The Unimaginable Life

Morgan always with her camera

Morgan always with her camera

Living through four months of stalking and terror…it seemed so unbearable at the time, but now it seems like just a walk in the park compared with what came next. We couldn’t protect our little girl, Steve and I, and we will live with that crushing emptiness for the rest of our lives, just as so many others are forced to do.

Everyone has their way of dealing with the tragedies in their life. Maybe for Steve and I writing a blog, and helping other victims of stalking in the memory of Morgan is our way. It does help us, yet I know all too well the accomplishments become a part of Morgan’s legacy so that gives every little thing a far deeper meaning. And as her legacy has, without doubt, been treated unfairly and unjustly by those with something to hide, there is much work still left to do.

It was so unexpected, but it was also so predictable. That the relatives of the suspects would go to any length to protect them by attacking the victim and even us. These are people who know all too well of the criminal pasts, and the criminal ways.

And isn’t it so true, that in the aftermath of a mass killing, either an evening in a movie theatre, or over many years, and across many states, leaving victims dumped or buried across the country, there are always the parents of the perpetrator that knew at the least something, and at times quite a bit. Why is it that some freely admit they knew this horrific outcome was a possibility, while others feign shock or disbelief, and then there are the most unbelievable of all, they defend as if it never happened, and anyone who thinks it did is the one with the problem.

Steve and I certainly have our weak points, but we have never had to go trolling the internet engaging in impersonation, threats, false names, twisted truths, and on and on to protect our wayward children from eventual justice. With great certainty, I know there are facts that are know by very few, but that does not stop some from presenting what they would like to be believed in Morgan’s case as if it is the obvious truth, that all should know, when it is nothing more than lies.

To date, since her untimely death, Morgan has had many doctors review her case, all specialists in what they do. Most shocking to all is how Dr. Kurtzman (the forensic pathologist) can completely ignore an Amitriptyline level in her blood perhaps less than 12 hours postmortem, and certainly less than 18 hours of 7,909 ng/ml. When 800 ng/ml would have killed her, how is she found with a level of 7,909? How was it introduced?

A research scientist, and doctor who works at a pharmaceutical company has assured us there is no way Morgan could ingest enough Amitriptyline to produce that level without vomiting it up. It can’t happen. Is this all the proof? Certainly not, just one piece! Is this the “smoking gun”? Again, certainly not! Those pieces wait patiently for their day in court, but that is not the point. The point is we know the facts, we and many others that were not willing to stand by idly and watch what was happening to Morgan have worked hard to assemble the truth. It waits for its day, and like I always remind myself, the truth never changes.

The two primary detectives on Morgan’s case had a period when they were not sure who the “ringleader” was and who was being led along the wrong path. Many conversations took place over that fact, and they assured Steve and I that they bantered the question about endlessly. Notice that the issue was not who the two perpetrators were, there was no doubt of that. The issue was, who was the leader, who was the person in charge. They finally arrived on K.V.G. with B. H. just along for the ride – we agreed with that only after an event the day Morgan’s body was found. Steve calls them pennies in a jar, all these little bits of truth that add up to the conclusions I share. What really happened to Morgan the night she was murdered has been largely constructed from those many “pennies in her jar”.

You can bet I am not about to spill any of the pennies I have been asked to keep to myself until the time comes. It is such an odd existence to maintain this silence, especially for an Italian, I grew up beating the drum when it needed beating, not maintaining silence. Not sitting by in silence, biting my lip as others draw up grandiose conclusions as to what really happened when they do not have much more than a tiny clue as to what the real facts are. I guess Dr. Kurtzman did the same thing, he was just the first. An officer with the Garfield Sheriff’s Department who prefers to remain anonymous was the first to tell us that Dr. Kurtzman does not like to be wrong, and boy was he ever right about that. Good attitude for a profession where new evidence presents itself all the time. Ditto for the Sheriff when he proclaimed he would never open this case. Shocking for people who are supposed to search for the truth.

Now is the time when those with sons and daughters who have strayed a bit too far to do some blind justification for their budding young criminal children, it’s so simple really. If Morgan was not murdered, then there was no one who murdered her. If she was not stalked, then there was no one who stalked her. There is no statute of limitations on murder, so the only way you can claim to be “cleared” is when the murderer is prosecuted and found guilty, oh and it also is not you.

One more thing, if you are identified as a “regular customer” of the cash for gold store, then who cares if on one of your many trips there, Morgan’s gold was not a part of the loot cashed in. What about all of the other times you were there, being a “regular customer”? What was cashed in then? And I really wonder, why do you have so much gold you are a regular?

I have to ask, at some point aren’t they a bit obvious. Doesn’t it become a bit too much like the Wizard of OZ? “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”. Pay no attention to the man leaning against the front of Steve’s truck, and watching the Sheriffs drive away. Pay no attention to the young white male on the porch, punching numbers into the door lock at 4:30 am. Pay no attention to the young white male dressed all in black watching you let your dog out in the morning, ten feet away, at approximately 5:30 am in the dark!

