BREAKING NEWS – Has Morgan’s murderer killed before?

Has Morgan’s murderer killed before?  WE NOW HAVE REASON TO BELIEVE HE HAS…

So many things have come to our attention in the last couple of months.  All of them have been shocking revelations –  here is one that I have decided to share with you at this time, and it is HUGE!

I can’t give you all the details, because it is part of an ongoing active investigation. I am not at liberty to divulge the information that I know, just as the law enforcement agency doing the investigation will not allow me to know all the details they have about the ongoing investigation – until it is complete.

First a little background information…

Back in 2012, a women whom I had never met before, a retired sheriff out of Northern California, wrote to me, after reading this blog. She was working on a theory that one of the “suspects” in Morgan’s stalking was what criminalists call an “organized murderer,” who had most likely killed before. This woman started looking into other murders that had the same MO, in places where this “suspect” had lived before. One murder in-particular jumped out at her and she started to investigate it on her own. She contacted me with the information she had found, but in 2012, only a year after Morgan’s murder, I just couldn’t emotionally wrap my mind around that concept, so I did nothing with the information. Sadly, this amazing retired sheriff then succumbed to cancer, and the connection she had uncovered was never followed up by me…until recently.

Ressler et al. (1986) claimed that “. . . facets of the criminal’s personality are evident in his offense. Like a fingerprint, the crime scene can be used to aid in identifying the murderer.” This “fingerprint” is proposed to take one of two distinct forms, either organized or disorganized. Evidence in Morgan’s murder has a distinct and unusual “fingerprint” that is not normally found in most murders.  This same “fingerprint” of evidence exists in the other murder that the retired sheriff investigated.

When a close friend of Morgan’s suggested we go speak with a lawyer he knew about Morgan’s case, thinking that maybe this lawyer could give us his opinion about why law enforcement was fighting so hard to pretend Morgan wasn’t murdered, we decided to do just that.  We met with this lawyer, and showed him some of the evidence and information we had about Morgan’s case.  After reviewing what we showed him, he looked Steve and I in the eye, and solemnly stated, “I believe Morgan’s killer will kill again, and then, at that time, law enforcement will come knocking on your door requesting all the information you have, all the information that they previously never wanted.”  This was an extremely upsetting statement to hear.

I would never want another girl to go through what Morgan went through…in my mind that would mean I didn’t fight hard enough to get her killer off the streets.  The lawyer told us he understood how upsetting it sounded, but he reiterated that it was not our fault, it was the fault and responsibility of law enforcement, not us.  Anyway, remembering what the lawyer had said, along with re-reading the old emails from the retired sheriff about this other cold case, I decided to Google the other victim’s name.  I then reached out to the investigating agency with the information I had received from this retired sheriff back in 2012.  The lead investigator on the other 20-year-old victim’s case contacted me, asked a bunch of specific questions about Morgan’s case, and then asked to see the crime scene photos.  The investigator felt there were some very compelling reasons that the two cases could possibly be connected.  After I had complied with all their requests, I was told this is an open investigation and they can no longer talk about it to me until their investigation is completed…

Now we sit and wait.  There is a very strong possibility that these two cases are connected, and I guess in time we will know. I’m sure you can imagine how upset and sick I am over all of this.  The battle, over all these 6 + years to get Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario to do the right thing and investigate Morgan’s murder, has been exhausting and unimaginable.  Why would a sheriff, whose job it is to protect people from crime, want to allow a murderer to go free?  Why would Vallario push so hard to keep Morgan’s case from being a case?  Why did he fight so hard to try to keep Crime Stoppers from posting a reward for information on Morgan’s case?  Why all the cover-up?  The amount of blowback he has put forth in Morgan’s case is inexcusable!

Maybe when the last of all these pieces come together, the answer to those questions will become apparent.  I want Sheriff Vallario to know this is never going away – we will keep pushing for justice for Morgan and all other victims who no longer have a voice.  We will not be silenced.  I wonder what he will say when this other victim’s investigation is completed, if in fact it is found that it is connected to the same “suspect” in Morgan’s stalking and murder?

