him, and he did not accompany me back to the room, he ran past me and was kneeling on her bed at her side by the time I got there. He was shaking, then shaking more. Then his words were “Oh no, Oh no, in a tone of disbelief.

“Call 911, NOW.” – those are words I will never forget. I was frozen in place and had not moved when Steve rolled Morgan onto her back, and her eyes, oh her beautiful eyes, Morgan’s soft pools of blue that held such happiness, and wonder for twenty years seemed to be grotesquely stretched in irregular shapes up her face, and turned to a shiny dark color. As if she had just become possessed – they were wide open, and a bolt of goodness was needed to be shot into her to return Morgan to Morgan.

Steve had started CPR and was counting out loud, he repeated the NOW of my instructions. The room could have spun, but seemed to be only starting to spin and then stopping. I was across the hall in my office dialing the numbers and I could hear Steve’s counting, over and over again. Then I heard him scream, “Morgan take my breath, breathe!”

I was connected to 911 emergency, but the nature of my emergency was unimaginable to try to explain. We needed help, fast… they were coming. I told Steve they were on the way, but he could not hear me. He was screaming for Morgan. I could hear his words, but I would not let myself understand his words.

The 911 operator told me that we needed to get her onto something firm, the floor, so I ran back into Morgan’s room and helped Steve move her. I saw my daughter’s face and in a quick flash it looked blue, I could not bear to look at her eyes so I looked down to the floor at her feet, and grasped her ankles to feel her warmth. Steve continued CPR – he wanted to help her breathe, and I heard him say “oh no” again. I looked at him and he looked back at me, he wanted to say something, instead he shook his head and told me to move my car, to get it out of the driveway so the ambulance could pull right up to the door.

It was dead quiet as I ran outside. There was no one on the street, and I raced back down the driveway and swung the car in front of the garage and out into the street. As I ran back to the front door I saw them – men searching, waving flashlights, dressed in thick overalls, and carrying all kinds of devices. My arms were crossing over my head as I waved and yelled for them to all come this direction.

The recognition and movement was instant, it seemed like a small army coming from every direction, descending on our front door. “She’s in here”, I kept repeating and they did not pause to acknowledge, just rushed by me. They already knew what to do and were in her room in an instant. Steve was leaving Morgan’s room as I came in and Wylah sat on her bed, never making a sound just staring quietly as the men came in Morgan’s room.

Steve and I clutched at each other in the foyer, as we backed toward my office door. I wanted a do over, I wanted to do this all over. I said to myself, “This is all a bad dream, I will wake up any time now and this won’t be happening.” This was not supposed to be how it ended, not by a long-shot  I can’t remember if I said it out loud or only thought it. I wanted a do-over so I could take her far, far away from all this horrible stuff.

The first responders are were asking about Carbon Monoxide. It was so cruel to flash on memories of the exposure she suffered through years ago, how much it had hobbled her, and how she had completely recovered.

Morgan lay lifeless on her bedroom floor now, the thoughts of how and why would come later, only that she no longer with us was what mattered to us. Sometime ago Steve and I had come to realize that our baby girl was no longer with us. The responders brought new hope with their urgency, but they were now slowing to the reality that there was nothing they could do, whispering to each other in very hushed tones. Bringing all of the devices back out to their trucks.

We were both in shock – we didn’t know what to do – Steve started making calls, just the ones he had to tell straight away (how do you tell her brother and sister who loved her more than anything that she was dead?), then he went to the living room and sat on the couch just staring at the wall. The rest could wait until later. I would make some calls myself, but it would not be until much later – I wanted to be alone with my thoughts for awhile.

Mothers have connections with their children, and share bonds not easily understood. Mothers were not meant to say goodbye like this to their children. Yet I stood in the entry of our house and I stared at what was only her body now. I knew that Morgan was gone, and that in itself was a comfort to me, no one could hurt her. Later I would wonder what she had really been through and how much she had been made to suffer. And I knew that for today it would be a matter of making the magnitude of this singular event have the meaning it deserved. At this time I trusted those moving about and carrying out their tasks. We were asked to leave our house and we did.

Her stalker was somewhere else. Chatter about the death of Morgan Ingram was the morning news, and I am sure that those involved leaned in to be sure nobody was talking about them. That would come over the course of time, following the realization, and deduction of many, many experts. Law enforcement that were involved in her death scene assured us that there was no sign of forced entry, no sign of a struggle, no sign of suicide, no sign of sexual assault…and we believed them. They never took fingerprints, they didn’t collect any evidence, only items that belonged to Morgan. They said we now had to wait for the autopsy – when that was completed and the forensic pathologist could find nothing wrong with her that would cause her death, he said we had to wait for the toxicology results. They came back about 4 weeks later with no sign of alcohol, no sign of any illegal drugs and her manner of death was now called “natural.”  We asked how could that be?  Morgan was a healthy 20 year old.

Whatever Steve and I thought at that moment on that morning, it was all about to change. In the most irrevocable and illuminating way. . .

Today is December 13, 2012 – We moved from that house within a month, we were in shock, the both of us not properly processing what had, and what was happening.