And what about all of the foot trails on the berm behind our house, I almost forgot the trails worn into the berm. But wait, there could be a perfectly good explanation, now this is a long shot, but you have to allow for the possibility, it could all be the regulars from Catherine’s Store taking short cuts home. Isn’t that what Louise Bundy would have said? With complete seriousness too. We lived in that house for over 6 years and there never were trails worn into the berm before the stalking started.

And if you took the time to explain to Louise how there is a problem with the theory of Catherine’s Store customers trekking through the ranch on the way home, like the paddocks that look so nice and green from outer space are really full of mud (it’s why there are never horses in the end paddocks), and the irrigation ditch, which really does not show at all, is full of water and makes a big splash, and thud as you trip through it. How there are not really many residents in our neighborhood to go there anyway. And finally the trails over the berm starting behind our house don’t really lead to Catherine’s store. They do lead to the same place as the trails from the walk around in early November 2011 did, to B.H.’s house at the end of the street. But as Louise would say, that is such a minor point…right?

Morgan had her dreams and her goals. She worked very hard at them until the day they were all taken from her. And if Morgan could have one dream right now it would be that other victims do not have to suffer the same fate she did. There is still a stalker/murderer out there that has not been arrested, and be assured he will do it again…he can not stop.

Steve and I are here to make sure that doesn’t happen, for as many as possible. That Morgan’s true legacy can become as bright as her life on earth was, she deserves at the very least for that to happen.

Morgan’s army of angels has been helping us in such a huge way, finding us experts in their fields for their review of the evidence, finding us legal council to help us through all the steps needed to move forward, keeping the pressure on, helping us to advance, and go up the chain of command – if any other angels out there want to help as well please email me through the website on the contact button…be assured, I will answer…the help and advice we have been offered has made all the difference in the world, and I know there are still angels out there that can help even more. Thank you all for your support and help! Steve and I couldn’t do this without you.

34 thoughts on “The Unimaginable Life

  1. I just watched the dr Phil show (Australia) and I believe u r right! The father J.H. doesn’t know anything, but Brooke does.

    • I also wanted to add… Brooke’s body language was a giveaway that she was getting nervous, when probed about questions as to her being involved.. When the topics changed and she thought she had gotten away with it she then almost smiles to herself…

  2. Watching Dr Phil at the moment (Australia) and I also believe you are right. A mother’s gut instinct is always right.

    • I just watched the Dr Phil show about this (Australia) and I believe 110% without a doubt that Brooke is behind this!! Best of luck to you and Steve in your process of bringing this to light.

    • Thanks for writing in Kaitlyn – I didn’t even know the show would be on in Australia. We have had so many followers from Australia – it’s amazing! I also believe a mother’s instinct is always right and in that regards I must tell you that last week before Morgan was killed my instincts were in high gear and I was so worried about her – her older sister called every night trying to get her to move out of state, but we were all too late.

  3. I just watched that dr phil too! That’s terrible what has happened! I don’t think it’s right at all! Poor Morgan being stalked! The way I see it is ur mum is never far wrong! I don’t know the whole story but the way I see it is the stalker mentally tortured her so if she committed suicide that would not surprise me as I probably would if I had a stalker especially when the police didn’t seem to react! My heart breaks for Morgan’s mum! (And dad) I just want to say Morgan’s mother seems to be a lovely woman and does not deserve what she’s going through! I hope she gets to the end of it! Whether she was or wasn’t murdered the poor girl should not have been stalked! That would put any1 over the edge! Reading about Morgan, I believe a lot of people would have been jealous of her as she seemed to be an absolute wonderful person! Sounds she was very intelligent and it’s such a pitty she’s gone as she had everything going for her! Very talented young woman! I’m so sorry to hear about this Morgan’s mum! I believe you! You raised Morgan! You knew her inside and out!

    • Sorry me again! I’m trying to say that whether or not it was or wasn’t an accident (I don’t believe it was suicide) if she did commit suicide surely it was more or less murder as the poor girl obviously couldn’t live with being stalked!

      • Trust me Marie – we now have evidence, strong evidence, that it wasn’t suicide. We never thought it was, because we knew our daughter – she had helped so many others not give up on life, and she loved life, even through the stalking in her final week she was still confident they were close to making an arrest. We could give in to hate, but we won’t – Morgan was so full of love that we need to honor her name and help others as we try to get justice for Morgan…we know she wants this done through love.

    • Thank you Marie for writing to me. A day doesn’t go by that Steve and I don’t mourn for Morgan. We do feel her warm presence, but we still mourn for her to be with us on this realm. We know we can’t bring her back, and we suffer inside because as parents we feel like we didn’t protect her. But we will never give up trying to get justice for Morgan, and protect others that are in the same situation. Stalking needs to be taken seriously and stopped. Morgan had conviction, she was a spiritual warrior, and loved life but her life was cut short. She did more for others in her 20 years on earth than I have ever done in all of my 57 years. Now Steve and I just want to raise awareness, and get justice for our youngest daughter.

