When did the pain of others become something to be ignored?

I believe victims need to speak up. It’s hard, but their voices need to be heard, even when others around them do not want to hear about it.  If they do not speak out, then crimes against humanity will continue unabated.

They need to speak loud and speak clear – these victims and co-victims live with so much pain that it is hard for them to speak out – but speak out they must, or the pattern of abuse and murder will continue to repeat itself.

When victims speak out, as we are now hearing in the #MeToo movement, the rest of us have to listen and believe, in order to make the critical changes this world needs.  We need to love, respect and help each other – it doesn’t darken our lives, it illuminates our lives!


2 thoughts on “When did the pain of others become something to be ignored?

  1. Stalking takes many forms, including other people trying to control you to the point of absurdity…including how and when you clean up fallen branches on your own property, and how they decide to treat you after you have a personal tragedy. Sometimes the victims become the prime suspects, and that IS NOT right at all !!

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