Morgan on spring break from her college classes in 2011

Just found this picture again – it’s Morgan taking a break while working on a movie up in Northern California in the spring of 2011. Morgan was on her spring break from college and flew to California to help her sister work on a movie that the graduate film students from UCS were filming.

I remember when she returned home she told me about all the great people she met and how she talked her sister into driving her to Stanford Law School. She toured the school and decided, right then and there, that she wanted to attend that school one day. After she died I looked through her last diary and she had written out every class she had to complete before she received her Bachelors degree, what her test scores needed to be and exactly what she needed in order to be accepted into Stanford.  I have no doubt in my mind that she would have accomplished this and much more if she had not had her life viciously taken from her.

Morgan always succeeded in every endeavor she sought to accomplish.  She was always working hard during her breaks from school, and she LOVED working with her sister on movies (I know Morgan is very proud of her sister for winning an Emmy this year), as well as working with young children whenever she worked weekends and holidays in Colorado.  Morgan showed us all how to embrace and love life…she made every moment count in her short 20 years.

We all miss you so much Morgan.  It’s really hard to hold back the tears when I look at her pictures, because in my heart I know if it wasn’t for a sick and twisted monster she would and should still be here on earth with all of us.


I welcome your feelings and ideas on Morgan's Stalking