How to describe #Homicide


According to Cornell University Law School, “Homicide is when one human being causes the death of another”.  Cornell University adds that while murder is one type of homicide, but not all forms of homicide are murder.

Homicide includes murder, manslaughter and accidental, justifiable or excusable homicides.  Morgan’s death was without doubt at the hands of other human beings so it should be considered a homicide.  Now I believe Morgan’s murderer has contacted me, as well as contacting another person, to try to say Morgan deserved to die, so in their warped perception of life they feel that justifies her death… I really don’t believe that is what the law meant when it says, “justifiable homicide” – nope, just because the demented mind of a sick murdering individual that says their victim deserved to die does not make the murder justifiable.

It is so macabre, sick  and twisted to experience how far victim blaming and bashing will go. I see it continually in not only Morgan’s case but also in the many others who reach out to me with their own stories. I am continually receiving messages from people I do not know… from all over the world.  These messages have a similar theme – they want me to continue fighting for justice for Morgan and to never give up.  Just this morning I received more messages:

Comment: I just wanted to say I am so sorry that justice has not been served in this case for you and your beloved daughter Morgan. You must miss her everyday and to have to fight for justice is just awful. Stay strong xxx
Comment: Dear Mr. and Mrs. Ingram First of all.. I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine the pain and sorrow that fills your heart on a daily basis. I am so so very sorry. I believe that the fight for justice will be rewarded and I thank you for the examples you set in the battle for Morgan’s justice. That we as parents must not give in to the authorities but keep on fighting for our children. Afterall, we know our children and therefore also know when something is wrong! I would gladly offer you all my help and support but sitting in Denmark there’s very little I can do. The time is 23:35 pm here I DK and I just watch your tv-appearings on the ID Channel. I do believe that when the time is right justice will be served. You are in my prayers. May you all be blessed.

All these wonderful souls, from all over the world, keep us strong.  We will always continue our fight to have Morgan’s case investigated and her legacy on earth restored with arrests made and justice attained.  Our entire family is committed to stay the course no matter how long it takes.

Be assured we are here for the long run and for Morgan, there is NO statute of limitations on murder.  Once the entire story of serial gang stalking and violence is torn from the places it is kept tightly stashed away among the other skeletons in the closet of Garfield County Colorado, Morgan will at least have her justice!

Stalked & Murdered “Edge of Insanity” Tonight – Wednesday, Sept. 9 on Discovery ID an episode on Morgan’s stalking!!!! Please watch! Thank you all for your continued support in our search for truth & justice for Morgan!

Discovery ID included an episode about Morgan’s stalking & terrorization in their six-part series “Suspicion.”  Premieres Wednesday, September 9 at 10 Eastern/9 Central/8 Mountain/7 Pacific  If you are on the West Coast it will be on at 7:00 pm Pacific.

Discovery ID wrote, “Toni Ingram’s 19 year old daughter, Morgan is creative and funny. Threatening behavior quickly escalates into stalking.Toni and her husband are thrown into a desperate race to unmask their daughter’s nemesis before everything they hold dear is destroyed.” 60 Min. | 14 (V)

We would like everyone to watch this show if they can, or set your DVD.  It is very important to us to get the message out there that we want this case open, we want justice for Morgan and we will NEVER give up!  Morgan deserves justice & all victims of stalking need to be taken seriously.  Stalking is devastating and oftentimes deadly, as it was in Morgan’s case.

The episode is called “Edge of Insanity”

Toni Ingram resides in a quiet town with her husband Steve and their 19-year-old daughter, Morgan. But the peaceful neighborhood is shaken with fear after a series of local robberies. Soon after that, the Ingram family experiences a suspicious character circling their home, and Morgan becomes the next target. Threatening behavior quickly escalates into stalking, and Morgan battles to keep hold of her sanity as her hooded tormentor closes in. Location: Carbondale, Colorado



It is the ‘Right of the People’

When a any form of Government, even a coroner or a sheriff become destructive to the people it is the ‘Right of the People’ to alter or abolish that government and institute a new government.  The people of Garfield County and all people of Colorado need to step up and insist that the ‘officials’ that do not follow the law, by their actions break the law, and go against the rights of the ‘people” be impeached and arrested.  Why should they be above the law?  I  believe the good people that wrote the Declaration of Independence knew that – they gave us our freedoms…let’s not be apathetic and allow our freedoms to be taken away.  Blessings to all you warriors of freedom out there 🙂

the right of the people

Feeling the energy…change is coming



Feeling the energy that came with the full moon…it brought a feeling of the change soon to come.  And believe me – it is coming, and I couldn’t be happier.

Morgan took the picture shown above just before her stalking started and her life was forever altered.  She always said, “Everyone needs color in their life.”  Morgan could always see the beautiful colors in the world.

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.” – Rabindranath Tagore, Stray Birds

Another Colorado case.  When you read this article: 

Man arrested 9 years after skeleton found in Rubbermaid container please note that in 2005 former Arapahoe County District Attorney Carol Chambers decided not to charge Harrington despite strong circumstantial evidence. This was after Arapahoe County Medical Examiner Michael Dobersen ruled Jansen’s death a homicide. Dr. Dobersen also did a 2nd opinion after reviewing Morgan’s documents and he believed very strongly that an investigation into Morgan’s death should be done…he said her manner of death should have been homicide, or at the very least undetermined with an investigation being done.  In the Jansen murder, just like in Morgan’s murder, there was enough evidence to arrest her murderer, but in Colorado I am seeing a terrible trend to not pursue cases.  Jansen’s remains were found in a white rubber container on the back porch of an Aurora home in 2005 and yet the DA’s office decided not to file charges against Harrington by saying that there was a chance Jansen died accidentally, perhaps during a drunken fall. But he offered no hypothesis for how her bones came to be sealed in Harrington’s Rubbermaid box.  Sorry, but to me this is utter lunacy!!!

There are other families at this time in Colorado all going through the same thing as we are…their loved ones have been murdered, there is strong evidence to support that fact, and yet they have been listed as runaways, accidental deaths, and suicides, but never homicide.  Keep those murder statistics down – what a creative way to do it.  It does happen, it is happening and to ignore the problem is to become a part of the problem.  With over 1,800 unsolved murders at this time in Colorado, and that is just the tip of the iceberg as Morgan’s murder and all these others I have mentioned are not even considered murders, Colorado has a big problem that needs to be addressed.

Please be a part of changes to be made in Colorado.  How?  Even just by talking about these cases, The Ashley Fallis case, the Kelsey Schelling case, the Carolyn Jansen case and so many others (check out the list on FOHVAMP’s website and give others the REAL facts about what is happening in Colorado.  This in turn raises awareness…you can be a part of the solution.  Thanks so much!