Inadvertent Accomplices to the Intimidators…

Morgan own photoMorgan is watching and listening – of that you can be sure.  She knows who is doing what.  She is a very loving soul, but she ALWAYS stood up for what was right when she saw injustice in this world, and I am pretty sure she is disappointed with some people she believed were “good” people, as they have been too frightened to come forward with the truth about her stalking and murder.
Up until now no matter how many experts tried to help us the powers that be in Garfield County, CO made sure our daughter’s case could never be a case.  They made sure of that with their first intentional determination of natural causes, and then 8 months later changing her to a suicide…both these manners of death were able to derail any investigation into Morgan’s murder.  Neither of them were correct, and with the evidence we know exists they would have had to know it the very morning of her murder.
And when other people came in to look at Morgan’s case the Garfield County sheriffs officially closed down her stalking case, 5 months after her murder, claiming all of a sudden that there was never a suspect ,despite naming him exclusively over and over in their own reports.  It has almost been four long years now, but regardless of the years, as co-victims, so many people and organizations gave us hope and that hope kept us moving forward in our fight for justice.
There has continually been a concerted effort by “others”, we believe to be family and friends of the prime suspect(s) to spread lies about our daughter’s case in order to “muddy the waters,” and harass anyone volunteering to help so no one will want to get involved, and yet thousands of people have gotten involved and have encouraged us to keep fighting.
My husband and I were attacked after we started to push forward with getting an investigation into our daughters suspicious death open.  The attacks were not only over the Internet as well as threatening phone calls, but became physical damage as well.  Morgan’s puppy was poisoned, items were stolen, and finally in the middle of the night our alarms would go off when someone tried breaking in.  So 2 years after our daughter’s murder we had to flee Colorado and enter the Victims Address Confidentiality Program in another state in order to stay safe.  My heart is still in Colorado.  I want to return someday, but I know until change is made our family will not be able to return.
At that time we could not go to the Garfield County sheriffs as not only did they fail to protect our daughter, but they also covered up her murder.  We were being told by people that we held in high esteem that we were no longer safe in Colorado. Not only from the perpetrator and his family, but we were not safe from the sheriffs themselves – this was a very scary thing to believe.  We never knew until this happened to us about all the wonderful agencies that are available in our country i.e. AEQUITAS, and AISOCC, plus others we have reached out to, can only come in to help through local law enforcement, and in our daughter’s case Sheriff Lou Vallario was not about to let any agency in – not even the CBI.  So please do not think for one moment in time that local law enforcement just doesn’t have the resources to do a proper investigation – they do…there are so many organizations out there that will assist law enforcement for free and these organizations have some of the best investigators, forensic pathologists and scientists as well as equipment.  It is all available to law enforcement – FREE!  But they are only allowed to come in if law enforcement asks them to…they can not come in to assist at anyone else’s request.
AEQUITAS puts into words things I have not been able to fully articulate to others.  Things like:
  • Typically the perpetrator harasses and attacks the victims and victim’s family.
  • Often the offender’s family members and friends attack (they say don’t snitch to others, snitches get stitches, snitches will be publicly beat up in the streets to set an example).  I believe they want to scare people into allowing evil to exist
  • When members of the criminal justice system do not respond appropriately to intimidation and fail to correct systemic deficiencies that enable opportunities to intimidate they become inadvertent accomplices to the intimidators.
  • The victim, victim’s or witness’ immediate family, including spouses, children and pets become targets.
One day our daughter Morgan will get justice, and her stalker/murderer will be arrested, as will all those who choose to cover up her stalking and murder, of that I am sure, and in the meantime having people that understand what we have been up against has been invaluable.  Thank you all so much – Steve & I are very grateful for all your support!

Playing A Game With Morgan…

IMG_2127This is a screen shot of the last game Morgan was playing with her dad Steve before she died.  Morgan sent her “move” to Steve’s phone just over a week before she was killed  Morgan was completely engaged in her life up until the night she was murdered, unlike what the sheriff & coroner’s office would like people to believe.  They have tried to minimize the fact that she had a predator(s) after her.  They try to deflect and cover up her murder.  Luckily for us we have many, many pictures, videos, text messages, voice messages, witness testimonies, etc. that prove she was completely engaged & busy living her life up until the night she was murdered.

