About the disappearing ranch…

Aspen Equestrian Ranch and TCThis is a picture Morgan took of the ranch behind our house.  The ranch was originally called Preshana and had been around for many, many years, but was later bought and renamed Aspen Equestrian Ranch.  As per the Post Independence, “Preshana in the late 1970s and ’80s, was a facility for horse-boarding, equestrian events and polo. . When our family moved into the neighborhood called Aspen Equestrian Estates we boarded Morgan’s horse TC at that ranch.  You can see TC (the brown & white Paint horse) on the left side of the photo.

Morgan was so happy that TC was so close and loved to walk down the street to go be with her horse.  After Morgan’s murder TC was never the same.  He knew she was gone, he loved her and I believe he knows who was involved, lucky for them horses can’t talk, or can they? About 2 months after Morgan’s murder I woke up one morning after a horrible dream about TC – the dream left me with a feeling that he was in danger and I had to move him FAST.  So I did – I was able to move him to another ranch only a couple of hours after I woke from that awful dream.  I was able to breath a sigh of relief.  Morgan loved that horse – she used to say she felt like he was her little brother.  Kind of strange considering he was a 1,200 lb horse.

Then sometime after that the ranch was bulldozed down to the ground.  Strange – right?  It’s being used as polo grounds again, which is good I guess, but I still have to wonder if the razing of the ranch had anything to do with the fact that the equine amitriptyline that killed Morgan most likely came from that ranch.  Just some more food for thought.

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    • No the neighbor did not own the ranch and the ranch manager was a great person, but after my blog came out I had multiple people write in about the liquid amitriptyline for horses that was kept at the ranch in an unlocked area. Brooke’s mother worked at that ranch and was “let go” just months after Morgan’s murder. Brooke as well as Keenan both were down at that ranch and had access if they needed to any of those equine drugs. The ranch had been up for sale for some time before Morgan’s murder, but it was very interesting that after the blog came out the ranch was closed down and then leveled. The land was finally sold I believe in 2013 and is now polo grounds. Let’s put it this way – I do not believe in coincidence and I do believe when some people think there may be a liability involved they change the way they do things. Hope that explains it.

  1. Honestly, i don’t know how can they be blind about this. It’s already so clear that he did it. He and that ugly pitiful and hideous woman. For me, they really covered it all up. Especially I’m thinking that he and his family had connections with the sheriff and everyone in the county.. If not him, his family. They look like psychotic demons to me.. Especially him, i pray for Justice for ur family and Morgan.

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