Over the next nine months, what was declared a mystery that day, would only become more mysterious:

  • We would discovered all of her expensive jewelry was missing – gone.
  • We would discover the PJ’s she was wearing when Steve said good night to her were also missing – gone.
  • We would discover her panic button had been torn from its secure mounting spot on her nightstand, and was hidden on the floor under some clothes.
  • We would discover she died not from natural causes, with an insignificant amount of amitriptyline as the forensic pathologist Dr. Kurtzman had told us, but from a massive dose of amitriptyline. An amount that she could not have possibly ingested herself because a person her size would have died from only on tenth that amount.
  • We would discover that there were other drugs not shown on the first tox screen in her stomach, 5 total.  The amitriptyline on the first tox was a lethal concentration – the rest were not in amounts that would have been lethal, but every one of them were listed on the lab’s Sexual Assault Panel.  So at the time of Morgan’s murder she had an active felony stalking case being investigated by the Garfield County sheriffs and the only things found in her body were all date rape drugs found on the Sexual Assault panel at the lab…and yet we were being told she wasn’t a homicide.
  • We would discover she had wounds consistent with defensive wounds on her body, and the coroner and pathologist would refuse to release the photographs for study by others.
  • We would discover that many, many aspects of her room were consistent with a struggle having taken place.
  • We would discover the hour that she most likely died, and why that was so important for an investigation.
  • We would discover that the container needed to hold the date rape cocktail has never been recovered, in her room, or elsewhere.
  • We would discover her body was dressed in a third set of clothing, not what she wore home that night, and not the PJ’s she wore when she went to sleep.
  • We would discover that a journal of hers was missing from her room, gone.  And it was not the journal listed in evidence.
  • We would discover her upper chest was covered in a fine spray of bodily fluids, consistent with Morgan attempting to spit or sneeze out a date rape cocktail she had been forced to ingest, or the remnants of a sexual assault, as these “spots” showed up under the UV light and were bodily fluids .
  • We discovered Morgan had a red spot on her right temple (consistent with a thumb restraining her head while a hand was over her mouth), and something red (blood?), as was on her swollen lip.
  • We would discover the knife Morgan asked her dad to buy for her protection the night before, was lying in her bed right next to her body, in the original box it had been purchased in.
  • We would discover that even though it was a “mystery” and a majority of stalking victims in these circumstances would be raped, and when found her pants were unzipped & unbuttoned, there was no rape kit administered at her autopsy. That the only way to know if she had been raped as a part of her ordeal is forever lost.
  • We would discover that the steel gutter directly over her window was torn into two pieces, consistent with her stalker lying on the roof and leaning over to see inside her room through her upper window, and it would never be officially photographed or otherwise examined forensically.
  • We would discover that the observant neighbor who reported her light being off and on at strange times indicating suspicious behavior was never interviewed as a part of the investigation.
  • We discovered no potential evidence from the death scene, save the clothes she was wearing, were ever collected.
  • And then we learned from a long time local investigator that years earlier the pathologist that did Morgan’s autopsy had once examined a body pulled from the Roaring Fork River and declared the person died from an accidental drowning…later on the body was exhumed and a bullet was documented to have been lodged in the skull – how could he have missed that?

Morgan’s stalking ended with her death. The interviews and collection of evidence planned for her that very next week were cancelled in view of her death.

The most important part of a mysterious unnatural death is the investigation that follows. The dignity and honor of the deceased rest with how thorough and complete that investigation into the death is.  Morgan deserves for her death to have an investigation, and it most certainly did not, as the blog shall shift from the stalker to the investigation of her death, and the answer of just who or how many were in her room that night. Because it is obvious that Morgan alone could not possibly have done what is documented to have happened on the 123rd and last day of her stalking.

101 thoughts on “December 2, 2011 – Day 123 – The end of Morgan’s Stalking

  1. Wow. That was deep. I’m sure it took a lot of self growth and acceptance to be able to write and share this. This is very vivid. Seems as if I can see this play out as a sad movie. From mother to mother, and wife to wife your courage shows through and through. I am sorry this day came into Morgan’s life affecting you all so deeply but there has got to be something more to come of it. Something we can’t predict. Something we call a miracle.

    • Jessica I know there is more to play out for years and years to come – I can feel it. It has started already, and yes I guess I would call it a miracle. It’s not just me or Steve or Morgan’s friends telling of her story, but everyone around the earth that has been affected by it, learning from it, wanting to do something about it in order to change the world and help others, and we are all being guided, and learning on a daily basis, so what you just said is so very true – thank you.

    • I just read all of this in 2 days-begining to end! I feel sick! I have a twenty year old daughter. I am a Leo myself and know exactly what you were talking about when you would make reference to that. I am a critical care nurse and this autopsy thing blows my mind! It is so sad that YOU, during this time of tragedy have to be dealing with morons and people who don’t do their jobs right. I can’t tell you how many times I will go into a store or somewhere, ask for assistance (actually for them to just do their job) and get a look as if I am bothering them. What is this world coming to? I have to do EVERYTHING perfect with my job (the first time) or someone could loose their life. I only wish everyone else would do the same or how about just have some morals! This sickens me!

      • Susan – thanks for your comment…I am glad there are good people like you in the world that care and have morals, and I pray that people like you are in the majority, because if not our world is in for a lot of pain. Others that really don’t care I believe are either sociopaths or are afraid to stand up for what is right. Wouldn’t it be nice if maybe there was more accountability? If there were consequences for their actions instead of it getting brushed off as incompetence- that might make a difference.

        • Toni,

          This was so hard to read, I knew it was coming, but it still was so sad and my heart breaks for you and Steve and your family. Someone has to be held accountable for what was done to your beautiful, loving, kind, and full of life, Morgan. I cannot imagine what you have gone through.

    • Valerie – I hope you know Steve and I will never give up in our quest for the truth, so I hope we can help mend your heart eventually, as well as many others. There are so many people out there right now that need our (everyone’s) help, and the only thing I can think to do is get the truth out there and raise awareness, because I do believe the truth is the only thing that will set us all free of the evil that exists. I was just told last night about another girl (Morgan’s age) that lives about 1/2 hour away from us that is experiencing the same thing as Morgan and I have told her to call the police every time, document, inform her parents every time, take it seriously, as well as much more information – so let’s hope this time there is a good resolution.

