Stalked & Murdered In Four Short Months…

Tessi is now on the other side with Morgan. Still watching and waiting for justice.

I have been contacted by numerous other stalking victims, who lived in the immediate vicinity of our home in Carbondale, CO.  They report very similar incidents that were perpetrated upon them.  They were being watched by a stranger, their stalking included scratching, tapping and banging on their windows, and once a trashcan got knocked over by a person hiding in the shadows. In two of these cases the victims gave detailed descriptions, to the sheriffs, of the person that ran from their home.  In one of these cases there just happened to be a tracking dog in the near vicinity and it tracked the suspect until it lost his sent down County Road 100.  In each one of these cases, I have been told, there was no investigation, no report, and there was no follow-up by the Garfield County sheriff’s department. There was no protocol that ever caught the stalker in Morgan’s case either.  I do realize that in most cases of stalking the suspect is never caught “red handed,” but we were told, by the first two sheriff’s patrol officers that the earlier incidents in our surrounding area always stopped when the snow started to fall.  They assumed it could be a seasonal/summer stalker, and as soon as the snow came he would stop…that’s honestly what we were told by the sheriff’s patrol deputies who responded to calls at our house – just wait it out. That was their solution, so just look at our family’s case…Morgan, Steve & I were stalked for 4 months, it kept escalating, it only snowed once during those 4 months (very unusual in that area), then Morgan was murdered.  Basically, what the sheriff’s department did was to treat the stalking as a nonevent, and then Morgan ended up murdered, and look at what the sheriff is doing now – we have been told that he now claims it was never even a stalking…this is outrageous!

Steve and I were there every single day of the stalking, we can both tell you how vicious, unrelenting and terrifying the entire ordeal was.  There absolutely was a stalking.  I have heard that Sheriff Lou Vallario goes on to say now that it was the coroner who determined that Morgan committed suicide, and the decision and investigation had nothing to do with his department, but what he doesn’t say, and what absolutely is the fact is that the deputy coroner that came to our home, Thomas Walton, had no death scene training and completely relied on what the sheriffs told him that morning.  All the facts that he reports came from Garfield County Sheriff Detective Robert Glassmire (Glassmire, who is now the coroner), and he told us he is not allowed to change anything without Detective Robert Glassmire’s approval.  So as you can see, Sheriff Lou Vallario, is a politician, and as a politician he knows the politically correct way to say things, in order to “twist” the facts – not the truth about what really happened, not being transparent by any stretch of the imagination –  not the truth, only a politically “twisted” statement – only sound bites.  And anyone who just blindly believes what a politician tells them, instead of researching the actual truth/facts of the situation, is just a “surface scratcher” who, I guess, is perfectly happy to wear their “rose-colored glasses” until the same tragedy touches their own families, and if stalkers and murderers are allowed to roam free the chances of another “victim” like Morgan in Garfield County increases.

It is true that the coroner is the one in Colorado who is responsible for determining the cause and manner of death.  But please know, unlike what Sheriff Vallario says, the Garfield County Sheriffs are up to their eyeballs in what the pathologist and the coroner did in Morgan’s case…even  producing their own set of facts to about her death to the exclusion of all real facts. Never allowing for testing – as well as destroying and covering up evidence.

The last show about Morgan’s stalking and murder was filmed by Crime Watch Daily.  At the end of that show they showed an official statement by Sheriff Lou Vallario that said, “We reached out to the Garfield County Sheriff’s Department for an interview. They responded in part: “The Garfield County Sheriff’s Office will not engage in further conversations regarding the Morgan Ingram case. That case is closed, pending any new credible evidence being brought forward. There was no credible evidence of ‘stalking’ and the case was ruled a suicide by the Garfield County Coroner’s Office, not the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office, per Colorado state law. Our hearts go out to the Ingrams and we are sorry for their loss. — Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario.”

We have sent Vallario a letter asking hm if that is really his official statement, because as you all know, there really was a stalking and Steve and I were also victims of that same stalking – it really did happen.  As usual he NEVER replied to our letter. Steve & I are also listed on all the police reports as victims of that stalking, as well as on the correspondence by his own detective.  Why would he say such a blatant lie?  What is he covering up?  Is it only because Morgan ended up dead and after 9 months of being listed as “Natural Causes,” I then get threatened by the pathologist (and the sheriffs were told of that threat when it happened), then the pathologist changed Morgan’s manner of death to suicide after 9 months?  Does Vallario feel he has to say there never was a stalking, so there is no ramifications, if it was suicide, which it was not, since she died during that active investigation into her stalking, there should have been a full blown investigation into a possible homicide, but there was not!

