How Many More Women Have To Die?

This breaks my heart – she reminds me so much of Morgan…

BBC News – July 2017.  Alice Ruggles murder: Stalking signs missed

Her stalker/her ex-boyfriend drove down from Scotland to stalk her, leaving flowers and chocolates on her windowsill. This was not a romantic gesture – it was coercive control – a symbol of his continued abuse and harassment.

We all need to take stalking seriously – ALWAYS.  It is a crime that with early intervention murders like this can be avoided and innocent victims do not have to end up dead…raise awareness, talk about stalking, don’t avoid the discussion.  We need to learn these lessons or these heinous murders will continue to claim more and more innocent lives!

Drip Drip Drip Pattern of Escalation in Stalking

Do you know what that is like?  Have you ever experienced the slow terror of being the target of a stalker?

Laura Richards, BSc, MSc, Asc. IA-IP, MBPsS.  Laura is a renowned international expert on domestic violence, stalking, sexual violence and risk assessment.

Laura Richards said, “It is the ‘drip drip drip’ of direct and indirect stalking behaviours over time that makes it so insidious and damaging – psychologically and physically.”

She also said, “We know through research that one in two of domestic stalkers, if they make a threat will act on it.”

If your local police or law enforcement do not make stalking a priority, when it comes to their protocol or policing plan – they will continue to fail the victims of stalking.  There needs to be a National Protocol that is accepted and practiced in all agencies.  Law enforcement needs to have the proper education and tools to deal with stalking situations.  Victims need to be believed and assisted in any way possible.  Please use your voice to help raise awareness and make these changes.