Sage advice from Morgan…


When I saw this picture on the Internet, it reminded me of something Morgan had said.  Morgan used to talk to me about so many things, and in her own “Morgie” way, she would softly make suggestions that were extremely deep, and meaningful.

Just before she died she reminded me, once again, that we weren’t put on this planet to just work & pay bills…life has so much more meaning, with important life purposes.

Yes, we have to pay the bills, but she was right – when you open up to the Universe – open up to your higher self – you can support yourself AND live the life you were meant to live.  A life with meaning.  A life that you can be happy about.

I guess that is why I used to always call Morgan “my little Buddha”  – ever since she was a little girl.  Some of you will relate when I say, she was wise beyond her years.

I miss my little Buddha, but all her insightful suggestions have stayed with me, and still help me to this very day.  I am still learning, and understanding from her…who said children don’t teach their parents?  The most important lessons in life I have learned from my children – I will always be grateful that I am their mother.

The picture below was taken of Morgan, right around the time I started calling her my little Buddha…she is very young in this picture, but she was already very wise – she had a “knowing” about her since the day she was born.