EXCELLENT VIDEO – Crime Scene Staging Expert Dr. Laura Pettler

From the desk of Dr. Laura Pettler…https://lpateam.com/dr-laura-pettler/ 

“Crime scene staging in homicide cases is the intentional manipulation of the physical and behavioral evidence by an offender in a criminal investigation in a crime scene, in a 911 call, in a statement to police, or otherwise for the purpose of misdirecting the investigation. Crime scene staging in homicide cases is most often seen in intimate partner and domestic homicide cases and in cases where there is a relationship between the victim and offender. Murder is conflict resolution for the offender in cases where the offender seeks to gain power and control over a victim who is pushing back, relieve anger, retaliate, keep a secret, avoid a costly divorce, prevent an unwanted pregnancy, and more.”

 Excellent short video below to listen to and gain knowledge on youtube …

Laura Pettler & Associates Private Investigations & Forensic Consultation

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