  2. That was so so sad, I am so upset of all the things you have lost that could have gave you more information, never being able to get that evidence back. That pathologist, how old is he? He needs to get out of that business. I can only wish someday, he can experience the pain you are going through today and how it feels to have a child die of wrongful death. He is lazy and that is why he calls everything a natural death, less paper work for him to do. Keep fighting Toni, we are behind you 110%!!!

    • Thanks Sheila – the fact that you are all there supporting us gives Steve and I the strength to keep going – it’s not easy, and for some strange reason there are a lot of haters out there that seem very invested in me shutting down this blog – but I will not! This blog is going to keep going in order to help others. I wish I had known so many things that I know now, before I lost Morgan and maybe she would still be with us, but I know Morgan wants us to use what happened to her to help others, and that is exactly what we intend on doing.

  3. Being a mother , I feel your pain! You have such strength to write this , the last night of your beloved daughter! I admire you for doing this, may God bless your family. I hope LE opens this investigation, Morgan deserves it…

  4. the only saving grace is that Morgan is no longer in fear. You were excellent, loving parents and it shows. Thank you for sharing Morgan with us.

  5. So sorry Toni. How heart-breaking. Wasn’t a male friend of Morgan’s there that morning or arrived soon after? I read that in the police report, I beleive. Did he have any input on what had happened? <3

  6. I cannot believe this? Where do you live, don’t tell me USA. This is disgusting that a persons life can be so horribly written off like Morgan’s. It just boggles my mind, that the proper “corrective” action hasn’t been afforded to you. God bless you all. DISGUSTING.

    • We are in Colorado in the good old USA and you are so right things have to change and that is what we are working on right now. It is disgusting and has to stop. Thanks for commenting.

  7. Love & streanghth to you both. I could feel my heart breaking as I read. As a parent, I don’t know where you find the streangth, I am assured it’s with the bonds you share with one another and Morgan’s sibling. With your continued courage and constant grace you’re making a difference. Sending all of our love, and respects, as always.

    • It really helps having Morgan’s brother and sister and our grandchildren and our whole extended family – everyone has been here for us and I can’t even imagine what it would be like for someone to go through this without a huge support group like we have.

  8. The first I ever heard of Morgan was the Dr. Phil interview. It is true, as other have said, that Dr. Phil did not do your story justice, but at least you gained national exposure without him being able to be deemed accusatory towards the guilty parties. I do like Dr. Phil, and maybe because of liability issues, this was the best he could do. After reading every word on your site, there is no doubt Morgan was murdered. This story has touched my heart….I check for updates to this site daily. Thank goodness you and your husband are fighting the good fight for justice. I read the other day that evil prevails when good men do nothing. Y’all are passionate and tenacious enough to make me know that while an attrocious evil did take place, the perps will not prevail in the end. Keep up the good work….you will be rewarded.

  9. As I was reading today’s post, my daughters came in to tell me goodnight, I couldn’t help crying and telling them how much I love them. I can never imagine everything you’ve gone through. I pray and hope they reopen Morgan’s case soon. Love and light to you and your family

    • Michelle thank you – Morgan used to tell us how she loved us on a daily basis, so we learned that from her – take every day and make sure the ones you love know you love them. I am so glad you reminded me.

  10. The ache in this post is almost unbearable. I am so sorry for the angst of the stalking and the tragedy of Morgan’s death. I think of you often, hoping some shift will take place, a move in the minds of the right people to do the ethical thing and give you and your husband peace of mind. I can only hope that karma is making life incredibly hard for those responsible for terrorizing your child, they deserve nothing more. Know so many are thinking of you and sending you good thoughts and vibes, please take time to do good things for yourself and your family over the holiday season. Lindsay

  11. The bits of evidence assembled this year point to at least one but probably two people in the room. Around May we were discussing with retired federal agent who asked about the dogs, and Steve said he was giving Morgan CPR and watching strange men entering and leaving with their equipment and Wylah was just sitting the calm and bewildered. She never barked, but she was young, not even a year yet. Tessi was in our room but also quiet. In fact Steve left Wylah in the room on Morgan’s bed as they tried to revive her. But she had been dead for some time.

    • It has been shown time and time again that dogs are easily distracted or otherwise made to believe that an intruder is not a threat, therefore they do nothing. Although, Mirka, you bringing up the dogs does tie into my question…

      Could it be possible that the person who did this was intimately involved with Morgan? And by intimate, I mean could it have been someone that was close enough to her that she would have allowed them in the room that night? Maybe someone who knew the dogs, but possibly someone that she hadn’t told anyone about?

      I don’t know, these are just questions that are running through my mind. I just don’t understand how anyone could have gotten this close to her without having had a prior relationship of some kind with her.

      Thank you for continuing to share this with us TIngram…

      • The only answer I can give is that up until Wylah was much, much older she never barked. And when the first responders ran into Morgan’s room and started working on her Wylah sat on the bed and never made a sound at these strangers that just rushed into the room so I don’t really think she would have done anything different in the middle of the night if someone that she didn’t know was in Morgan’s room. I know it’s difficult for me to understand because I used to raise and show Doberman Pinchers when I was younger and even as a puppy they would alert but all dogs are different and Morgan’s little love was an Australian Shepard and not a Dobie. Thanks for sharing with us – I think this same thing would naturally cross most peoples minds.

        • I would think there are many possibilities #1 Morgan’s bedroom door was closed, and so was ours, #2 maybe she was restrained, #3 maybe she was drugged, and I could think of a lot more, but I guess we will have to see what investigators find out. I know she was traumatized, and it took a long time before we were able to get her to be a happy little girl again.

