I copied this picture from a Facebook site that friends of Morgan host.  It is so very awesome that so many are still fighting along side our family for #JUSTICEFORMORGAN.

Remember, any tips or information you may have about who was involved in her stalking and murder please contact Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers, Morgan Ingram – suspicious death http://nococrimestoppers.com/unsolved-crimes/morgan-jennifer-ingram-suspicious-death

Thank you all so very much!!!

2 thoughts on “#JusticeForMorgan…

  1. The details i have seen so far from reading day 1 till now have been eerily familiar. Coincidences happen but a dozen on one blog discussing the one subject…..idk.
    I hope in your case you are correct that the police officers were poorly trained but well meaning rather than actually fully aware and supporting the stalking (and worse) as has been the experience of others. Your daughters bright personality plus any suggestion that she intends to actually instigate change and have a positive impact on society is enough to make you her a target. Just the casual comment i seen earlier about starting a grass roots woman’s rights group is a big no no. I know that might sound extreme but it is true the kind of psychopathic personality has been spreading through society into leadership roles and positions of power since mid 2000’s. Citizens are under attack and this stalking MO is becoming standard. Basically anybody who represents any decent values and actually stands up for them or even seems like they could one day is treated like an enemy of the state. People have been marked, stalked and gotten sick then died without ever even realizing they were being attacked they just thought they were having a rough patch. Sorry i have gone way off on a tangent now.

    I am so sorry for your loss and have to say that i really admire your strength.

    I will return to read more later.
    p.s co2 gas sensors are cheap and handy devices + if ever needed electricians and plumbers should be chosen very carefully and even then get a feel for them buy having them do something trivial first. Please use physical lock inside your home as well when sleeping. Not trying to scaremonger just encouraging vigilance… k im done

I welcome your feelings and ideas on Morgan's Stalking