Misconceptions? NO – Just Misdirection & Lies…



It’s so strange when I hear people tell me that they read somewhere on the “internet” completely false things about Morgan’s case, and they want to know my side of the “story.”  I’m glad they ask, but what they are reading on the internet is really false information from people who didn’t even know Morgan, or our family, or any of the true facts of her case, and not only is what is written stated as fact, but stated with certainty!  So many distortions, misstatements, and outright lies, it screams of agenda, just as the actions of the Garfield County sheriff & coroner do.  And please do not think for one moment in time that I am against law enforcement, no absolutely not…I truly believe law enforcement has a tough job and most law enforcement agents are good honest people that believe in what they are sworn to do in their job.  They are the unsung heroes that are out there every day trying to protect the citizens in their towns, but just like in all other walks of life there are good people and bad people and when you have the head of any company or agency that has an agenda those under him or her can either go along (even when they know it is wrong) or they can leave…obedient workers?

I thought I was revealing enough details about what happened during Morgan’s stalking and murder, all the while being so careful not to expose all the details about her case, the details only the stalker, his accomplice(s) and the murderer and his accomplice(s) would know.  I was confident that most people would understand the truth and I believe they do understand.  Especially victims of stalking, they know what it’s like to live the nightmare, and they can empathize with what Morgan went through.

But when I hear some of these  ludicrous statements I have to realize that some people will never agree with the truth about what Morgan was forced to go through. They can’t, because they have an agenda, even though it’s not the truth.  I’ve been assured it is a very small group of the same people and I believe they are related to the suspects – these people traverse the internet to sling mud at Morgan, and her memory.  If somehow Morgan was wrong then the stalker was not?  Or the people who helped him are not?  Victim blaming does happen and it is NEVER right.  To me it only shows how quilt riddled some are, to endlessly defame Morgan with lies, as if that will somehow change the criminal acts perpetrated upon her.

I also understand that there are bullies out there can’t resist attacking people over the internet, while hiding behind their computer screens, with their anonymous profiles, so I do not feel like it’s just happening only to Morgan and her case, because I see it happening to others who did nothing wrong except to be the victim of crime.  Morgan’s story attracted a lot of attention, and that was one of our goals, to raise awareness through her story and to be a voice for so many other victims.  So if speaking out for victims attracts some bullies then that is something I will live with.

Morgan should not be gone from this world – she should be away at college studying law like she had planned.  But because of a predatory stalker, and an inept sheriff, along with her parents (Steve & I) who didn’t understand that we had to get her away immediately in order to save her –  it became a perfect storm of life-changing proportions.  Saving others from that same fate is of such great importance to us now that a few bullies are not going to change anything.

Bashing those who support Morgan, as so many have, is yet another ploy.  Both forensic professionals and private citizens stepping forward to help have all been accused of being paid – based upon what knowledge?  It is a lie, plain and simple, a lie which proves the desperation of the guilty.  Every person who has helped in Morgan’s case has done so from the generosity of their hearts.  And every one has helped without any charge.  Oh I have offered, in some instances, to pay for services, but every single time those helping Morgan have absolutely declined to be compensated in any way for their assistance.  In fact the answer I usually get from those helping is, “It’s just the right thing to do.”  When I hear this I always break down and cry…tears of intense gratitude.

So why would you accuse people, trying to help achieve justice for a young woman so wronged, of being paid when they are not?  Why is it so important to attack good people?  That is the real question here, why is it so important to make up stories about Morgan and the search for justice?  Is it because they are afraid of the truth?

I have decided to address some of the cruel and utterly untrue things people have said on the internet.  This will be part 1 of a 4 part series in which I will address some of these lies. Stay tuned – more to come.  And as always, thank you for listening.

I welcome your feelings and ideas on Morgan's Stalking