            • Gilda thanks for understanding – it was harder than I thought it would be, but now I feel like we got over a big hurdle and now we can start to write about what the next year did for us as far as illumination.

  12. Toni your strength is an inspiration. As i was reading this post i could feel your pain, fear and terror. You and Steve are both incredible people who although going through this horrific ordeal are helping others and raising awareness of stalking.
    Please know you are in my thoughts and i am sending you big hugs. Stay strong and keep going, you are doing an amazing job.

    • Thank you so very much – I feel like we are starting to crawl out of a deep dark whole right now and there are so many people pulling for us, so in my heart I know the light will shine through.

  13. We have a female Australian Shepherd, and although she now barks to get others to play with her, or to herd other dogs, she doesn’t bark when people come to visit. She loves people and thinks they are all there to play with her. And until she was at least a year and a half, she didn’t bark at all.
    I’m so sorry…my heart is breaking thinking of you finding your precious girl. And how her daddy’s heart must have been torn in two to want to badly to revive her, probably knowing she was already gone, but not wanting to believe it.
    Your list at the end of this post should have been aired by Dr Phil. He seems so thorough in investigating issues he puts on the air. He dropped the ball on this. He left too much undiscovered. There are too many unanswered questions for the investigation to be closed.
    Wish I had more to say that could comfort, but I am so sorry for your great loss. Be good to each other.

  14. Despite common beliefs, all dogs don’t bark at unusual occurrences. They may display strange behavior such as returning to a suspicious spot or even whimpering to alert their humans. But sometimes those subtle cues are missed. I had a dog that NEVER barked IN THE HOUSE unless he was barking in his sleep.

  15. My heart is breaking for your loss. I can not believe you are going thru this. Never give up. Justice will previel. The truth is there, waiting to be found.It may take traveling to dark places, but a loving light will guide you.Be strong.

    • Don’t worry those dark places don’t scare us – we seem to be able to always have a light ahead so we just keep going forward – thanks so much for your kind thoughts – I promise we will be strong – we will be fierce – we have so many other daughters all over this world that Morgan wants us to protect through love, awareness and the changing of laws and law enforcement protocol.

  16. Toni, reading these words you have written moves my soul… As a mother of three, I really appreciate the strength you have found to share them with everyone. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I believe energy never ceases to exist, it just changes form. Morgan could only be here in spirit, but I can feel her energy in your words. Words that are saving lives with all the hopeful, inspiring, positive energy they convey. May the perpetrators be met with justice. They are the bane of society. May the love & light shining from your words expel their evil from any lives they bring darkness to. Its good to see that there can be so much valuable education derived from a blog by a mother with an important message. Your work here will not be in vain. Victims of stalking & gang-bullying have a safe & welcoming place to unite in the strength of the words you’ve shared with us. You have provided a very important tool in the restruction of dangerous socially acceptable ideas of behavior in certain individuals that culminate in this kind of tragedy. It’s a difficult job, but you are doing it & so well! I commend your patience for the process & pray that in the future a proper investigative procedure is put in place to handle a situation like Morgan’s from the beginning. Your effort to seek justice serves as a model for any & all victims to stand up for what is right. May you be given the gift of peace of mind this holiday season in the form of these criminals behind bars long enough to never hurt another innocent victim.
    ~Love & Light~

  17. Toni & Steve,

    You are in my prayers. Reading this was nearly unbearable. I cannot fathom living it. God bless you both and the very important work you are doing. It doesn’t bring your daughter back but it speaks to the value of her life and the courage you have in her passing to do what is right for those who come after her and fall victim to similar violence. I believe the truth is coming to bear. I admire your courage in the face of not just your daughter’s untimely death but the resistance from the people who are supposed to protect you will be rewarded. Keep up this hard work. Much love. xo

  18. I have read your blog and never responded. As a mother of an 18 month old, I can’t even fathom this happening. And yet it does happen. I am so incredibly sorry for your loss, Morgan seemed like such a bright star and she is so lucky to have parents that love her as much as you do. I am honestly inspired by your strength to do this blog and the courage you have. You are taking this horrible tragedy and trying to help people and for that I thank you. I am someone that loves to help others but I don’t know if I could take my grief and do the same. I would also like to acknowledge all of the amazing people that respond on your blog. Their prayers, support and encouragement to a “virtual” stranger is uplifting. It just shows the humanity and love in all of us. My prayers continue to be with your family and for all of those that have gone through anything like this. Thank you for sharing your story.

    • It is truly amazing to me as well that so many strangers are willing to give encouragement, hugs, prayers, ideas, and are actually helping to participate through private emails, through the website in helping to solve this crime.

      I also get stories from all over the planet about how people are now in situations that they have become more aware of, and can, and do do something about that situation before danger befalls them or someone else…people watching out for others…I love it!

  19. I just found your blog recently and I am appalled at the injustice that your family has dealt with. This never should have happened! I have 6 kids and couldn’t imagine going through what you have. I do have one question. In the several days leading up to the loss of Morgan you mention her feeling sick or flu like. Is it possible that she was being poisoned for weeks prior to that final night to weaken her in preparation for what was going to be done? I hate to suggest such a thing but Morgan sounds like a very strong person who wouldnt go down without a fight. Again, I’m very sorry and pray that you receive justice for your beautiful daughter. Prayers to you!

  20. What a horrible, scary, and heartbreaking thing to have gone through. I’m so sorry that you and Steve ever had to experience something like this. Morgan was such a beautiful girl and seemed like such a gift in others’ lives. Toni, please say something about Sheila’s sickening comment about Sheila’s sick, sick expression that the pathologist experience the death of his own child. What a horrible, sinful thing to wish for the death of an innocent child just to teach their parent a lesson. I’m afraid that not saying something to counter Sheila’s ugly and hateful comment will make it look as if you’re not nearly as passionate about helping all children avoid tragedy as you say and as a result question your reasons for pursuing justice for Morgan. People like Sheila, who wish death on an innocent child, are no better in their hearts than those who many thing harmed your beautiful Morgan.

