Be Informed…Not Just Opinionated

When I saw this quote, with the chess pieces, I just had to share it, “Try being informed instead of just opinionated”….it really does feel much better when you know what you say is really taken from facts, and not just from listening to some over-blown person on the web, that has no real knowledge of the crime, and there are many of them.

And here I go talking about Morgan’s stalking and murder case again.  Why?  Because I am her mother, a mother who lost her precious youngest child to someone’s sick obsessions, jealousy, and sexual fantasies – it’s not right, it needs to be stopped – all of our daughter’s should be safe, and allowed to live their life to the fullest, not cut short by some pathetic criminal, who remains free, because no one wants to use the money or manpower to investigate.

When a person is stalked it can be lethal, as it was in our daughter Morgan’s case.  Don’t take my word for it – read and investigate what the “experts” say.  

Laura Richards, BSc, MSc, Asc. IA-IP, MBPsS, is someone who is trying to make a difference for victims of stalking.  Laura is the Founder and Director of Paladin, the world’s first National Stalking Advocacy Service.  She also the co-creator and host of Real Crime Profile podcast with Jim Clemente, retired FBI Profiler and Lisa Zambetti, Director of Casting for CBS’s ‘Criminal

Laura is a renowned international expert on domestic violence, stalking, sexual violence and risk assessment.  Quote from Laura, “If stalking is not a priority in your local policing plan or counted – police will continue to fail to record it or be trained to understand it.”

I want #Justice4Morgan, and I will absolutely not stop working towards justice for her until justice is served.

Crime Watch Daily 4-Part Video about Morgan’s Case…


To see the 4-part series that Crime Watch Daily did about our daughter, Morgan Ingram, please go to: Crime Watch website

Undeniable Facts AND “Consciousness of Guilt”

Michelle M. Garcia, Director, Stalking Resource Center said, “Stalking is a pervasive, dangerous, and – far too often – lethal crime.” And it was in our daughter Morgan’s case – Morgan lost her life to her stalker(s).  
This was not a case of “Ding Dong Ditch,” like so many people associated with her stalkers would like to characterize it as.  No, it was the systematic terrorization of our family, that ended in the murder of our daughter!  
Morgan was murdered during an ACTIVE INVESTIGATION into her FELONY STALKING.  Only 4 days before she was scheduled to appear for an in-person, on camera interview, with Detective Megan Alstatt of the Garfield County Sheriff Department, at the same time that suspect Keenan Vanginkel’s work hours were scheduled to be collected – and the suspects knew. We were told that the sheriffs were getting close to making an arrest in the stalking case…but this is always the most dangerous time for a victim of stalking, and for Morgan it was lethal.
These are FACTS, not fiction…these are not accusations – this is the truth about what really happened. 
Ever since the stalking starting in August 2011, we have heard the denials by her stalker(s).  Their denials have been constant, always changing, and totally disgusting, but not unexpected.  This is what criminals do to try to take the “heat” off of themselves.  
First it was the main suspect, Keenan Vanginkel, telling the detective that he didn’t even know who Morgan was, and wasn’t stalking her…what a shock (sarcasm) – he lied – he knew who she was – he was the main suspect in the police reports.  The sheriffs knew it was him before we ever knew it was him.  Then after Morgan’s murder he changed his story multiple times, from, “I wasn’t one of the ones that did this to her” to “I wasn’t even in the state when it happened” (but he was – read the police reports that show he clocked into work at 2:00 am the night she was murdered, after she was already dead), then stating, “I was at work at the time, so I couldn’t be involved,” then he went full circle again, telling everyone, “I wasn’t even in the state when it happened.”  Now why would he constantly change his story?
Then the other suspect in the stalking case, Brooke Harris, stated in-person to us, that her “boyfriend” (Keenan) had been exonerated, and there was video evidence…this was right after our video cameras caught a female (who looked like Brooke – both Morgan & I believed it was Brooke) on the “alibi walk around,” as we called it, when Keenan was out of town.  At the same time she was telling us this, she was looking at her two friends, who were standing next to her, demanding, in a whisper for them to “Shut UP.” And if you are wondering, yes, we told Detective Glassmire about this encounter at the time, but it’s not in the police reports – it’s missing, like so much more.
I just recently learned about something called “Consciousness of Guilt.”  It is a type of circumstantial evidence used in criminal trials by prosecutors, suggesting that the defendant knows he or she is guilty of the charged crime.  Here are a few of the most common types of consciousness of guilt:
*False statements and lies  
*False alibi
*Concealing or destroying evidence
*Witness intimidation
All 4 of these I know the suspects have engaged in – so why, along with all of the stalking evidence we had, along with all the medical & scientific evidence we have, will the Garfield County Coroner & Sheriff never allow Morgan’s case to be investigated?   That is the real question here…

New Event To Celebrate Morgan…see below

color-my-worldPlease share this online event to honor Morgan. December 2nd will be the 5th anniversary of her death. Click on the link below, please click on “going” and feel free to write a message in the comment section. We are very honored that Dennis Crowley organized this online event for Morgan in order to celebrate her life, and spread awareness of the seriousness of stalking.  Thank you so much Dennis!

Dennis wrote:

Hello Everyone!

This coming Friday, December 2, 2016 marks the fifth anniversary of the death of Morgan Jennifer Ingram. Despite overwhelming and mounting evidence pointing to felony stalking and homicide, law enforcement quickly dismissed the death and closed the case leaving the killer(s) to walk free. Undaunted by a system that failed an innocent life, the family of Morgan Jennifer Ingram continues to fight for Justice and to keep the memory of Morgan alive.

Thankfully, due to the efforts of Morgan’s mother, Toni Ingram, the public has been made more aware of the realities of stalking and her crusade has no doubt helped save countless lives here in America and around the world. Through this event it is my hope and prayer that this crusade will be further advanced and that a sacred human life will be honored.

Please feel free to share any and all of the content on this event page. Many of the things here were created by myself as a unique way to introduce Morgan to the world. All the photos were lovingly entrusted to me by Morgan’s family to make the posters, etc. and I ask that you respect that trust. Further information can be found about Morgan on facebook and the web at the following links below.

Thank you all for participating in this event and for helping me to honor this precious young lady and to Keep Hope Alive for justice!

Dennis Crowley
President/Founder – Wheels of Hope for the Missing

Website –
Facebook –

Why? Because Morgan deserves justice.


Keep those tips coming in – every little piece that comes in makes up the whole picture.  

Morgan’s stalker(s)/murderer(s) still live among us.  Help protect the next victim by doing the right thing, calling or texting in any information you may have…you can do so anonymously if you would prefer.  These people don’t care about taking Morgan’s life.  People like that do not value human life  – that makes them very dangerous.  

Please be a warrior – do the right thing and help solve this case.  When something “nags” at you from inside that is your own voice speaking to you – listen to it.  When you follow your own voice it is amazing how much better you will feel.  The truth never changes, no matter how deep it gets buried – it continues to rise to the surface.  Be a part of the solution, be a hero.  ♥

Thanks so much from Morgan’s family & friends.