Another Angel Has Returned Home Tonight

An amazing woman, a woman that I never met face-to-face, passed away today.  This woman first contacted me after this blog came out.  She wanted to help get justice for Morgan, and she became one of our “Team Morgan” supporters.

Throughout all these years she tried very hard to help us with this case, and she did…she had wonderful suggestions, and dove in to help connect the dots in so many ways.  Her father and husband were both ex-military, and retired law enforcement.  Her son is also still in law enforcement.  She helped and guided me through so many twists and turns in Morgan’s case, and I am forever grateful and blessed for having known her.

When I think of her now I am reminded that there is still so much good in this world…she gave me hope and encouragement when I needed most. She helped me continue to believe in miracles.  She knew she was dying, and the last time we spoke on the phone she told me that even after she had finally passed over she would still be fighting for justice for Morgan…and I believe with all my heart she will be.

The world has lost another beautiful soul and Heaven has had another one of it’s angels return home again.  Till we meet on the other side Terry – much love to you!





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