    • Maggie – I agree and added another sentence to my reply to Sheila. I don’t think she really wants another child to get hurt, she was just expressing her frustration with the pathologist – you know how most of us lash out, and say things they don’t mean when they are angry and upset? Thank you for sharing your feelings with us.

    • Oh please forgive me, I didn’t mean it that way at all, I have 2 daughters and I only meant feel the pain, but definitely not by having a child go through that. I would never wish death upon anyone, I lost a son myself, and it was very heart breaking. I am so sorry Toni.

      • Sheila I am so sorry for your loss, and please don’t worry about it, I really didn’t think you meant that you wished death upon someone. As a mother I know how much we all love, and treasure our children, and want to protect them. I completely understand.

  21. Dear Toni~ i have aged by 20 years by reading your blog from day one. I am glad that the “others” will finally see that you thought at first that Morgan died of “natural causes” but after all results came thru, you were told that it was not. I can only imagine the pain you and Steve felt at the hands of that monster! When justice prevails, his end will come. Sending luv and hugs to you. GOD Bless you and yours during this Holiday Season

    • Luc – thank you so much for standing by us this whole time, and believing in us. We would never want to accuse or go after anyone without proof, and even with that said, we still need a really law enforcement investigation done to bring whomever is responsible to trial – it doesn’t really matter what we know, it’s what matters to the courts. Anyway, hugs to you and your family over the Holiday Season as well, and I am sure there will be a lot going on in the New Year in regards to this case. Take care!

  22. Toni & Steve,
    I have been reading this blog since October. The night I started reading, I seriously just sat and read it for over 5 hours, and since I have checked daily for updates. This story really upsets me. I have found myself crying multiple times over the nightmare Morgan went through. I am only 23, so her and I are close in age. I have two kids of my own, a 5 year old daughter and a 1 year old son. I just wanted to say two things to you. One, I completely believe Morgan was murdered. I have no doubt in my mind and a very, very strong gut feeling (that is never wrong.) Two, I honestly hope that I can have as great of a relationship with my kids that you had with Morgan. Your and steves love for her shines through your words and I know that when Steve said “take my breath” he meant it. I know that either of you would have taken her place in a heartbeat and it just shows how great you both are as parents. I hope Morgan gets justice and that you and your family can get some closure. I hope you have a very great Christmas, and even thought Morgan is not with you in body, she is always with you in spirit.

    • Elizabeth – thank you so much for sending me your feelings, I really appreciate it, and I know just from what you have said that you are a great Mom. I hope you also have a great Christmas with those precious little ones. Take care!

  23. Toni, I have been sharing Morgan’s story with everybody I know. My Mother even emailed you a few weeks back. It must have been extremely hard to relive that morning but it is so important to Morgan’s story. And putting the facts out there like you did, it seems impossible for anybody to still believe that there wasn’t foul play involved. I hope your beautiful daughter receives the justice she deserves some day.

    In the meantime, I can see Morgan welcoming all those children from the Newton shootings into heaven. With her love of children, I vision her hugging all those beautiful babies and smiling!

    • I can see it too, but it makes me cry for all those families that lost their little ones. Thanks Jenny for believing in us and standing by us. We pray Morgan gets the justice she deserves as well.

  24. Just to pause here and mention that most law enforcement are good and work hard. Those that for whatever reason, lack of training, knowledge, or just do not care about what happens- or even those who protect the perpetrators for whatever awful reason, this is the outcome- a child now dead with a family and a community left to grieve. Well, change is happening- we won’t let the bad guys win- darkness and evil never win, NEVER!!

    By the way, my car stalled on the side of the highway the other night, dead battery. I sat there in freezing temps, alone , waiting for help with a dead cell phone- my fault? Probably, but I counted on LE to help, to come, to rescue me like i was always taught to believe!! From 2 a.m. Until almost 8 a.m., no LE! It was a major highway! I ended up with slight hypothermia, but am ok luckily. Yet, when the police finally came, he asked “who was in charge of this area tonight to his fellow officer?” He then says to me, “there is no excuse for letting this happen to you.” No really?? Why then, did it happen?? My point is this, why was I alone for over 6 hours in the dark, freezing cold, and a police officer admitted another’s wrongdoing? I could have died from hypothermia, frostbite… A stranger with evil intentions stopping?? Luckily, I am alive, here to agree that it is unacceptable and laws need to CHANGE! LE needs to be accountable for their mistakes- a young girl named, Morgan Ingram is dead! Why? Because you need a change in protocol, and accountability!! God Bless you, Toni and Steve for your in-fathomable loss of your beautiful Morgan!! Thank you for changing our world- Ty for your hard work getting LE to recognize this isn’t acceptable!!

    • I am soooo happy you are OK – what a frightening experience! It is so sad that Garfield County is giving such a bad name to law enforcement because I know for a fact there are hard working, caring law enforcement officers out their that risk their lives for others every day. So yes, we will come together in mass and make the changes we need to see happen – we can all make this world a better place. Happy Holidays!

      • Happy Holidays- you are never far from my thoughts- and Morgan has a place in my heart always, now! and she has an Angel on our Christmas tree that we named Morgan! I will take a picture soon and send it to you- I told my 4 year old daughter about your Morgan (of course in terms that she at 4 could try to understand) she said that Morgan is a special Angel in Heaven- and her Mommy and Daddy must really miss her! I cried… Love and Light- I am with you in support of change!!

