*Listen In Today @ 5:00 pm PST, 6:00 pm MT, 7:00 pm Central, 8:00 pm Eastern

Sharing Colby Rebel’s announcement:  Join us today on the Special Investigation Episode with Jennifer Shaffer as we discuss the case of Zuzu Verk and how the intuitive investigation process works. We go LIVE at FIVE (pst) and you can watch us right here: https://www.facebook.com/PsychicRebel/

We will also be taking callers at 323.992.3115 Jennifer Medlyn ShafferMichelle Rossi Eddins Toni Ingram Universal Broadcasting Network

This is going to be an amazing show…today @ 5:00 pm PST (6:00 pm Mountain, 7:00 pm Central & 8:00 pm Eastern.

If you can tune in, I know you won’t be disappointed…connecting the unseen and the seen in order to help solve a murder and give families closure – this relationship between Intuitives and law enforcement has been an ongoing collaboration for years, and here is an in-depth look at how it works, with a real life case of a missing college student.