Tomorrow is a day I dread…

Tomorrow, on December 2, 2017, it will have been 6 years since our daughter Morgan was murdered.  I can’t even begin to explain what that feels like.  Nothing in your life could ever prepare you for the day you find your child murdered.  Morgan was young, healthy, and in love with life – but her life was cut short by an unspeakable acts of human cruelty.

She was stalked for four months – we were all stalking victims, even our pets, her cat, her puppy, and our dog. They all knew something was wrong, terribly wrong. We were all living through a horrific stalking, never knowing when the next fright, or shock would come. Or when you would be thrust out into the night to search vainly for the tormentor.  But the rest of us were not murdered in this final act of demented fantasy – only Morgan suffered that fate.  She was attacked and murdered – of that there is no question.

To lose our daughter to murder after fighting to keep her safe during those four months of stalking, became like being buried under an added layer of cruelty that was beyond comprehension.  It seemed to grow over time, as acute feelings of injustice, distrust and helplessness brought its own intense pain and sorrow, all of which compounded our initial shock.  And yes, there were times it took all the strength I could muster just to breathe…it hurt so much.

Tomorrow our family will light candles again for Morgan, and cry.  We will hold each other close and wonder WHY…why is she not here with us?  Why was her life taken from us? Why wasn’t it us instead of her?  I’m sure these are all the same questions other families ask as well. All of us are forever changed because of the senseless act of evil we call murder.  And no amount of justice, restitution, prayer or compassion will ever bring our loved ones back.

So tomorrow, while our family morns the loss of Morgan, please keep Morgan, and our family in your thoughts.  Please remember her for who she was – not a victim of stalking or murder, but a beautiful, kind, and loving soul who graced this planet for only 20 short years.

Thank you so much for all your love and support – it means more than words could ever express.


3 thoughts on “Tomorrow is a day I dread…

  1. However, I’m not sure I know all the facts. Reading back, it seems like you all went through a lot. I can’t believe you haven’t gotten someone for this yet. I mean… a lot of things point to foul play. Sorry for assuming too early, so sorry for your loss, please forgive me for thinking the matter was that simple. I hope you all get justice’. On your team for sure

  2. Sorry for my insensitive commentsearlier I feel awful for minimizing anything now that I’ve familiarized myself with the case. Let me know if there is a place to donate in her honor!

    • Thank you so much for letting me know your feelings after reading what really happened to Morgan and our family…I know there are a lot of lies and miscommunication on the Internet about her case.

      This blog has received over 7 million views, and affected people in over 115 different countries – many other victims of stalking have written in to tell their story, and I am so happy that I was able to share the truth about what we did right, and what we did wrong in Morgan’s case. Many people over the Internet have their own blog/website, and just want bandwidth so they go against whatever I say in order to cause a stir and have people continue to go to their site…it is victim blaming and bullying, but it is all over the Internet and affects many people.

      Thank you also for wanting to donate in honor of Morgan. If you go to this link it will take you to the information about tax deductible donation in Morgan’s name at the college she attended

      Also, Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers has a link to Morgan’s reward fund that people have also donated to – it is also tax deductible as they are also a nonprofit. I can send you that link as well, if you like.

      Praying for peace, answers and justice for all. Toni

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