Do People Really Believe Teens Are Not Capable of Murder?

I would like to say to the small handful of sick people out on the Internet – the ones that keep posting false information, with their uneducated opinions about Morgan’s case…do you really believe what you keep saying about teens being unable to kill someone out of jealousy or obsession?

Skylar Neese was viciously killed, because her so-called friends decided they didn’t like her…false rumors were spread about the victim after her disappearance.  Again, as in Morgan’s case, trying to deflect guilt.  This was a planned murder, as was Morgan’s.

Young girls/women have been killed out of obsession, jealousy, anger, insult, or even just for being perceived to have taken something from another young person – I know, because I have been told by police and federal agents.  I also know, because I READ – don’t these trolls in Morgan’s case read?  If they did they would know all the things they are posting are lies, but maybe they already know they are lying and trying to deflect guilt.

No one has the right to end another persons life – and yes, teens sometimes have murdered.  They are just like any other messed up, sick murderer…it has nothing to do with their age.  In fact, if you do your research, you will soon discover, stalking and sometimes murder is often perpetrated by females and/or males in their late teens through their 20’s.

These “teenagers” even had the “knowledge” of how to try to make the body “disappear.”  Others have the “knowledge” of how to stage a crime scene, as in Morgan’s case.  In some cases (like this one) law enforcement and the coroner’s office can figure it out…other times they do not even try.  So a murder can go un-investigated, as in Morgan’s case, or if the victim’s body is disposed of it can remain a missing person case.

And yet, uniformed, uneducated people go on the Internet, as in our daughter Morgan’s case, and act like it is some kind of far-fetched idea that a young person could stalk and murder another young person…am I missing something here?  Do people really believe what these trolls are trying to convince them of?  Look at the smile on this murderers face (pictured above) – it reminds me of someone in Morgan’s case.

Skylar’s murderer was convicted, but I am so sorry for Skylar and her family,  they will never be the same.

Again, like I wrote in my last post, this murderer tried to act concerned and upset that the victim was missing, all the time knowing she murdered and hid the body…murderers rarely admit their guilt…usually they try to “deflect” it away from themselves – and that has always been the truth, more often than not.