Part 2 – Misconceptions? NO – Just Misdirection & Lies…

Patrolling for the stalker

This is a snapshot from the video over one of Morgan’s windows showing one of the patrols the night of December 1st and morning of December 2nd.

This is a snapshot from the video over one of Morgan’s windows showing one of the patrols the night of December 1st and morning of December 2nd when Morgan was murdered.

For the last two months Morgan met with the detectives weekly to go over developments in the investigation of her stalker. I’ve never seen the records for all those meetings because every time I ask Garfield County sheriffs I am told a new commander would like to review her case before the sheriff can release the records…I know, it’s been over 3 years now so what is up with that?  I would call this a classic run-around.

The last week of Morgan’s life the detective believed the stalking would escalate and he was going to increase the patrols and he did.  However there are no records of any of these patrols.  Early on in her stalking there were records, but for the last two months – there are none.

Of course there were patrols, above you can see a picture taken from the video of one of those patrols. In the picture a floodlight is being pointed at the roof over Morgan’s window.  We were never told they were suspicious about her stalker being on our roof.  You can see the wall above her window is lit up by the light. Now look at this picture.

gutter.crack copy

The gutter over Morgan’s window

This is where the flood light from the deputy was aimed. Did the deputy see something up there?  Is that why he was aiming his flood light up on the roof over her window? We’ll never know because there are no records. But the gutter right over her window was bent so many times it’s torn in two!  The stalker was up there holding on as he leaned over to bang on her window – that’s why he wasn’t caught on video, he was up on the roof!

Now you would think the detective investigating the stalking would come to look at the gutter torn in two right over Morgan’s window, but no, he would not, because as we were told by the sheriff detective, “Even if Keenan’s DNA was found up there it would not prove anything.” And yes, there is no mention of that in the sheriff’s reports either.

The lesson from all this is that police or sheriff’s reports are not always complete and they are not always accurate. I kept records myself and even now, years later I will find a picture, or a text, or a post-it with facts that are not in my original timeline. New facts turn up all the time in murder cases, and that worries the guilty people out there, so much so that they will never stop trying to twist the truth to what they so desperately wish for the facts to be. And that is how they got away with it, but they haven’t…not forever.

Now I will throw out a couple of things (not all) I have heard, along with the answer to those strange assumptions:

▪ Yes, our camera’s were always pointed at Morgan’s bedroom windows – they were always captured on video surveillance 24/7 once we installed the cameras around our house.  In addition to our cameras the Garfield County Sheriffs also had one wildlife camera mounted on one of Morgan’s bedroom windows, and another camera pointed at that camera.  And yes, our camera did capture something the night of Morgan’s murder.  But the cameras don’t alert you, or wake you when they capture something, you have to review the cameras after the fact in order to see if they caught something.

▪ Yes, Morgan really was being stalked for 4 months.  The Garfield County Sheriffs department opened a felony stalking case, and a detective was assigned to her case, he talked to her once a week.  We called and reported over 60 incidents to the sheriffs, and no, they did not write down the details of those incidents on their reports – that is why I now tell victims of stalking to not only call and report every incident, but to ask for all the individual police reports immediately following the incident to make sure they put the details in those reports…this is imperative!  In Morgan’s case I did not know to ask for those reports…I thought just because we gave the sheriffs such verbal & written detailed reports and pictures and videos that they would write it correctly in their reports – wrong!!!  They just wrote things like the date, and – suspicious event, or trespass, no details at all.

▪ No we did not have life insurance on Morgan.  This makes me sick that people would accuse us of this, but they have…our children are supposed to outlive us, we supported Morgan, Morgan was a college student, why in the world would we have taken out life insurance on her?

▪ We did not know that Morgan’s stalker was terrorizing her from the top of our roof until AFTER Morgan was murdered.  I never said I thought the stalker was accessing our roof in his bare feet in the freezing cold in the winter – that is really crazy, but trust me, some people have even said that.

