Morgan wrote this to her brother, and also the one below to her sister in January of 2009 – this is just a little glimpse into Morgan’s heart

January 06, 2009
To the best brother a girl could ask for, when people tell me that the world is a cruel and horrible place all I can do is smile. I smile because I know them to be wrong. I know that the world is a beautiful place worth fighting for. I know this because of you. When I think of you I feel my heart, not the one that beats, rather the one that feels. Seventeen years here on earth, I have seen bad people and good people, but you Ryan, I know to be the best. For reasons I can t quite explain, I see you more clearly than other people. I see your struggles and your triumphs, but mostly I see your heart. I am truly blessed to have a person like you in my life, a person who makes hope look so tangible, so real.
My sister is an amazing person. She is strong and independent and fierce. She s the kind of woman that any girl would dream of becoming. She takes care of herself as well as others and I can only pity the person who stands in her way. She s an unstoppable force. But beyond all of these things that the casual observer sees in her, there s the thing that you fall in love with when you fall in love with my sister. Her heart. Beyond all of her white platinum armor and her authoritarian stance, there is a heart like none other on this planet. A heart that could never be apathetic, that could never back down from its beliefs and that could never stop loving. It’s the thing in my sister that makes people want to protect her at whatever cost, even though she’d never need it. I love my sister, and even though I’m the baby sister I will always be fighting for her. For a really long time I knew that no one was ever going to be good enough for her. Here I stand corrected. The more I get to know her husband, the more that I see that there couldn’t be a more perfect match. Where he is lacking she is strong, and where she lost he is found. They grow together, they stand together and they fall together. They are both twice the person that they are for having found the other. There’s only one way for a couple like this to go. And that’s up. So stay tuned. This is just the tip of the iceberg. To my sister and her husband and the wonderful journey that stands before them. 3rocks
 I wanted to include this picture on this post, because to me it represents my 3 children – my 3 rocks.   I love them all more than life itself, and from them I gain the strength to pursue the quest for justice for Morgan, our youngest child, as well as for all the children that have been terrorized, and murdered and for all the families left to suffer in silence.

3 thoughts on “Morgan wrote this to her brother, and also the one below to her sister in January of 2009 – this is just a little glimpse into Morgan’s heart

  1. What a beautiful daughter she was. This world lost such a kind, gentle, happy soul and is left with an unidentified, evil killer.

    I never imagined life would be so cruel, violent and evil, but it is, in many ways. There are some extremely evil people out there and they can be your own family, for some of us.

    • Thanks so much Lynn for your thoughts.

      I usually don’t read the news, but I have been lately, and I agree with what you said, there are some extremely evil people out there, and I think things have to change so evil people don’t keep getting away with hurting others. The collective consciousness of all must come together and help to shape this world into something much safer than it is now. I think if everyone does even just one thing to help, that would make such a HUGE difference in this world for everyone.

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