Obsessed Stalker Murders College Student…

In 2011 – the same year Morgan was stalked and murdered, another obsessed stalker murdered, dismembered, and disposed of his neighbor, a fellow college student.

This young woman did not know she had a stalker.  She mentioned to her sister that she had noticed things had been moved around in her apartment, and thought some things were possibly missing, but she was so involved with her final exams she didn’t really think too much about it.  It is a fact that many times stalkers can gain access to their victim’s homes, without the victim realizing it.  They take things, they move things, the look through things, they record things…they are predators.

She was studying for the bar exams, and planning on moving soon afterwards – but she vanished.  Many times the thought of “losing” their victim, as in a planned move, will set off an obsessed stalker, and make him/her react.  We believe in Morgan’s case this was “one” of the motives for her murder.

This woman’s family, friends, as well as the police were searching for answers.  There was no sign of forced entry – her neighbor, later found to be her stalker, had used a master key to gain access to 27-year-old Lauren Giddings’ apartment.  And just like in the Lea Porter case, out of Colorado, this stalker/murder had been right there, to offer help in the search, acting (no, actually over-acting), like he was so concerned for her safety, all the while knowing he had killed her.  And just like in Lea’s case, this killer tried to dispose of her body (Lea’s body has never been found)…how can these young men (or should I say monsters) do this kind of thing?  Why do we have to continue to lose our precious young daughters to predators like this?

In Lauren’s case luck played a part in the police finding out that she had been murdered…part of her body was found in a trash bag in the dumpster after the scheduled trash truck was “running late.”  In many cases families never know what really happened to their daughter – many times their body is never found, so the murderer does not confess.  My heart goes out to Lauren Giddings’ family, as their lives will never be the same…how can they be?