The suspects needed criminal lawyers to protect them from criminal exposure!

Morgan and Tessi

Morgan and Tessi

There have been many questions in the last 24 hours about the suspects in Morgan’s stalking and murder so I thought a blog about just one particular instance could help sum up what I came to know after Morgan had been killed.

First is the accomplice to the stalker, one afternoon before “she” went on the Dr. Phil show, and can still be seen on that recording at this link – Dr. Phil Show .  She was at a court hearing and the judge questioned her about her appearance on the show.  She and her father explained to the judge that a criminal attorney would accompany her to the filming to protect her from criminal exposure. During the taping of the show her criminal attorney was a few feet off camera and only allowed to speak once on camera. He only was given the chance to get out a few vile, false and malicious sentences that he had apparently rehearsed, and they never made to the actual show.

Also her famous statement was the line “where is the proof” which as it turns out had some history to it. To us she answered all allegations with the line, “where is the proof” which indicated mostly quilt to the readers of the blog who wrote in to me after the show aired. But then something else happened. “She” apparently had had a few stints in a rehab facility in Utah, verified by some of her acquaintances in the valley. Another young women wrote in to me to say she had just watched the Dr. Phil show and was so upset when she saw “her” use the same line she had used many times before while in rehab.  She said whenever “she” was involved or instigated some scandalous activity, “she” had the same expression she used on the Dr. Phil show and she would demand “where is the proof?”

Morgan’s actual stalker took the criminal lawyer thing even one step further – he was not even allowed to be on the show because he could not risk criminal exposure so his lawyer just called in to the show.

At the time I wondered what all this meant so at the hearing I asked and the answer I received was, “you haven’t done anything wrong so you have no risk of criminal exposure  which means you don’t need a lawyer.” So if you are thinking the same thing I thought, which was, if they have done nothing wrong, as they claimed, then why did they need lawyers in order to be on the show? Maybe Morgan’s Garfield County sheriff’s felony stalking detective should have been at the hearing too.

Of course I am judging this all on my personal experiences and I would think that if I need a criminal lawyer to protect me from criminal exposure before I could talk I would think I had done something wrong. After all I was told that was why I did not need an attorney, because I had done nothing wrong and did not need one to be present – so why did they need one?

Morgan has never been able to speak for herself, that is now left to Steve and I. Victims need a voice.  Victims should not be forgotten because that is what the criminal would love to have happen.  We will always work to bring awareness to the crime of stalking and in fact that is the subject of one of my next blogs – some of the other stalking incidents in our neighborhood that came to light after Morgan’s death. And yes, the sheriffs knew about them, and yes, the detective immediately tried to cover it up. As I have said before the why is my real question now. Interesting that now that same detective has become the new Garfield County Coroner.

Covering up a crime just allows the criminals to go on violating other innocent people, and that is so very wrong. Covering up a crime is also called obstruction of justice and that in itself is a crime as well.

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  1. I agree with a lot of your conclusions. I was also thinking maybe a petition sent to the governor of your state could possibly help get Morgan’s case reopened. I can’t say for sure, but it would be worth a try. I’m not sure if you’re on facebook, but with all the fb friends out there, I’m sure you could get a nice sized petition. Keep up the fight, Morgan deserves justice, and so do you and Steve. God bless you all. Teresa

    • Teresa thank you for your thoughts, but we did do a petition and we did send it to the Governor. I never got a response so I called. After speaking with a representative of the Governor I was told that 1. the Governor NEVER reads the petitions and 2. they can not get involved in asking the Attorney General’s office to look in to a case because it would be a conflict of interest – what a bunch of baloney that is!  Then they went on to say 3. they have no incentive to become involved since Steve & I are no longer constituents (they didn’t care that we were forced to move out of Colorado for our own safety because we were being stalked & they cared even less that we are in the Victim’s Address Confidentiality Program in another state because Colorado is not doing the right thing).  What kind of Governor is that?  What does he do for the state?  I guess they don’t concern themselves with their voters being eliminated. 🙁 Someone else suggested we start a petition to the new Colorado Attorney General but I haven’t really had a chance to think about that yet.

  2. Hey there Toni,

    I watched the show “Suspicion” about Morgan and wanted to know more, so I read up more on the case. My Thoughts & Prayers are with your Family through this difficult time. I was wondering despite everything that has happened thus far with the investigation, have you and your family thought about filing a wrongful suit against the Police Department and all the people involved in Morgan’s Investigation? I have read some of your other blog postings about all the evidence you and your husband have, and yet it seemed as if the Police failed to take this investigation seriously. It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to figure out that these investigators seem like a bunch of Nefarious Characters who clearly are trying to cover up something for whatever reason. I applaud you for your hard work and dedication to get answers to all of this. Keep your faith in God, and remember what’s done in the dark will eventually come to light….Meaning you may not have all the answers now, but eventually you will find out everything, and those responsible for this will be brought to justice. May God continue to walk with you through your journey.

  3. As I watched Morgan’s story on ID, I was filled with such anger and sorrow, I feel like crime is evolving, and laws aren’t. I can’t imagine what you are going through, but I pray that God will bring justice for your beautiful daughter. You are a true warrior for her. God bless you.

    • It is public record, Brooke, James and Christina Harris took us to court for a TRO (temporary restraining order) after this blog came out. They stated they wanted it taken down because they felt they were in danger and they beseeched the judge to force us to give them all the ip’s of people that were writing in comments. They told the judge that all the comments all this blog were being made by me not others which I know is ludicrous but I think they just wanted the ip addresses in order to tell those people not to believe me as this is what they have done on the Morgan’s facebook account as well as the twitter account. We refused and our lawyer told the judge that this was the wrong venue the TRO should be dropped. The judge agreed but held it over for 3 months because they told him they were going on the Dr. Phil show to mediate the problem…what a _____…but the judge said okay. After 3 months we showed the judge evidence we had against their lawyer that he was even involved in the cyber attacks that were going on against us and some supports so their lawyer had to recuse himself and the judge finally dropped the TRO. Hope that explains about the hearing. If you have more questions please let me know.

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