        • Oh my goodness – she really said that? I am speechless – what a special child she is! Yes, please send me a picture when you get a chance…I would love it. Hugs!

  25. Toni, it has taken me days to read this cause each time I would have to stop and cry and now i have finished reading it. A little over a year ago my son Mark teared up and told me his friend Morgan had died and he was sad for along time. She touched so many people and Mark was hurt by her passing. God bless you both and my prayer is that you find justice for her and all your questions are answered. So many people were affected by her death and you deserve the truth.

    • Mark,Morgan, Stevie, Colton and I and well plenty more spent time together in high school. The memories and love we all should have is what keeps her spirit alive:)

    • Lisa – thanks for letting me know. I know Morgan cared a lot about Mark – she used to tell me. She always wanted to let everyone know how much she cared about them so I hope Mark knew, and I hope he knows she is still watching over him. We will get the truth I guarantee it – we are on the right path and will not give up. Take care!

  26. It is through tears that I read this. How can all of this evidence be deemed natural or suicide? I am at a loss for words. I send prayers daily. Justice must be done. It has to be done. God Bless.

  27. I miss Morgan so much and to finally l know the truth is even more heart wrenching than what I had originally heard. I know Rhonda and worked at Catherine’s store after this had happened and was always alerted when leaving to be aware of this horrible man. Every time Morgan is brought up we speak beautifully of her, the same way she spoke about life. I have so many great memories with her… Some wild ones from back in high school and others that were just purely amazing… Days at the river, mountain fair… I remember… when she got dragged by her horse not too long after she came clonking up with this huge walker boot and somehow everything no matter how embarrassing looking or silly she pulled the look and made humor of it and walked it off like everything was normal. There was so much beauty in Morgan and it truly lives on. The actions that this man had done that lead up to her death were purely selfish, to put worry in a life that was so amazing and fun filled, to make her last few moments with us the way they were… I hope someday he is found and I hope he lives an unforgiven and terrible life until the day he dies and on that day I wish the most miserable feelings so he can feel what she felt. He will get his. But in all hate for him there is a love for this amazing girl that is always with us. So when living think of her to make your days brighter, more magical and peaceful… For that is how she was. For those of you who didn’t know her you missed out on one special person;) but please do carry her in your hearts.

    • I cried and cried when I read what you just wrote – that was so beautiful, and so true about Morgan, I could not have said it better. Some people try to say that I have tried to make Morgan out to be an angel and she wasn’t but you know what – I was only telling the truth about Morgan and the way she talked and acted, and only the truth, but it is so much better said by her friends instead of her parents. She loved her friends and enjoyed her life – she is now an angel watching over all of us.

  28. What a horrible ordeal your family has had to endure!
    I would also think your daughter’s stalker might have been someone close to her,
    after all isn’t that what a stalker would want to do, try and get close to her without her knowing it? I think that might also explain why her dog didn’t respond. So, so sad. God bless you and your family!!

  29. I’ve literally spent the last 24 hours reading your blog. I almost can’t even breathe after reading this post. I am so so sorry for your loss :,( I pray you find justice for your beautiful daughter. The monster/s that did this… they need to be brought to justice.

    • Thank you Hilary! I appreciate your prayers and I hope one day to be able to announce that Morgan’s case is open and the person responsible as well as all others that lied for him are punished.

  30. I have spent this whole day reading this blog. I learned about Morgan’s case from Dr Phil show that played today. You’re daughter was a lovely beautiful young woman who’s life was ended way to soon. I pray that her killer is found!! You are so strong to keep fighting for justice for Morgan! I will keep you all in my prayers..

  31. I just read the entire blog up until now after watching the airing of dr phil again today….i could barely watch the videos they scared me so badly. I have dealth with a stalker myself and they were never caught, it just stopped one day. Toni I believe your story whole heartedly and having taken amitryptiline myself for headaches I know how just the small dose made me feel like a zombie. I pray it worked quickly and that she had no pain…..that might sound awful but I just mean I didnt want her to suffer, not that I wished her to die. You are an amazing mother, this blog shows that. I really truly hope that the right person gets ahold of this and her murderers are punished, that girl from the show knew something it was so obvious. Hugs from one Mommy to another, im so glad you are no longer being stalked

    • Thanks so much for your encouragement Erin. What you said about the low dose amitriptyline used for headaches is exactly the reason why Morgan went off all prescription meds 2 years before her murder – she couldn’t stand the way they made her feel- she like being natural, healthy, eating organic food, exercising and being outdoors. 36 hours before her murder her doctor offered her sleeping pills, because she was so exhausted from the stalking, but she declined saying, “No thank you I don’t like taking pills”. Unfortunately I believe during her murder she had pain, and a lot of it – the amount that was in her bloodstream could not have been administered by drinking it – it would have caused her to throw up so the most popular conclusion is that she was injected with it, and because of her defensive wounds I believe she tried to fight back. I do believe that when she passed over all pain stopped and she is now in a beautiful place and safe, but Steve and I still have to push on and get her case opened.

  32. Seeing the interview on the Dr. Phil show, I was disgusted by the comments and the body language of the young girl and her father. Clearly she does not take these charges seriously and although I think her father does, he is blinded by his daughter and can not see that she is in someway involved at least in the stalking. Her first comment “where’s the proof” was said in such a way as to be just short of a smirk. I do not know how you were able to sit there with her and her father and not strike out at them. There was little talk of her mother, and I have to wonder if she knows anything or maybe suspects that there was medications taken from her place of work or maybe she has that “mom gut feeling” that we get . Why wasn’t she part of the interview? A mother knows her children and the police may have learned or still may learn something from interviewing her. I pray for your determination to continue and for you and your family to gain at the very least enough to have the investigation reopened.

