Past memories of our little kitty…

I just came across this picture from a Halloween long ago.  Morgan was a happy little kitty…it made me cry.  She should still be here, living her life.  She should be able to dress up like a mouse again, or however she’d like to dress…it is not fair that others have, so far, gotten away with stalking her, terrorizing her and taking her life away. At least there is no statute of limitation on murder, and we will never give up until Morgan receives justice.


Below is a picture of Morgan on her very last Halloween – dressed again as a little kitty.  This Halloween picture was taken during her stalking, when she was trying as hard as she could to keep her “normal” happy life, and not allow her stalkers to take her joy away. But they wouldn’t leave her alone – later that night, after she had come home with a friend, again there was a LOUD NOISE – her stalker(s) announced their presence!


October 30 & 31, 2011 – Days 90 & 91 of Morgan’s stalking