How The Internet Convicted An Innocent Man – Seriously?

In this blog I have continually stated the facts about what happened during the stalking of our daughter Morgan.  Those facts were sometimes hard to write, because Steve and I made many mistakes, while trying to protect Morgan – we had no idea about what we were up against.  It’s hard to admit those mistakes, because, as it is we constantly beat ourselves up over them, blaming ourselves for not understanding how lethal stalking can be, trusting the sheriffs, not listening enough.  No shortage of mistakes in Morgan’s stalking.  But even so, I truly believe that sharing what really happened in Morgan’s case can somehow help others, if they find themselves, or their loved ones, in the same situation.

As far as the people that are named in this blog, as well as listed as a “suspect” in the police reports, what I would like to say to them is, “You know what I have written in this blog is the truth, and if the truth can hurt you, then what you did was wrong, and the truth should hurt!”  The Aspen Daily News used to have a saying that went like this…“If you don’t want it printed, then don’t let it happen.” 

Enough trying to be politically correct – the truth is the truth – my daughter was stalked and murdered. I get comments like, “Toni you keep adding to your posts – if they are about the truth, why do you have to add to them?”  Seriously?  I have to wonder what agenda those people have – if they had really read what I have been writing all along they would know that I have stated that I wasn’t releasing all the information and evidence we had – why would we?  They would know that in the beginning of this blog I said that I did not want to include all the details, I was cautioned, warned, advised, you name it.  Some details are to be held back, as I was really hoping her case would get opened and investigated.  I also was not able to get any of the police reports or even some of the crime scene photos until approx. 2 years later – so that was information I did not even have when I started this blog, and when I did finally get them, I still held back, honestly believing that writing to the CBI, Governor and Attorney General of Colorado would be the best road to follow. They tried, I know they did, but after that didn’t work, many people encouraged me to start to release more evidence. Today I’m talking about evidence that is already in the public domain, versions of the sheriff’s reports have one of the suspect’s work hours included in those reports. Highlighting the actual work hours, so people could see for themselves that a – “suspect” in this case was lying  was easy.

But here’s the thing, no matter what facts I put in this blog, people that are already emotionally involved in believing the lies they have heard from a small group of supporters of the “suspect(s)” will never change their minds, no matter what they are shown, and all the other supporters of justice for Morgan already have their own take on the truth about this case, so this is really just for the select group in the middle. The surrogates of the sheriff’s department work hard to sway your opinion. The criminals responsible for the stalking and murder of Morgan work hard to sway your opinion. So to really know the truth you need to read the facts of the case.

Morgan was forever silenced, just days before she was to give video testimony about her stalking. In some parts of the country that is a heinous crime.  Intimidating a witness is also a serious federal crime.  And yes, murdering a witness is certainly intimidating a witness, with special rules applied, no statute of limitations.  And that reminds me of another comment that was made to this blog, right at the 2-year anniversary of her murder – a comment that just said, “Too late the statute of limitation is up.”  What I would like to remind that person again is that there is NO statute of limitation on murder and Morgan was murdered.  Until Morgan sees her day in court I promise to continue our pursuit of justice for Morgan.

The reason for this particular post is also for the people that were directly involved in Morgan’s stalking and murder to read…I want them to know, “I am not giving up – and none of Morgan’s family and friends are giving up, because she is so very loved, something you would know nothing about.  The truth will continue to come out and I hope you feel the walls closing in on you.  I know the day is coming where there will be nothing left for you to hide behind.  I really hope you can feel it, because I can, and it makes me very happy.  Morgan did not deserve what you did to her, but you definitely deserve what you have done to yourself through your own pitifully cowardice actions.”

4 thoughts on “How The Internet Convicted An Innocent Man – Seriously?

  1. I continue to read your blog and hope for resolution for Morgan and her family and friends. Being that you’ve reached out to CBI but gained no movement, if intimidating a witness is a federal crime, can you reach out to the FBI (given if you haven’t yet)?

    • I believe we can and it is now on our list of things to do. We had gone to the FBI before we had all the information and evidence that we now have – they did take it seriously but also instructed us on exactly what they would need to legally become involved in Morgan’s case. I believe we have what they needed now so that is another stream we are going towards.

  2. In cases like this, details are ALWAYS added as time goes by. A little morsel of info, once overlooked, can be the main focal point of a possible murder. Sometimes, just one little tidbit can make the whole difference. Will mistakes be made? Of course: on both sides, the family’s and law enforcement. There is no shame in admitting it and changing course.
    With new info and facts, the investigation must be adjusted.

    As long as you are able, you must keep up Morgans story. New details will always be added. Info that you werent “allowed” to share before, over time, can be shared.

    take care, Toni and family, stay strong and focused… try to enjoy your lives too. Toni, I know you take a lot of crap pursuing this and keep it in the news. As a parent, I know that if you and your family DONT keep it current– no one else will. take care!

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