I think Vallario should be more concerned with the fact that all the scientific facts and medical certainty point to murder, as well as all the other strong evidence in the case.  And the lies will be exposed and justice will happen…what will Vallario say then?  That he trusted the coroner and it wasn’t his fault?  I don’t think that will work so well considering all the many times he has been contacted about new evidence in the case, which he refused to ever even consider…he really does know what happened to Morgan, so my question is WHY has Vallario refused to investigate her murder?

Morgan did nothing wrong and she did not deserve to be tortured and murdered.  Our family did nothing wrong and we did not deserve to have our lives forever changed because of the horrific acts of strangers.  Morgan deserves justice, the people involved in her murder and subsequent cover up deserve to be exposed and charged, and we will not stop pushing for that justice until it happens!  #Justice4Morgan in 2018 – it has been over 6 years and this travesty of justice should not continue any longer!

We Could Use An Amazing Private Investigator…

I received this message recently from someone who had just read this blog.

“Toni… I have a Criminal Justice Degree with a focus in Juvenile Justice, and a minor in Psychology. I worked in a locked facility for felons under the age of 16 …rape, murder, armwd robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, etc… First thing I learned…the boogie man is not some large man in the bushes…it could be the 14 year old sitting next to you on the bus. An eye opener for a girl from the country…but a necessary one. I am fascinated by human behavior and I have gotten very good at catching odd behavior. When Dr. Phil asked the girl…what do you have to say about being acused of murdering Morgan? My brain immediately went to… -“What the hell is wrong with you…I would never…” -“You are crazy!!!!!” Not once did… “Where’s the evidence?” come to mind. Ask yourself…If someone were accusing you of murder…would you ask that question? …. or would you state tour innocense and be angry that she would even think that….? Same with OJ…you find out your estranged wife has been murdered…would you… go to the police, grieving, asking…who, what, how, where why, and when…. OR -Would you jump in a white Bronco…give the slowest police chase in police history threatening to kill yourself? People say everyone responds differently…maybe so….I feel your immediate reactions….or the first thing out of your mouth can be very telling. Did you pick up on that?  If you go back…look at her facial expression…especially her eye region and eyebrows…almost like a bit of “smugness” to it. Just my opinion of course. Kids are so dumb with cell phones…did they ever pull the records from the stalker’s phone records for the week before and after Morgan’s death? If she recieved an injection, that puncture wound should be noted on the autopsy report. Have you tried any pychics? Not crazy ones!!!!! But there is a show called Psychic Detectives…and it features Psychics that police departments use. Just a thought. Did the cops go over her room with a fine tooth comb? The best way to look for things is to lay a flashlight on the floor and rotate it while closing one eye at a time…I have found pills, earrings, staples, glass, and.other things this way…even on carpet. Be your own detective…there are PI’s…now that it is public that will help for the advertising. I know there was a place to donate…do you have a GoFundMe? We used one for our daughter’s service dog…we needed $2500…we had it within the first 18 hours. Anyhoo…email me if you have any questions! Mother to Mother…my heart breaks for you….but I would be doing the same thing!❤”

I thought this was such a kind person to share her thoughts, as well as  wanting to help us…I have considered many times about doing a GoFundMe in order to pay for the Investigative services in Morgan’s case – if I had we probably wouldn’t be in year six without an investigation, but I just never did it.  So I would like to ask everyone reading this blog – what do you think I should do?  Do you think I should start a GoFundMe to hire a wonderful PI firm?

At this time the only 2 places we have that people have been donating to is the reward fund set up by Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers and the college fund set up at Colorado Mountain College under Morgan’s name.

In answer to her questions:

No, they did not pull the stalker’s phone records – we requested that they do get those records, but were told it is extremely hard for them to get those records…I do not believe the detective was being truthful about that.  A puncture wound, clearly shown on her body in the crime scene photos, was not noted on the autopsy report because that alone, and much more was covered up by the pathologist – 2 years later we were able to see the crime scene photos and an injection mark, with a BITE mark over it was seen clear as day on the photo!  And yes, to the question about psychics…I have NEVER paid a psychic, and I was always very skeptical, but I have been blessed to have had one who is extremely ethical and has worked with police, sheriffs, FBI, and the DEA on many, many cases and she, along with others on her team, all work pro bono for co-victims, and have helped immensely on Morgan’s case.  Psychics, or as I like to call them Intuitive’s, who are ethical, trained and professional can give “leads” and “tips” to law enforcement that can be followed up on in order to find hard evidence when solving a case.  Psychics can not go into court to testify – they can only be used as a “tool” in order to know where to look.  So yes, we have been blessed to have the best of the best from that world, but without a sheriff who wants to actually investigate a murder, instead of covering it up, then those “leads” won’t help get her case open.  But with a good PI working with them amazing things could happen!