It didn’t matter where Morgan was at the time, but she would usually take a moment to send a “move” to Steve or myself on Words With Friends…she was always playing separate games with both of us.  It seems crazy now to think about it, but in the midst of fighting for our very existence, our own human nature causes us all to try to continue the simple pleasures of what had been our normal lives. I wonder if this was just our minds trying to pretend everything was just fine…or is it part of our survival mode?

Morgan taught us many things, one of which was to appreciate every single day of our life.  When you think about the ones you love, right then and there take a moment to reach out to them, whether it is a phone call, a kiss, a hug, or a simple game between phones…it is always a reminder to them that you are thinking about them and they mean so much to you.  That’s all it takes…the simple things in life that mean so much, especially when they are suddenly gone someday.

“One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living.  We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today.”  – Dale Carnegie


Morgan and her horse TC…


I will never forget Morgan’s contagious giggles, and abundant love…and neither will her horse TC – he loved her with all his heart.

A Little Angel in the Snow…

Morgan and AngelMorgan with her sweet little ferret that she named Angel.  Angel appeared to us one night as we were driving out of our garage on our way to Morgan’s brother’s hockey game.  I remember it was dark and cold outside. It was snowing lightly and as Steve backed out of the garage we noticed movement caught by the light from our car’s headlights. We couldn’t decide what it was, but it certainly looked like a little animal in distress, as it was being chased by a cat.  I immediately asked Steve to stop the car, I jumped out and went towards the front of the car to see if it was still there.  It certainly was, and as soon as it saw me it ran towards me.  I could see it was a little creature, but I wasn’t sure what it was.  It seemed to want me to pick it up, it kept trying to jump up my leg so I started to walk in circles not knowing what to do.  All of a sudden Morgan opened up the back door of the car, stepped out, bent over and picked up the little creature.  She cradled it in her arms like a baby and it snuggled into her.  I was shocked…I didn’t know if it was wild or not.  I didn’t know if I should be worried that it might bite her, but she was instantly convinced that it was sweet and gentle, and just wanted to be cared for.

Morgan insisted on putting the little ferret (she informed me it was a ferret) into our heated garage, and we all continued on to the hockey game.  When we returned home our first concern was what to feed the little ferret.  The next thought was to make fliers to post in the neighborhood to see if someone was missing this adorable little creature.  He was very tame and Morgan was in love with him.  He slept in her room with her.  The posters went up but no one ever called.  We came to find out that this little ferret, who she named Angel, was a little sugar addict.  He could sniff out anything that had sugar in
it and he would climb up, grab it and then go behind Steve’s dresser where he would stash it under clothes in one particular drawer.  It was hilarious – Steve would open his drawer and find all kinds of candy, sugar packets, even a large chocolate bar once under his clothes. Angel was a truly amazing little creature.

Little Angel used to make all of us laugh.  He would come in the bathroom while you were in the shower, find the pants you had just taken off and placed on the floor and he would climb in and out of the pants legs – peeking in and out as though these were his own personal ferret tunnels.  He was constantly jumping around, making funny noises & doing funny things making us all laugh.

goodbyes It was very, very sad for all of us when Angel finally passed many years later.  Morgan had given her little ferret a very appropriate name when they first found each other.  I truly believe Morgan’s little ferret is now with her again, jumping around, climbing onto her shoulder and giving her little kisses on her face.  Just the thought of this makes me happy.  Ferrets are pure happiness…

There is always something missing….Morgan.

missing youI can see it in everyone’s eyes – whenever family and friends are together enjoying each other’s company and having a celebration, there is something no one wants to mention, there is always something missing, and it’s Morgan.  Our sweet, gentle Morgan, whom everyone loved.

Morgan’s light was breathtaking…from the moment she was born and she looked into your eyes you would become mesmerized. Morgans iphone self

Now here come the holidays and once again Morgan with not be with us.  It is almost the 4th anniversary of her murder and I am not quite sure what to do.  If any of you have any suggestions as to how to go about honoring her life, and raising awareness on this upcoming December 2nd please let me know.  I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

Team Morgan, you have been the wind beneath my wings all these past years and I would love nothing more than to feel the force of that wind on December 2nd.  Thank you all so very much!