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Morgan LOVED to Read, Research & Learn

Those who really knew Morgan knew that she loved to read, do her own research, and learn…she never stopped learning.  Steve found these 3 cards the other day, while looking through a box we had packed up after her murder…we both sobbed.  The pain of losing Morgan is still indescribable.

Morgan was such a kind, loving young woman – and so much more.  She had a passion for learning.  My throat constricts, and my heart feels like it is being crushed, when I think of not only what we lost, when Morgan’s life was cut short, but also what the world lost. How could a person or persons be so soulless, so lacking in human feelings, as to want to end another’s life?  I don’t think I will ever be able to understand it.  I know murderers live among us.  I know they look like ordinary people like us – but they are so very different…they lack feeling, they lack human compassion, and they still walk our streets.

In Morgan’s short 20 years she had helped so many, and brought happiness to many more…I know she would have continued to do so throughout her life…but that life was taken from her.  Morgan was murdered during an active investigation into her felony stalking.  I know some people don’t like to hear that – it’s upsetting and scary.  But no amount of candy-coating, from people that do not want her death to be investigated, can change that fact.  Morgan still needs and can receive justice for what was done to her.

If I had been the one killed, instead of Morgan, I guarantee you Morgan would have done all the research a lot faster, and a lot more thoroughly than I have.  She would have become a great women’s rights lawyer, fighting for justice, like she had planned.  All those dreams are now gone, but her fight for justice continues…through all of us.

I will also never ever understand how a victim of stalking, a stalking where the victim identified her stalker, and law enforcement knew who the suspect was (they have his name in the police reports listed as SUSPECT), a victim who is found dead, and her death deemed to be “suspicious” on the very morning her body is found – then no evidence is collected, no fingerprints taken, no rape kit done, suspicious “spots” on her chest are not tested – instead, that very morning, the detective tells us her death is a “mystery” until the forensic pathologist tells them what the cause and manner of death is.  THEN…the pathologist comes back with a determination of “Natural Causes,” so law enforcement says there is no need for an investigation…convenient for them – right?

And just so you know, Colorado law, at that time, clearly states that the contracted forensic pathologist, Dr. Robert Kurtzman, was completely responsible for the investigation – but he was never at the crime scene – he disregarded what her parents, Morgan’s doctors, and the physical and the scientific evidence and medical certainty, which is what he is supposed to listen to…instead he made his own decision, irresponsible based on pure speculation and then listed the false information all on his own.

In a different case out of Colorado, a case where Dr. Kurtzman (same forensic pathologist that did Morgan’s autopsy) ruled two little boys’ deaths as accidental, the case of the Jensen brothers, the Colorado Supreme Court would not allow Dr. Kurtzman’s PER, or his opinion to be heard by the jurors stating that, “It would only confuse the jurors.”  A doctor is supposed to state scientific certainty, not make up what he wants it to be, or is being told to say…facts are facts, the truth is the truth and sure, people in positions of trust, like a forensic pathologist, are given the benefit of the doubt because we are supposed to trust them, but some are not what they seem, and do not do the right thing.

THEN…8 months later, after the forensic pathologist, going against all the physical and scientific evidence that Morgan died at the hands of another, changed her Manner of Death to a “Suicide,” with absolutely no evidence.  This is such nonsense and yet it gets scarier every time I speak with an expert involved in these type of determinations.  The very educated top forensic toxicologists that run the toxicology tests and produce the documentation are frustrated as well…they say that some of these forensic pathologists misread the results and go off what they believe and NOT the scientific findings!  This is ludicrous – and yet it happens, and yes, it happened in Morgan’s case. The coroner would NEVER speak with us about Morgan’s death – not once.  The forensic pathologist, Dr. Robert Kurtzman (now working for the Medical Examiner in Montana) threatened me that he could change her manner of death if I didn’t stop having Morgan’s doctors and other experts contact him…and 8 months later he made good on his promise.

How can Garfield County get away with this?  I have asked myself that many, many times now.  So far they have gotten away with it.  But I don’t plan on it staying like that forever – the truth will come out.  Our family is not about to give up.  Morgan is worth all of our efforts to right this wrong, as are all the other victims of stalking that need our help.  #JusticeForMorgan



And she said, “I love you daddy.”

 Ask any adult woman about their father, one who still calls their father “daddy,” and you will hear stories of immense love and respect. I have been blessed to be married to one such “daddy” – Steve.  Both Morgan and her oldest sister always called him “daddy,” and they absolutely adored him.

