September 25, 2011 – Day 55 of Morgan’s Stalking – We Have a Detective and a Case Number…Almost!

We make plans to all go to Glenwood Springs, and do some good old fashioned shopping.  Morgan has a list of things she needs, and it promises to be a great little get away.  Steve goes out to clean my car, and finds all kinds of Morgan’s friend’s stuff piled up in the back.  He comes in to tell Morgan, and this prompts her to send a text to her friend Calder,  “Dude… You’ve got to stop leaving your **** everywhere.”  Problem solved!  If only everything were so simple.

After a successful day of shopping we come home, and I get a call from our new detective that has been assigned to Morgan’s felony stalking case, Garfield County Sheriff Detective Rob Glassmire, he introduces himself and we make plans for him to stop by the house the following evening, he said he works Sunday – Wednesday, and times will vary because of his work load, so he will usually be in the later part of the day.  We’ll go over the case in detail when he comes and he wants me to get together what we have so far.  Then we can go over it all while he’s at the house.

I hang up and relish the feeling for a moment, a detective, for our case.  We’ve never had a detective before, because we have never needed one.  I instantly thought that my information so far was lacking, that I had to spend the rest of the evening updating and organizing.  Steve tries to assure me that what we have will completely overwhelm the detective.  I don’t agree, and sit myself down to the task.

Before we go to sleep Morgan explains that she was way too on edge the other night when she rang the bell, and we both came running that she could not go back to sleep for hours, waiting for a repeat that never happened.  She wants to avoid that.  We compromise on her agreeing to send me a text when it happens and only use the alarm button in an emergency.  I will hear the text come through and then see the text, and we will have a record that is time and date stamped to give the detective.  It will all work out.

At 10:45 pm the motion alarm in the back goes off.  We think it could be anything (dog, deer, rabbit), and we wait to see.  Two minutes later I got a phone text from Morgan that a rock just hit her window.  Steve curses, and we both get up to review the cameras again.  And again there is nothing caught on camera.  The review takes us about an hour and we go back to sleep at midnight.

There was a clear pattern developing – it seemed like a quick hit and run.  I could almost picture him coming over the berm, setting of the motion detector, and minutes later being at Morgan’s window.  But he was not invisible, and how this was happening without anything showing up on cameras had to be answered. Much later when we find out how he was doing it things became clear – the motion alarm in the back of the house was the tip off…

At that time we thought the detective would know what was going on – he had to know…again, we were wrong.

(Police reports later show the “suspect” was not working this evening.  On 9.25.2011 he worked from 12:58 am – 6:04 am & then from 6:32 am – 10:24 am)

Instead of implementing the suggested national protocol (cost $0) to stop stalkers, did our Sheriff really buy a tank for $400,000? And it sits in an underground parking structure somewhere?

This article is about our Sheriff – yes the same one that  said he will never reopen Morgan’s investigation – but he can justify his tank!
America’s most in-demand police vehicle is a 10-officer 16,000-pound armored tank that takes bullets like Superman and drives 80 mph. The federal government buys dozens each year for local police departments. Do America’s local police need tanks?

Published Time: Friday, March 4, 2011 at 11:39pm
And while I would agree that there” is no price tag you can put on the life of a police officer who is out there protecting you” what price tag was placed on the life of our daughter Morgan Jennifer Ingram?

September 24, 2011 – Day 54 of Morgan’s Stalking


Today starts Carbondale’s Potato Days celebration.  Morgan is texting her sister in the morning about how someone has hacked her email, and now people are getting emails from Morgan, that are not really from Morgan.  Her sister warns her to notify Yahoo.

Later, Morgan went to babysit in Aspen from noon until early evening, it runs late, and Morgan calls me on her way home at 9 pm.  She arrived home to the usual drill, and we show her the latest addition to our stalking arsenal.  Steve has installed a simple wireless doorbell from the hardware store that afternoon so the button is stuck to the side of her nightstand and the bell is in our room.  I was thinking Morgan would feel like this was getting to be a little too much, as it has been quiet since the video cameras went on, but Morgan was happy about it.  She thought we were great for putting it in, now if anything at all happens she can just press the button, we will know instantly, and come to see what’s up.  It gives her even more security.

