Crime Watch Daily 4-Part Video about Morgan’s Case…

To see the 4-part series that Crime Watch Daily did about our daughter, Morgan Ingram, please go to: Crime Watch website

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    • The status of Morgan’s case is exactly the same as it was the morning her body was found…that morning the felony stalking detective on her case, Garfield County Sheriff Rob Glassmire told me her death was a “suspicious” death but it had NOTHING to do with her stalker(s). And if the pathologist sees anything suspicious during the autopsy and if there is an investigation into her death it won’t be him. And there never was an investigation…18 days later the detective (not the coroner) sent me the pathologist’s PER that he had determined she had died of natural causes – so then the detective told me there is no investigation. Then after many experts + Morgan’s doctors told the pathologist he was wrong, and the sheriffs were notified as well as the coroner (with no response back from them) I was threatened to back off from the pathologist or he could change her manner of death to suicide – then, low and behold, 9 months after her death he changed her to a suicide and Sheriff Lou Vallario states on camera for the News that he stands behind the determination of suicide by the coroner and there will be no investigation, still no case and he says there will NEVER be a case. So at this time there is still no case…

  1. Hi, Toni: just finished watching the 4 part series on CW Daily. Question, if you dont mind: why did Morgans car get keyed? police report done? any witnesses?

    I had many questions …but I noticed with every question, I kept going back to SOMEONE knew the family’s habits and routines- not just Morgans.
    Knew the pets
    Knew about the jewelry
    knew about the panic button–(maybe Morgan threw it in an attempt to alert you? any fingerprints on it?)
    knew how to get in the house and hiding places within
    knew Your sleeping habits ???
    Definitely an organized stalker

    The young man being interviewed sure was itching. And then he started sweating and itching. As we only saw clips of the interview, I would have liked to known if he had been in the backyard ever? He said no to the driveway and walking up the driveway. Was he ever in the backyard? The security cameras are a bit blurry, but if you can tell in the original that it is the same young man, we know he lies.

    Toni: you’re doing a great job staying on top of this. Make sure you take care of
    yourself and your family. Much peace to you during the coming holiday season.

    And thanks to CW Daily for helping keep Morgan in the news!

    • Hi Teresa – yes, there was a police report by the Carbondale police about the car being keyed. They took pictures of it and wrote up the report. They wondered if she had any enemies at the time because of they saw the “deep” scratches in the car from the front to the very back on the drivers side with the word “BITCH” carved into the door. They told us it looked like someone was seriously angry when they did it. And there were no witnesses – the car had the carving in it when I went out to drive it in the morning. It was parked in our driveway overnight and our subdivision was not in the city it was on the outskirts of town and in a cul-de-sac, people didn’t just drive down our street. The sheriffs told us they believed it was connected to the stalking, even though it happened months before any of us knew about the stalking, this was after the sheriffs started investigating the stalking.

      Brooke Harris and her parents lived just a few houses down from us, she had a deep seated hatred and jealousy for Morgan, and Brooke’s boyfriend (Keenan Vanginkel) was allowed to move in with her just weeks before the stalking started. Brooke had been in our house, and Morgan’s room before, and knew our pets.

      The sheriffs never fingerprinted the panic button or anything else in the house – not even the door handles. And yes, they knew everything about the house because the house they were living in at the time was owned by the same owner who owned our house and it was built almost exactly the same with all the same building materials and floorpan. We believe, and the sheriffs believed, that same young man in the interview, Keenan, was in our yard and was the stalker. Morgan identified him after a while, because she saw him, he kept escalating his stalking to the point that he was following her even in the daytime in the car – she saw him and was extremely frightened. He is in the police reports as the main suspect and that is why you see him on Crime Watch Daily in the interview at the sheriffs station.

      We are very thankful that Crime Watch Daily did the 4 part piece and we know they will be airing more pieces as things happen and we know other media outlets will be airing things soon. We have strong belief that her case will be opened in 2018. Thanks so much for all your support!

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