For the LOVE of a little dog…

Morgans yarn A beautiful still shot by Morgan of the yarn she made herself out of old T-shirt material.  It took her so many hours to make the yarn and then use that yarn to make clothing and shoe covers for the costuming for a movie she was working on in Los Angeles.  She worked really hard, she had put in so many hours by the time she was done that she was more than happy to fly back to Colorado towards the end of July 2011 when her job was done.

It was really nice for her to travel during her breaks from school in order to do some creative work and make some money.  She came back to Colorado only for about 2 weeks and then went back to California, this time with Steve & I for a vacation.  That is the vacation we came home from in the beginning of August 2011 when her stalking started.

Morgan was so happy after having the vacation break and spending time with Steve and I and visiting so many relatives.  On her last trip she was working so she was unable to visit with anyone.  We went to the beach, Disneyland, all over, and then on the way back to Colorado is when she picked up her little puppy Wylah May in Arizona.  She was beyond thrilled!

As soon as we returned home she walked Wylah down to the river…one of her favorite places.  Then she walked hAspentreesfallome to pick up the car and drive into Carbondale in order to show her friends her new puppy.  Two days later she asked if I would go with her to Crystal River Meats in Carbondale.

I asked her why and she said, “I want to make my own dog food from scratch for Wylah May because I feel she deserves it.”  I told her it seemed like it would take up a long time and she is always so busy coming and going, then she said, “Wylah May is now my responsibility, so as her new mommy I need to make sure she has the best food, just like I put in my body, so she will grow up big and strong and healthy.”  That was Morgan for you…no arguing with her logic.  When she decided to do something she felt was right she did it.  So that was the start of homemade, delicious dog food for Wylah May.

Now Wylah, and all the dogs in our family, get fed homemade food…Steve has taken over that job.  The dogs love it.  He uses organic chicken, rice, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, coconut oil and a few other ingredients.  It keeps their coats shiny, their energy level up and they always seem so happy and satisfied.  It’s a lot of work to make such big batches but Steve enjoys it.  There are so many things Morgan taught us over her short 20 years of life and we were her parents, she was the child…funny how that seems to happen I guess.  We were extremely blessed to have such a kind, loving and independent daughter.  We miss her more than words can ever express, and we can still feel her spirit close to us.

It is so hard to keep from having a small outburst of tears, so it still happens every single day.  My heart feels crushed at times and then I remember I have to keep going, I have to stay focused on justice for Morgan and all others so I take a deep breath, blow it out and onward I go.

Thank you all for the many uplifting comments.  It is at those moments that I read them that I feel a wind beneath my wings and I can fly again.  You are all so wonderful and I am very grateful for all of you.

10 thoughts on “For the LOVE of a little dog…

  1. I found your blog by googling “how to catch a stalker.” I’ve been reading it for 3 or so weeks. I am so disappointed that justice for Morgan has not happened. (Yet) I am currently reading “The Sociopath next door,” and just purchased the Nook book, “Every Move You Make.” I’ve already been able to share some of what I’ve learned from your blog and the book with others. My mother has an online friend who is being stalked by an ex-boyfriend. I think he sounds very dangerous. A friend of mine was being stalked by an estranged spouse, and it may just be on “hold,” for now. So, than you on behalf of those I know, or know of for all that you have done, are doing, and will do. Love from the “Show Me” state.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing and raising awareness. You have now become yet another person in the groundswell that will make changes and keep others from becoming victims. <3

  2. Hi! I first heard about Morgans story several years ago, I think it was on 20/20 or something, then on Dr Phil and has been a story which has stuck with me. I was and still am appalled and very sad for your family that more has not been done by authorities to help solve Morgans murder. At the very least, I feel they could have, shoukd have done more to help, done more to solve the murder. As an outsider I have so many questions so I cant imagine if this happened to my daughter who is now 23.
    As I said Morgans story has stuck with me, for whatever reason God has put it on my heart and I think of you and Morgan often. I pray someday her murder can be solved. I pray for answers for you. I cant even begin to imagine.
    On a lighter note, you mentioned your hubby makes homemade dog foo for Wylah and other dogs, would you mind sharing the recipe?
    My heart aches for you. Im angry that parents were not assisted to be able to protect and save their daughter, and bewildered as to why you have not been taken seriously. Praying for you and family. Keep fighting and keep asking questions! Justice for Morgan!!
    Lisa in Ojai, CA

  3. Since it started so soon after your return from California, is it possible that someone could have followed her back home to Carbondale and then started stalking her? Has that angle ever been explored? Just a thought.

      • It sounds like it must have been Keenan then. It is so hard for me to understand why anyone would want to do something like this to another human being, especially to someone as nice and sweet and kind and beautiful and full of life as Morgan was. I hope that you get justice for her soon! No family should ever have to lose a child in this horrific and senseless way.

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