We don’t have to wait long to see if she will ever need to press the button as the bell rings at about 11:30 pm.  I shake Steve, and jump up myself.  We run to her room and it was a noise on her window, but it was different this time.  Before it was tapping, or banging, usually tapping first then banging later.  Morgan calls this softer like small rocks.  She points to the window top that it came from.  Steve goes outside in a robe, and slippers to look at it from outside.  While he is gone I find out from Morgan that she was reading, and saw the outside motion light come on about an hour ago, but did not think that rose to pressing the new alarm button.

Steve came back in, and of course didn’t see anything out there in the still of the night – we then all said good night after reassuring Morgan to please push the button again if she hears anything.  I had no idea how Morgan would react to the sort of, “panic button,” idea, but I was so glad then that we had put it in, and she wasn’t afraid to use it.  When we were back in the room, we went straight to the camera monitor, and played back the video.  First we checked the camera that covered her windows, we could clearly see Steve approach, and stop to stare up at her end window (when he went out in his robe), then turn and leave, but rewinding, and replaying, there was nothing else.  We went to the cameras on either side of that one, and replayed that video too – also nothing.  This was so very frustrating, we should have seen something, but did not.  We went through it all again and again.  It would be hard to tell Morgan the next morning all we ever saw was Steve, and we were both troubled by this – there was a very good reason our cameras were not catching the stalker, but we would not learn how he was doing it until it was too late.

Steve reasoned that it was rocks from a distance, so that is why we did not see anything on any of the video.  We went to sleep with that thought on our minds.

(Police reports later show the “suspect” was not working this evening.  On 9.24.2011 he worked from 12.58 am – 6:11 am & then from 6:40 am – 9:24 am)

Today it is September 22, 2012 – I have been in meeting after meeting, and one thing has become very clear to me.  The “average everyday citizen” is far more outraged by what has happened than the officials of Garfield County have ever been.  People, universally, without exception, want to know answers from me,  what do I think could have been done differently, how do I suggest we go about creating change, how do I think we could improve, how do we as a community stop this from happening again, how do we go about protecting the next young woman?  How, how, how?  I’m sure that together we have all made progress toward that goal, productive ideas, strategies, lists of importance.  Yet at the same time, is it just me, or is every elected official in Garfield County who is responsible to us the citizens ignoring us?  It seems like they are all equally intent on looking the other way, and claiming it did not happen, or promising how there will never be an investigation, or that it used to be natural causes, but now with all these date rape drugs in her system it must have been suicide!!!???  Am I missing something here?  I want the truth, from day one all I have wanted was the truth, I traveled to Los Angeles to hear from some of the best this nation has to offer in their respective fields for the truth.  Morgan deserves the truth.  Yet here at her home, here in Garfield County, I am nothing more than a grief stricken mother who can’t accept it?  Can’t accept what?  That the truth is that every single expert that has been consulted on the death of our daughter Morgan does not agree with natural causes, or suicide as a manner of death, and there have been many experts consulted.  While I do not feel like I am grief stricken, in denial, or having issues with acceptance – I am absolutely positive that the esteemed professional experts that we have consulted with so far are not grief stricken, in denial, or having any acceptance issues!!! They gave their expert opinion, they offered to talk to our Pathologist, they offered to go on camera and explain, they offered to fly to Colorado, and to testify as to their expert opinion.  They are all in agreement that what we have right now is not the truth.  It is anything but the truth.  But so far it seems to be all for naught, because here it would seem the corner of the carpet had been raised ever so slightly, and a broom is attempting to push all this underneath that carpet.  It is my opinion that firmly grasping the handle of that broom are all the hands of all of the elected officials sworn to protect…to protect Morgan, and protect you.  All I ask is the simple question – why…what is so wrong with the truth, and why is Garfield County so intent on preventing it from ever surfacing?