    • Thank you so much Rita and I wish I had an answer to your question about Brooke’s mother because I know she knows things but I have no idea why she did not go on the show.

  33. I am so happy that your last conversations with her were so sweet and loving. So often parents go through the feelings of guilt for things they said before the event of losing their child. You all had such a beautiful relationship. It’s so sad that the world lost such a radiant, and inspirational young woman. Thank you for carrying on Morgan’s light and memory through this blog which is so eloquently written.

  34. I just spent the last three days reading this very real insight to what not only Morgan went through, but the toll this take on the family as a whole. I can’t imagine the level of fear and frustration felt by you during this painful time. Also the ongoing frustration with how events were handled or not handled. I’m truly sorry for your loss.

  35. I have just finished reading your lovely blog, and I’m heartbroken for your beautiful family.

    I’m left wondering, have you guys ever poured over historical satellite imagery of your house? If this guy was spending all that time on your roof it is bound to have been caught by one or another satellite companies? I think for a relatively small fee you can get historical images, snaps taken over a range of months and the resolution of those things are incredible. Maybe the police/feds have access to even higher resolution imagery? Even google earth has an option to look at historical ‘snaps’ of addresses–might be worthwhile.

    So very sorry for your loss.

    • Thank you so much Greg – we have seen and screen shot google earth historical snaps of our old address and it clearly shows the path in the grass on the berm behind the house that led to our house but we did not know about the other satellite imagery so this is very valuable news.

    • So beautiful – thank you so much for sharing that link with me. Love is stronger than hate, I totally agree with Dawn Anna. When I think about Morgan, which I do every single day, I think about love, and I become infused with love. This made me realize that love is the most important thing in this world, and nobody can ever take that away from us.

  36. Hi – just wanted to say that I stumbled on your blog and Morgan’s story has touched my heart – I also send you an e-hug – <3

    and I love this that you wrote:
    "Mothers have connections with and share bonds not easily understood."
    well said!!!

    Lastly, I wish you, your spouse, and your family well and pray- IJN – that the truth will be fully exposed – and that the Lord will strengthen and fortify you all – every day – and in every way.

  37. I stumbled upon this blog and have literally done little else for the last two days than read through it. I don’t know what sort of developments have been made regarding your investigation in the last year or so, but I felt so strongly that I needed to tell you this, to give you a little more confirmation that you and your family are not over-thinking things or imagining foul play where there was none.

    You have done an amazing job of capturing your daughter’s amazing love and spirit, even through her most difficult days. Morgan’s death was not a tragic accident. It was not a suicide. To me, it was clear cut homicide, plain and simple. I can not continue to read to learn about the developments of this case for awhile as simply diving into your experience through this blog has thoroughly drained me over the last few days. I have found myself so outraged on how mishandled all of this was by the authorities, and so heartbroken by the thought that you, as parents, were literally doing absolutely everything in your power to keep your child safe. I am so very sorry for your loss. Rest assured that no matter what else happens, Morgan will not be forgotten. It is obvious that she has touched so many lives, and you have touched me with her story.

    I am 25 years old and live away from my parents in a larger city. I, for one, will always remember Morgan and the horror that she (and you all) went through. I will continue to share her story and hold you all in my thoughts and prayers. It’s clear that the authorities made several mistakes, both before and after Morgan’s murder. Pushing to change the protocol and laws after the fact can never bring your daughter back, but never forget how many more lives you will be saving by becoming advocates for victims of stalking.

    You are all amazing.

    • Natalie thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! When I read what you wrote I actually got shivers up my spine because that is exactly what I have been trying to do by telling the true story about Morgan, what happened, what we did wrong, what we did right, and how this should have never happened, but it did. We can’t bring Morgan back, but if we can all work together to bring the truth to the surface, get justice for Morgan, change laws and stalking protocol, then I know along that journey more lives can be saved. I want victims to be victorious, I want good people to stand up for what’s right so evil can’t have an easy time when trying to destroy lives. Humanity needs to become a priority again through education, communication, transparency, and accountability. Thank you so much for taking the time to write in to me…I greatly appreciate it!

      • I was laying in bed last night and ended up thinking about two songs that I listen to when I’m going through difficulties. I don’t know what your religious preferences are, though it seems from the Trinity cross you wear that you hold some type of spiritual belief so I’d like to share these with you. The first is a song about having faith that everything God allows to happen he allows because of His bigger plan. The second is a song from the perspective of Job from the Bible (you can Google a recap of his story if you aren’t familiar with it), focusing on how after he had lost everything still all he wanted to do was praise God and His plan. I can’t imagine what you went through or the pain that I’m sure you still feel every moment of the day, but I hope these songs might give you a small moment of respite from that pain in remembering that everything happens for a reason and that God will never give us more than we can handle.

        Blessings by Laura Story

        Broken Praise (Job’s Story), from The Story (many amazing songs on this album all in perspectives from people from the Bible)

        • Natalie the songs are beautiful and brought tears to my eyes…thank you for sharing your kind words as well as these songs with me. There is such a large empty hole in my heart and there is much pain but I do believe and I do know my purpose on this earth is not yet over and when it is I know I will get to be with Morgan again. Thank you so much! Hugs.

  38. I just found your blog. It´s 2016 now, and I was watching Investigation Discovery when I saw the episode of Morgan. I can´t imagine living what you had to live. My condolescens. I´m sorry for my english, I´m from Uruguay and it´s my second lenguage. I just have a question. Did the cameras caugth anything that night? And also how it´s the case now?
    Hopping all worked out well for her memory

    • Thank you so much for writing in. No worries, your English is wonderful. Thank you for your condolences. The cameras did capture things that night and unfortunately no, the case is not open yet but we are still working on having it opened and it will be opened. Take care.

