Kelsie Schelling Case…A New Revised Lawsuit

KelsieIt is so extremely sad as well as WRONG that Kelsie’s family, along with so many other families need to serve a lawsuit in order to try to get justice for their loved one.  When there is evidence of foul play there are so many organizations that the police can ask for help with the forensics, videos, all types of criminal evidence in order to have a solid case and make an arrest, and these organization help law enforcement for free…so what am I missing here?  It is beyond me that the police do not utilize these organizations when a family is grieving for answers and justice.  Leaving the only thing left in their power which is a civil lawsuit.

Kelsey’s family posted today a copy of their revised lawsuit:
Please click on this link to read the lawsuit. We ask for a prayer that the lawsuit leads to bringing Kelsie and Kadrie home and justice

And here is a link to the article by KOAA5 News:




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