Remembering a time long ago…

Above is a photo of Morgan and her cousin Adam…2 angels no longer with us. Seeing this picture brought tears to my eyes…how can 2 such precious souls have died before their stories were complete. Both lives cut short, but never forgotten.


The Morgan Tree…

These are pictures of the tree with a plaque that was planted in Morgan’s honor – the pictures were taken way back in 2013 – I have not seen the tree since then. I hope it is growing strong, and in the Spring it will give shaded respite to those who rest underneath it with their precious fur babies…it was planted at the dog park where Morgan used to bring her puppy Wylah May.

I Will ALWAYS Remember Morgan’s Loving Heart…she made sure she told the people she loved how much she loved them, yes, even every day when she was saying goodbye, or ending a call over the phone, she never missed the opportunity to let people know how she felt – Morgan was pure love and my heart misses her so very much.


An Idea About Family Tree Sites…

A supporter just sent me a message that I wanted to share with you all.

She said, “I recently came across a website that reveals people addresses and phone numbers. It’s called . If you google how to “opt out” there are instructions. I thought it might interest your followers because this site gives out all relatives names, current phone numbers and current addresses. Snopes even verified rumors of criminals using this site to find info about police. I opted out but it still has my birth record.”

With that being said, I know many people find these type of websites useful, so here is a link that has some suggestions if you decide to use these sites.

Now What?: Do Family Tree Sites Help Identity Thieves? 

It’s sad that we have to always be vigilant about cyberstalkers and strangers that go online and do us harm, but we should always know the risks and try to stay vigilant.  Knowledge is power – so always stay informed.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!  #Justice4Morgan!

Our precious Morgan…

Today is another hard day – looking through so many pictures of Morgan, from the moment she was born till her short 20 years of life ended…she was always such a happy bright light in our family and it’s not fair that some obsessed evil person(s) can take her life from her. Living with this intense pain in my heart is something I would never wish upon any other parent – ever!

We will never give up – they hope we will, but it will never happen.