▪ After our cameras were installed Morgan’s stalker took to our roof.  And that is why we didn’t catch him on camera standing on the ground outside of Morgan’s windows.  Whatever we did as a countermeasure he was sure to change up the way he was doing things.  Our efforts to catch him never stopped him.  We did not know he was on our roof until after Morgan was murdered.  That is WHY he evaded detection when we ran outside to catch him.  That is WHY it didn’t show up on the cameras.  We know now that he leaned over the gutter and swung something off a string to bang on Morgan’s window without being detected.  Very easy to do and yet the sheriffs had no clue how he could have been making the noise.  The head of a stalking task force in Canada wrote in to me and said after reading an earlier post about the stalker being on our roof she now has all her officers check roofs.  In Colorado Springs, CO last year a young victims’ stalker was finally captured when the police looked on her roof, he fled but was captured.  This all makes me feel good that awareness is bringing about progress in the fight against stalkers.  I only wish that had been the outcome in Morgan’s case.

▪ No, we never left any of our windows or doors in our house unlocked during her stalking, and we always double checked to make sure our cars were locked – we only left windows open in the same room we were in for air before going to bed while we were home, and we always made sure they were closed, and locked before we went to bed.  Would you honestly think that any victims of stalking would leave something in their house unlocked intentionally?  I even suggest to victims of stalking that they should have a two inch deadbolt on the inside of all their doors, the doors that lead to the outside of their house, along with bars in their sliding glass doors or sliding windows.  I also suggest keeping the door between your garage & the inside of your home locked, even when you are not home…some stalkers have been able to access the garage and go in through an unlocked door between the garage & the house.

▪ No sign of breaking and entering – this is one of the most ludicrous statements made by the sheriffs.  How many times have you heard that same statement?  I have many, many times – well they do get in, and they do steal, sexually assault, and or murder without any sign of “forced entry.” In order to have forced entry you would need a window broken or and door lock shattered, very rarely does that happen.   After Morgan’s murder a person I had never met before came over to our house to show me exactly how (within a minute) he could unlock a front door and enter without any sign of breaking and entering.  We now know there were multiple ways the stalker could have gotten in undetected BUT the sheriffs did not want to hear about it.  The fact that the stalker had attempted many times (and we all heard it) to punch in the numbers on our front door code should have given the sheriffs a clue that they should be looking for finger prints, etc. but to no avail.  You can also refer back to my earlier post “No sign of forced entry?  No intruder?  Really?”

▪ No sign of a struggle – the sheriff would certainly wish that was the case, but it wasn’t!  There were many, many signs of a struggle.  Morgan fought back.  3 nails broken, flattened nose, blood on her forehead and lips, hair tangled, abrasions on her hands, wrists, arm and breast.  Pants unzipped and unbuttoned.  Folded, stacked laundry tossed all over the floor, panic button ripped off the mount on her nightstand and thrown across the room, her cell phone found under her bathroom door, and much more.  You tell me, does this sound like a struggle to you?

More to come tomorrow, but in the meantime if there is anything that you have heard on the internet that bothered you, and that you would like to know the true answer to please send me a comment and I will try my best to answer your question.

I always try to stay off all the hate sites because it does not contribute anything to my higher purpose, but other people have sent me copies of some of the things being said, so I know some of the lies, but not all.  Don’t worry, your questions will not upset me – it’s better to know the questions and answer them then to never have them asked.  In fact I believe if law enforcement would continue to ask the families of missing persons and homicide lots of questions, instead of assuming they know the answer, many more cases would get solved.  Some families probably don’t even know they know some little piece of critical information that ties all the pieces together until they are asked.  So ask away 🙂

Colorado Cares!  This I truly believe after all the many people I have spoken.  Colorado wants to be a leader in the fight against crime.  Yes, they are up against some tough restrictions, as in home rule…it ties their hands when it comes to rouge law enforcement, but there are other ways to get to the truth and demand accountability.  The world is changing right now – we all see it in the news and Colorado is right there with everyone else.


2 thoughts on “Part 2 – Misconceptions? NO – Just Misdirection & Lies…

  1. Hi Toni,
    I hope your doing well. Thanks for offering to answer questions. One thing I wondered about after reading Morgan’s blog is about her friend who was there the morning she died (sorry to bring up bad memories). You wrote that Morgan’s friend was there that morning and I think he was an ex-boyfrined of Morgans. How was he was there so early in the morning? Did someone call him and he came over or did he sleep over?
    I’m just wondering. I’m sorry again for your loss.

    • Thanks for asking Shannon and thanks for your kind words. He was an ex-boyfriend and a close friend to Morgan. He had been working for Steve for the past few days, and they went to work very early in the morning, so he was the first to find out that Morgan was dead. He did not sleep over that night.

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