      • I understand what your saying! I’m only 23 yr old female and it really touched my heart! Don’t ever blame yourselves for thinking you could have protected her more! So much bullying in this world and not enough is done to stop it! I’m sure you never thought in a million years this would happen! I didn’t know Morgan but know she would not want you or your husband blaming yourselves! I really hope the person gets charged! I missed half the show but I really believe your story! I read a little information on line! I will pray for all of you! And hope justice is done! Take care!

    • You are very perceptive – I believe she knows as well and Keenan was not even allowed by his lawyers to even appear on the Dr. Phil show because he couldn’t risk the criminal exposure…I haven’t heard of such a thing.

  4. Just watched the dr phol show (australia) and i am kinda left a bit baffled. Dr Phil was, I think, not even slightly open to what you believe happened to Morgan. I don’t know what happened, i wasn’t there….but there is something seriousli suss about it all! Brooke was behaving very oddly. It was all a bit wierd. I have never seen Dr phil like that before. I wonder why?? He was just shut down to the possibilities you suggested. I wonder if it was a leagality thing on HIS part to have that opinion. He must have had to be careful as you were (and within your right to be) very blunt and straight forward with your allegations. I don’t know. It was very very odd behaviour on that stage. I hope you keep fighting to find the truth, whatever it may be. My personal opinion (which counts for nothing i know) there was foul play here somewhere. At the very least, somebody knows something. Somebody is hiding something. I hope you find the answers you need. Stay strong. Liz (Aust)

  5. Thanks Liz for your thoughts – you are very right…they had their lawyer right in the front row and I think his hands were tied. We are definitely going forward and gaining traction and are very positive Morgan’s case will get opened and the truth will come out.

    • Yeah I bet the lawyer was sitting veeeery close by! He would have had to be very careful. I still don’t agree with the way he handled it tho….but I guess we only see what they want to show…editing etc. His ass would have been well and truely covered….I guess I can kinda understand that. U did a good job not grabbing brooke and screaming at her to tell u something. She obviously knows something or wants u to think she does. That is how she behaved. Must have been very hard for u and ur husband. X

  6. I have just finished watching the Dr Phil show (australia) and I am in shock! how was Morgan’s murder not investigated?….you have footage of stalkers walking around the house how can they just say it was suicide? it doesn’t make sense….. someone is getting away with murder! This is so unfair for your family and for Morgan! keep staying strong and hopefully justice will prevail!

    • No worries – we will never give up and no it was never investigated as a murder. For the first almost 9 months the forensic pathologist wrote natural causes as her manner of death and then changed it to suicide after all of Morgan’s doctors, specialists we consulted with, and everyone, contacted him to say he had it wrong. She had no alcohol or illegal drugs in her and was never depressed, or suicidal in her life, but she was killed with an overkill amount of what we believe was an equine drug. We now have the evidence, and are waiting for this case to be investigated.

  7. Just watched your show in Australia I believe u and I wonder why Dr Phil never asked Brook and her father would they like to take a polygraph test to prove their innocence….. I think Brook def knows more than she’s telling … Soldier on Toni I hope u get justice for your baby girl and I pray u find peace and heal your heart….

  8. Hi. Just watched this in Australia. I’m wondering why the girl was not asked to do a polygraph test. Usually Dr P at least lets us know that it was offered and declined. Wouldn’t that have been the easiest way to prove her innocence?

    • She had her lawyer right in the front row – I don’t think there was ever any chance that Dr. Phil could have asked for a polygraph test.

      • There’s my answer about the polygraph. We all know she would fail it is more the reason why she didn’t do it.
        As for keenan “the gutless”, not to even show up, that shows guilt too…

  9. I watched Dr Phil today in Australia & I’m so sorry for your loss. I can’t see how they can call Morgan’s death a suicide. Keep fighting!!

  10. Still sending you light and love….I truly believe that this will all come to light and “nay-sayers” will finally know that “Momma knows best.” I admire your strength…you are more like your lovely daughter than you probably realize!

    Looking forward to more sunshiny days in our Valley..hope you and Steve are being good to yourselves.

  11. I also just watched the Dr Phil show here in Australia, and I also believe the police have done you an injustice by not examining this case properly. Has Brooke ever been asked to have a lie detector test? Even Dr Phil could have done that.
    I think Brooke made a few nods and movements when being asked questions that show that I think she was involved. Are your home videos clear enough to show who the early morning visitors are and what reason did they give for creeping around your house for as it’s not normal activity?
    The one thing I am worried about is; if there were other people in the bedroom with morgan, how did you not hear any scuffle?

    Have the early morning visits ended and did they coincide with Morgans passing?

    I am sorry for your loss, and hope you get the results you seek. I mostly, wish you love and hope for the future .
    The Stuart family xo

    • Unfortunately Kim, Steve and I were on the complete other end of the house, and that was one of the very few nights during that 4 month ordeal that we had our bedroom door closed, and we both took sleeping pills, because we were so exhausted from being woken up at all hours of the night from the stalking, and calling the Sheriff’s office. This was a fatal mistake – we were unable to here anything with our door closed as we were so far away. The banging stopped after Morgan was murdered. I heard the banging before that, but never again after that at that house. Steve and I moved out of that house about one month after she was murdered. We have had a few things happen here as though a warning to back off – but that will never happen! Thanks so much for your support.

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