  39. I recently read online a statement Keenan’s mother made regarding the stolen jewelry, “The jewelry in question belonged to Keenan’s friend’s mother. Keenan’s friend took the jewelry and pawned it without Keenan’s knowledge. Keenan drove his friend to the shop and was present during the transaction, however; he had no knowledge that the jewelry was taken without permission. The friend’s mother tried to stop the incident but was too late, a statement was made and the case was dismissed. Every piece of jewelry the friend tried to sell was claimed and accounted for by his mother.” Does this mean all the jewelry is now in the hands of Keenan’s friends mother, who claimed it? And why did they give her a chance to look over the jewelry and not you? Do you know what happened to the jewelry the two tried to pawn? I apologize with all the questions. Prayers for your family.

    • His mother has made all kinds of false statements including that her son wasn’t even in the state when Morgan died…not true either! His work records show he clocked in to work at 2:00 AM the morning of her murder – it was a 5 minute max drive from our house to his place of business. The lividity on her body indicated she most likely died between midnight to 2 am.

      As far as your questions above all I can only tell you what I know as far as the facts go.

      The Garfield County sheriff felony stalking detective, Robert Glassmire knew within days of Morgan’s death that different items had disappeared out of Morgan’s room the night of her murder (not only her jewelry). He continued to stay in contact with me about those items, including her stolen jewelry. I found out much later that the PD had issued a warrant for Keenan’s arrest on 12/17/11 – 15 days after Morgan’s murder, but that warrant had been “REPRESSED – ” we don’t know why! Then 21 days after her murder (she was murdered on 12/2/11) the warrant was released for one day and he was arrested that day 12/23/11 by the Glenwood Springs Police Department (not the Garfield County Sheriff). The warrant said theft by receiving ($550 – $1,000) felony. But when they pulled him over they found drug paraphernalia and marijuana, so they also arrested him for possession with intent to distribute/sell. He was taken into custody and booked on all charges.

      By the time someone sent me a copy of the newspaper article about his arrest he had been released. I called detective Glassmire and he told me he had no idea that the suspect had been arrested by the PD and that he would call over there to get the details. I asked him to please find out if any of the jewelry could be the pieces that I had told him were missing (the most expensive piece seen on her shelf at 8:00 pm before she arrived home that very night. I never heard back from the detective.

      I continued to follow up – sent the detectives text messages, emails, left voice messages, but he said he hadn’t been able to get any details except he knew the name of the cash for gold store that the jewelry had been sold to. So finally Steve and I went to the store, armed with a picture of Keenan. I asked the salesperson if they had ever seen him, their response surprised me, they said yes, he was a

        regular customer

      . They also told me the police had taken all the jewelry from the last sale and (against Colorado law) they had no records, no description and no pictures of the pieces. I immediately called the detective and he seemed angry that we had gone to the store. Years later I found out from the sheriff’s report that the detective went to the store afterwards with pictures of Steve & myself to confirm that we had been there and then said in his report that he was going to site the store for not keeping records…can you believe that? It was like he was more concerned about us finding out info then him doing anything about a possible murder and theft!

      Even more suspicious…months later I went to the courthouse to get the public documents about the arrest. I was told they could not understand why the records were not there as after that amount of time they should have been. They then directed me over to the District Attorney’s office. They checked their system and declared they had no records – then I was told maybe they were on a DA investigator’s desk. They had me fill out a bunch of paperwork and said an investigator would be in contact. The next day a very ANGRY sounding investigator called me back to say, “If you want to know anything about this theft call YOUR DETECTIVE!” I then called detective Glassmire and he would no longer address our questions – all he would say is that the number of pieces taken equalled the amount of pieces recovered and that was good enough for him.

      Since then I have been told that Keenan’s friend Randy Kempton told investigators that he took his grandmother’s jewelry and gave it to Keenan to sell so the stolen jewelry charge against Keenan was dropped. And that still does not mean some of it could have been Morgan’s jewelry – they refused to show us pictures or ever confirm whether or not the description of Morgan’s jewelry matched the jewelry that was returned to the grandmother.

      Now what about the fact that we were told Keenan was a REGULAR at the cash for gold store? What about the fact that Morgan’s pieces could have been sold between 12/2 – 12/17? And what about the fact that no one, and I mean no one has ever confirmed or denied if the description of the pieces of Morgan’s jewelry was ever matched to the stolen jewelry?

      I hope I have answered your question…there is so many more details I would like to cover about this – I could go on and on but I hope these facts help to give you a better picture of what REALLY HAPPENED. There is a small group of people that have spread lies from day one in order to keep us from having a murder investigation opened into Morgan’s suspicious death, and obviously they will do anything they can as the alternative would be that Morgan’s stalker(s) and murderer(s) may be arrested and convicted. Obviously murder (a capital crime) has no statue of limitations and we will never give up so I guess they are probably in for the long haul too – spreading lies about anything and everything under the heading of “protecting the criminal.”

    • Yes, one was even referred to us by the District Attorney after she told us that she thought the case had been thoroughly botched by the sheriffs, but she also believed people knew what had happened to Morgan and we just needed a good PI to get people to talk. We could not afford the price at that time and since then we have been blessed to have some amazing people that have been criminal investigators as well as forensic experts help us pro bono. I believe we have enough evidence for this case to move forward. Thank you for your suggestion, but we would not be able to afford Ken Brennan (although he sounds amazing!) and I do not believe he takes cases on pro bono.

I welcome your feelings and ideas on Morgan's Stalking