Sheriff Vallario knows Morgan was stalked and murdered – of that I have no doubt.  He has seen all the evidence that supports it.  He claims he stands behind the Coroner’s findings in Morgan’s case, but what he fails to share is that the Coroner got all his information exclusively from the Sheriff’s own detective, and the Coroner was not allowed to make any changes without the detective’s permission.  The Sheriff also maintained absolute authority over any evidence the pathologist was allowed to view or not view, as well as any tests he was allowed to run or not run during the autopsy…the pathologist told us he was not allowed to test under Morgan’s nails for DNA, nor was he allowed to test for rape or chloroform, because the detective did not direct him to do so.  This is shocking because if you actually read Colorado law this is not what the law states is supposed to happen – but it did happen.  If you read Colorado law – it clearly gives absolute authority to the Coroner, but why this authority was then passed on to the Sheriff, and then he pretends to have no involvement in the manner of death, is just another one of the unanswered questions in Morgan’s death.  So again…when Sheriff Vallario says he stands behind the ruling of the Coroner he is being deceptive.

Sheriff Vallario is trying to re-write history now by stripping out much of the wording his officer’s reports and getting rid of evidence.  He also knows quite well that all the false information given to the Coroner came from his own office and not from any investigation that the Coroner did…but he likes to act like he had no part in keeping Morgan’s capital murder from being investigated.  Isn’t that obstruction of justice?

I believe Sheriff Vallario is going to eventually have a problem, because there are others in law enforcement who really do care about the truth, and the truth is never going away.  Tick tock, tick tock, the truth is pushing it’s way to the top.

On an aside…I wonder if others may be having a conscience and will decide to come forward to do the right thing, even though Vallario hasn’t?  I guess we will see…if it is discovered that others in his department knew what was going on, and still decided to maintain their silence, they will be held responsible as well for being part of a conspiracy to obstruct justice…I wonder if they realize that?




3 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS – Has Morgan’s murderer killed before?

  1. I believe Morgan Ingram’s stalker/killer definitely killed before. I support you in your quest for justice.

  2. The small group of anonymous “others” on the Internet have read this post and instead of saying, “Oh my goodness, if there is enough evidence for another cold case investigator, on another case, to believe these two cases might be tied together, then Morgan’s murderer could possibly be a serial killer,” but instead I get comments from those “same others” stating that “everyone” on the Internet is talking about how Morgan was depressed and suicidal…pretty sad that these “others,” whom I believe are spreading those lies are related to the “suspect” in Morgan’s case (state & federal law enforcement has explained why they believe that is the case), can get anyone with half a brain to believe them.

    These are people are idiots…they did not know Morgan, did not know our family, do not know the “facts” about what happened and have never seen the scientific, medical and physical “facts” of the case – these “others” have and will do anything to try to convince anyone who will listen that there was no stalking and no murder, which is completely crazy, because there is a mountain of evidence, multiple people that have seen that evidence and completely agree that Morgan was stalked and murdered.

    You can not change history! The original police reports, even though sadly lacking, and as the DA stated, “The sheriffs completely botched the case” those reports still show it was a stalking case, all three of us were “victims” of that case and Keenan Vanginkel was the “suspect.” So now do these “others” want to say the sheriff’s reports were all lies too? These people need to get a life and stop attacking the victim and supporting the criminal – there are too many unsolved cold cases in the US remain unsolved. Now with DNA tests becoming so sensitive, many of these old cases are finally getting resolved and maybe, just maybe, law enforcement and our justice system can start to catch up and solve more cases – I know that is what most of us want. That being said, please know that even though these “others” have come on this blog for the last 6 years to try and tell me there is no evidence, I would like you all to know we have a mountain of evidence in Morgan’s case, including evidence that the perp and the others have hoped and prayed we don’t have…guess what? We do have it all and Morgan will get justice. The wheels of justice turn slow, especially when you have someone in a position of authority that has tried with all his power to keep this from ever being investigated, but the truth and evidence will not ever go away and I am completely confident there will be justice for Morgan – that time is coming. I sometimes sit and wonder what the “others” will say when there is an arrest, trial and conviction…but then again, I am sure they will make up some excuse why it’s not true and I guess there will always be people that will believe them. I can not do anything to change small minds like that – all I can do is present the facts and truth of the case and try to get justice for my daughter, so that other young women like her don’t have to suffer the same fate from a criminal who has been allowed to remain free.

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