Blood doesn’t always make you a “daddy.”  Another person has always called Steve “daddy.”  My niece never knew her own father, so ever since she was a small child, Steve treated her just like one of our own daughters.  She loved him very much.  And just like our own 2 girls, she made him father’s day cards, always got excited to see him and never got off the phone without saying she loved him.  And to this very day my niece still ALWAYS calls Steve “daddy.”  Even as a mother herself, and almost 40 years old, to her Steve is “daddy.”

I have met many friends over the years that still call their fathers “daddy.”  What a beautiful thing – I love hearing them talk about their childhoods and all the wonderful memories they have.  It really does take someone special to be a daddy.  A person that really loves spending time with their children.  Someone that is always there for them, someone they can count on.  Someone who knows there is no greater gift in this world then a child…that makes a “daddy.”  One of my dear friends just lost her “daddy” to cancer – it was painful and cruel.  She is hurting so much and yet every time she speaks about him she smiles (with tears in her eyes) and you can hear the love in her voice for the man she will always call “daddy.”

You are probably wondering why in the world I am going on and on about this.  Well because I just remembered something that happened about a year after Morgan was killed.  A woman contacted me to say that she was convinced Morgan killed herself because she had read that the last thing Morgan said to Steve was, “I love you daddy.”  Now I have heard a lot of crazy things from people over the years – but when I heard this woman say that, I felt a wave of sadness for her…what kind of childhood had this woman had that would make her think that?  It was just all too sad.

For Morgan to say, “I love you daddy” was completely normal behavior for Morgan.  I know for many other girls and women this would be normal behavior as well, and for those who can not understand it, I feel a deep sadness.  Unconditional love comes from the heart, it’s what every child deserves, but not every child receives.  What a wonderful world this would be if everyone could know, and understand, unconditional love.


Murderer’s Denial of the Victim…and Victim-blaming

I have read, Criminals sometimes neutralize wrongdoings by maintaining that the crime victim “had it coming.” This is an example of the technique of neutralization.

In the past year I have heard from a person involved in Morgan’s murder…shocking I know, but not entirely unexpected.  

This female has been in trouble her whole life, and has always blamed others for her wrongdoing – so why stop now.  Does anyone think that a person involved in a criminal activities, like stalking and murder, will just admit what they did, and joyfully go to jail?  I really don’t ever hear of that happening, but I do read many articles about people that starting killing at a young age and were not caught until there were many other victims.  This female has used one line over and over when asked if she killed Morgan, “Show me the proof.”  Ask most criminalists and they will tell you that an answer like that, to a direct question of culpability, is a major red flag…

In the message I received from this female, she said Morgan was an evil psychopath, she had it coming, her death was an accident (they deny the injury), and she is happy because Morgan deserved to die (they deny the responsibility).  She accused Morgan of destroying people’s lives and making them kill themselves (they deny the victim).  

This is so “text book.”  This female is delusional.  She is giving herself, and others, a justification for Morgan’s death.  None of what she said to me was true, so it really didn’t upset me, but it was a “glimpse” into the mind of Morgan’s murderer.  Pretty scary stuff, and don’t think for a minute that this person has changed…no, she will only get bolder and harm more people in my opinion.

Syke & Matza (1957) and Matza (1964) wrote their conclusions on the process of delinquent youths becoming criminals as a matter of neutralizing their personal values and attitudes as they drift from conventional behavior and illegitimate behavior.

They deny responsibility, they deny the injury, they deny the victim.

They condemn the condemners.  The say, “It was not my fault,” “No harm was done,” They had it coming.”  In their minds they really believe they can shift the blame and their guilt of the crime in order to lesson the value of the life they destroyed.  Sound familiar?  Well it sure does to me.

This is a very basic article that explains the techniques of neutralization…i.e. Victim-blaming.  Excuses made by the person responsible for the crime in order to shift the blame from them to their victim.



Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it – Confucius


It just takes a moment of your time to see all the beauty around you .  Sometimes all you need to see is a a little feather on the ground, right when you glance down at your feet.  This beautiful sign can appear just when you need it most, as a sign from your loved one that they are still with you.  A simple thing, a small thing- – but a beautiful thing.  This has happened to me so many times in the past 4 + years since Morgan has been gone.  A small white feather, all by itself, on the deck after a rain storm.  A small white feather floating down from the ceiling in the bathroom after I look up from crying my eyes out.  Only one small white feather on the sand at the beach, as I stand looking at the immense ocean.

I have learned to watch for signs from Morgan, and to continue to look for the beauty in this world.  And I am never disappointed. <3  Much love to you all.  angelpg-tab-guidelovejpg