Hope & Peace…For All Victims/Survivors of Stalking

Acronym of Hope written on green chalkboard

For any of you reading this post, especially those who are living through a horrific stalking, I want to send you blessings of hope and peace.

So many times in our lives we hope, some say they pray, and others say they manifest…to me they are one in the same, but no matter how you think of it, just remember to ASK, BELIEVE, RECEIVE & NEVER GIVE UP!

Here’s the good news: You don’t have to make all the mistakes, because I already made many of them for you. When you read through the timeline of the stalking, starting at day one, http://morganingram.com/wordpress/?p=389 you will read about what we thought, how we reacted, along with the things we did to try to catch the stalker, protect our daughter, and keep our lives moving forward. You will also read about all the mistakes we made along the way…at the end of 4 months of horrific stalking, all I wanted was to push a redo button. They say hindsight is 20/20 and that was so very true in my case. But, as we all know, there is no redo button – I could not change the outcome, Our youngest child, Morgan, was gone forever.

My hope has always been that through my timeline, of the actual day-to-day happenings during the four months of stalking, as I show what happened to our daughter Morgan, as well as my husband Steve and myself, that readers could understand what we did that worked and what we did, out of naiveté about stalker, that did not work. As of today I feel like it has helped many people, as they have written in to me over the years to thank me for this help. This Blog has reach almost 8 million people to-date and I hope it continues to help others over the years.

We can never bring our amazing daughter Morgan back, but for every other victim of stalking that may receive help some from me, in order to stop their ordeal, that is a piece of justice for Morgan. Stalking is insidious and frightening and can escalate to violence which can include rape and murder. Everyone needs to treat stalking with the seriousness it deserves. It is one of the most underreported crimes to-date, and there are many misconceptions about what stalking is really about. It is not romantic – it is a fixation and an obsession. It is a crime which destroys lives.


I decided, after Morgan’s murder, that I would not allow myself to be a victim – I needed to take action in order to achieve justice for Morgan, as well as for so many other innocent victims in this world.

I get knocked down a lot – and yes, I feel sad and deflated – but the one thing I will never do is give up…every single day I wake up with a passion to get going, to take action and make something good happen. Don’t get me wrong, I make mistakes and I spend a lot of energy going in the wrong direction, but I continue to take action…I always pick myself up and try a different direction. The Universe seems to propel me when I am pointed in the right direction, just as it seems to knock me down when I am pointed in the wrong direction.

Joan Baez was right when she said, “ACTION IS THE ANTIDOTE TO DESPAIR”

As long as I keep moving forward, that little voice of despair seems to become a soft whisper, instead of an overwhelming thundering sound. Onward my friends!

Happy New Year Everyone!

2018 was actually an amazing year in our pursuit of justice for Morgan.  There were major developments and huge revelations made…people came forward with new information and Team Morgan is doing amazing things!  I am so grateful for everyone who is helping on our journey to justice – you all know who you are.

That being said, I believe with all my heart that 2019 will be a magical year.

I promise to let you all know what is happening as soon as I can.  I always try to explain to other families that I work with, families who have had their loved ones violently taken from them as well, that no matter how impossible and painful it may be you should never give up on your journey to justice for your loved one, because even if everyone else believes it is impossible, that doesn’t mean it is impossible for you…every day now we hear about cold cases that are over 30 years old getting solved…arrests being made, convictions with predators being taken off the street. These are cases that most people never thought would be solved – but beyond all logic the families still hoped and they got their miracle.  So never ever give up – make possible what others think of as impossible!


November 28, 2018 – remembering that Morgan loved the Spice Girls…

Morgan grew up believing she could do anything she put her mind to. During the 4 months she was stalked she still believed this…she posted on her Facebook page (during the stalking) asking her friends if anyone was interested in joining her in a grassroots effort to start a Chapter of The National Organization for Women (NOW). NOW is an American feminist organization founded in 1966.

Here are some of the notes I found in her stuff after she died…yes, I have kept almost all of her things. She still inspires me and I love her.