Someone Knows What Happened to 14 Year Old Ronda Blaylock


This is great news…we need law enforcement to continue to fight for justice in cold cases. Everyone deserves justice – the older cases have been waiting for justice a long time.

The Justice for Lisa Thomas Facebook post said, “We are coming for you,” Sheriff Atkinson warned the killer, who he believes is still alive.

Ronda’s getting a task force!  With multiple agencies involved!

“Renewed attention in the case occurred shortly after police received a call from Rhonda’s mother asking law enforcement about the status of her daughter’s murder investigation.

Within days of receiving the call, authorities said they received new developments in the case, which they cannot yet release.

That information led to the development of a task force consisting of multiple police agencies to investigate the murder, police said. ”

Apparently, people who were young at the time of Ronda’s murder have realized what is important in life now that they are adults:

“Police said witnesses in the initial investigation have been re-interviewed and subsequently provided information that was not previously shared with law enforcement. The witnesses were young when the murder occurred and feared they would get in trouble with their parents or with police, officials said. Authorities added that the witnesses did not realize the importance or relevance of pieces of information they knew. Some didn’t even know Ronda’s case was still open, police said.

“It is also understandable and difficult to believe that a friend or loved one was involved in a violent crime,” Sheriff Atkinson added. ”

We wish Ronda’s family the best in getting her case solved – like LIsa’s family they have been waiting way too long for justice for their relative.

I am so happy for Ronda’s family & I hope Morgan’s case gets opened & Rhonda & Morgan both get justice…keep up the good thoughts.


I welcome your feelings and ideas on Morgan's Stalking